Humanities Best, Part 2

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"Well I am sorry, but I had to find a way to remove the Magnus from this ship, or all of us were going to die." Shadowfax responds as he re-enters the ship's system to cancel the process.

"I forget that earlier thing. I am sorry."
"I was about to come over and deal with it. How is Rhys doing?" Another medical team moved in, attending to his wounds and carrying him out.
As Shadowfax finishes he reappears in Joseph's HUD. He has lost a lot of blood and has taken some damage to his morale. The Arbiter is much more powerful than we expected, but he distracted the Arbiter enough to allow me to get into the system.
"Crazy fool, even I wouldn't try and take him on without more training. Still, it's good we did something. Now they won't be hacking our sims again."

The medics ignore Kit, scanning for bone damage, finding a dislocated spinal column. "Sorry, ma'am, but we'll need to reset your spine."
Overhearing the person recounting the injuries of the recruits.

"A month is a bit of a stretch, though that may just be the painkillers speaking." I say simply.
We were reckless. We thirsted for revenge. So even if he had trained more he would not do very well, for he was angered. But due to him I was able to cause the ship to turn on the Magnus, and I am still partially in their system causing their ship to fire upon the escaping vessels.
I groan again and start drifting to sleep. I wanted to make them go away but there were somethings I couldn't fix myself. I fall asleep pretty easily but it is only a light sleep the amount of pain preventing anything deeper.
The Musketeer nods. "That it is. The holes alone will take a bit to heal, then there's the rehab for your arm as we can't allow you to move it until the hole closes up.

I shake my head. "Even calm and centered, he'd have trouble. Just try not to destroy the transport that looks the most impressive. The Arbiter and Ship Lord will be on that one." Suddenly Serrator comes into a holographic image in front of everyone.

Sir, there is something disturbing you should know. Right before we dropped out of warp and engaged the ship, several drop pods were sent to the planet below to deal with some kind of 'parasite.' I look at Serrator, worry and curiousity on my face.


I groan.

Why do you not want the Arbiter dead? If he was killed it would demoralize all of the Safrilians. Shadowfax says, quite curious about Roslin's request. He then hears about the Parasite. All the more reason to destroy this ship. They may have harnessed one of them and could use them on the human race.
"We both know that the Saffrillions only attack us because those damn Exalted Ones of theirs claim to have offered us a chance to join them. And we all know they didn't. Not to mention if they were eliminating the parasite, I doubt it's a weapon against us. If we can convince the Arbiter that they've been lied to, maybe the Saffrillions will fight with us."
I struggle to raise one of my arms and fight to take another breath as I mentally cursing at myself and the alien that put me in this position.
A Musketeer member eases Jarlburg into a more comfortable position. "Easy, move around too much and you'll make the breaks worse. Your left arm will be quicker to heal though. Count yourself lucky the Ship Lord didn't ensure you were dead."
I manage to ease out a few bits of air as the Musketeer moves me. I keep trying to move but most of my body wasn't complying due to be being is shock.
"You can talk. We're sealed the wounds."
I look at the others, then back at myself.

Why the hell would they send us on a mission like this so quickly..
I try to speak but was still having trouble with catching my breath. I grunt in pain as the adrenaline fades away and my senses begin returning. I notice that my helmet wasn't near me and I begin to look around for it.
Feeling rather "up to it", I walk over and offer some painkiller to Jarlburg, seeing as he seems to have it the worst and I only have so much.
I wake back up for a moment. "Just do it already."
A Musketeer walks over, escorting Stephany back to her spot and then rests Jarlburg's helmet next to him. "We've cleaned out the blood, so when you're ready, we'll put it back on." The Sergeant than addresses Stephany.

"With his broken arms, we can't inject anything into him normally. Once we're back on the ship, we'll get you all properly treated."

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