Humanities Best, Part 2

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I sigh, and try to get up. I cannot. I sit there for a moment, before slamming my fist on the ground.

"Dammit." I say simply, angrily. I take out a needle from my suit, and inject myself. After a few seconds, the pain starts to relieve, and I stay alert, sitting up. "Painkillers....god bless. Are the injured still in the combat zone?"
Once my comp will work I'll get an ic up and don't worry zarkun. I assume the bridge is rather large given the sheer numbers currently contained within it.
The Musketeer member looks at Stephany and suddenly she notices the Sergeant rank. "You'll stay right there, Recruit, or when you recover, you and I will be spending time together on the PT field."
I grumble something to myself, "Fine. But if anyone injured is still in there, you'd better be getting them out instead of standing around like a !@#$%^- fool." I say, snapping at the sergeant.
"You are our priority, not the others. There are more fire teams moving into position now."
"So I take it they're still trapped in there? I'm fine from here, you just go help get them out. I don't give a damn about what your priority is, and if you're worried about getting in trouble for it, tell them I pulled a gun on you." I say, the last part half-jokingly.
"There have been no further wounded since the Ship Lord finished with your friend Jarlburg, and he was here in the halls. If someone else get's injured, the other teams will get them out. Now, take some time and recover, or I'll use sedatives on you."
I sit up with a groan and take a look at my leg, now bandaged up;
"So.. what's the verdict on my leg?"
I ask one of the Musketeer members.
Sighing angrily, I just stay sitting down for a moment, before turning back to the sergeant.

"I'm fairly certain they could use your help in there right now."
"We're a mainly medical CQC team, it's why we were there to get you. Red Ghosts should be moving..." A team of Gladiators joins the fight. "Right now. They're good."

The other member double checks. "You're down for a couple weeks."
IC: I look around surveying the battle around me. I fail to note the heavy cannon being set up but I do notice Winterfield geting his !@# handed to him. I head for a group of Paululus with a Safrilion leading them. As I move I pick up a few random objects with psionics, ready to throw them at the Paululus. When I get close enough I throw the objects killing most of the Paululus. The Safrilion turns to me and lunges with his energy blade. I side step it and bring the hilt of Hos into his face then step back and bring the blade around to slice his head off. He manages to bring his own blade to block and he pushes me away. I step back and ready for his next attack. He swings at me and I side step bringing the blade of Hos into his face. During the entirety of this fight I hadn't noticed the cannon finish being readied. I turn and look directly at the barrel of the cannon. "Sh!t!" The Paululus at the controls pulls the trigger and I get hit with a large bolt of plasma right to the chest. The force of the blast sends me flying, through the door I had entered originally (and where Steph, Jarl and the group of Med CQC glads are) into the wall of the corridor which crumples on impact. I fall to the ground smoke rising from my chest plate which is all but destroyed, my face-plate cracked and other various wounds across my body. Thankfully my shields took a large amount of both hits. My face-plate retracts (Iron Man Style) and I groan in pain.

OOC: Epic no? also not sure if anyone else remembers this but Kit does have psionic healing abilities however so far she has only ever had/been able to use them in SO ... I think at least once ... if you don't want her to use em I'll just ignore em again ...
01/28/2013 06:42 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
My face-plate retracts (Iron Man Style) and I groan in pain.

Lol. Nice visual.

I grunt and nod, pleasantly surprised at how soon I'd be back on my feet;
"...How about the rest of the recruits?"
I ask after a moment.
TY Warhawk I thought so myself. though honestly no reaction to someone getting blown into the corridor near you and a wall crumpling?
"It varies from there. Jarlburg will be down for at least a month, Stephany at least as long, and with the injuries that one took," He indicated Kit being carried over to a spot and treated, "She could be down for a month and a half if that was as bad as it sounded."
I shake my head;
"Oy vey. Sounds like I got lucky..."
"Only because your Sergeant interceded. If he hadn't, you'd be in worse shape."
I snort;
"Like I said, I got lucky..."
I groan again and begin trying to get the medics to go away. "Leave me be I'll be fine." I say my voice hoarse.
I find a Defiler and pick up the large gun. As I start firing it upon the Arbiter he laughs, his shields had regenerated and was taking the hits with ease, he comes up close and slices the machine gun in half and I move out of the way of his stab. He slashes and gets a good one across both of my legs. I fall to my knees, my vision was blurry. watch as the Arbiter prepares to take off my head, then, the lights in the start to flicker red, the cannon the Paululus was operating began to turn on its own and fires at the Arbiter and other Magnus. He ducks under it and realizes Shadowfax had gotten into the system, and had turned the ship against the Magnus. He curses and kicks me over. "I will kill you another time, filth." He start yelling in his tongue to get the crew out and soon everyone begins to run out of the bridge. He turns and walks away, and everything goes black.

The last thing I heard was Shadowfax. You will be fine. I am rerouting your suit...

Shadowfax projects out of my suit and speaks, "You may want to get out of here. I activated a self destruct sequence. If we do not get off within the next 30 minutes we will cease to exist."

"Sorry that I did not clear this with you Zarkun and Jester, but I am on for a very short amount of time, and it has been a while since I did some major DMing."
SF, I'm trying to link it into that thing I mentioned on the planet below earlier...the ship was ging to play a purpose.

IC: "Cancel it damnit! Serrator." On it, Joseph. "You are forgetting the whole purpose of taking this ship. Destroying it is pointless as they'll just salvage it and rebuild it, with a better defense, and an escort. This is our only chance."

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