Humanities Best, Part 2

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I sprint in behind Gerald and fire a rocket towards a group of Paululus and run to the right of the position of the Magnus troops attempting to flank them for a better shot them.

A Juvalin Berserker charges you, two of it's large knives in it's hands.
As I reach the corner at the turning to the hall to the bridge I quickly grab another Plasma Charge and throw it down the hall, my aim straight on, destroy half of the turrets. I quickly turn the corner and fire my XM39 at the bases of the turrets and they fall off from the bases, the energy being put into them being cut. I move to the door and start hacking into the door control with the help of Shadowfax.
I quickly switch to my shotgun as I attempt to maintain my distance from the berserker. I fire three shots towards its head and throw one plasma grenade a few feet in front of it.
"That sounds good." I say, before giving the two dead my respects and picking them up, starting towards the hangar. I did not address our commander.
However, an alien AI's picture appears and locks even Shadowfax out of the system. The Berserker dives into cover as the shots come it's way and waits until the grenade goes off before resuming it's charge, this time with a Wishbone and a single knife in hand.

OOC: SF, I can't let you in that bridge yet.
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Copperfield returns the nod and opens the door, signalling for a flashbang.

I prim a flashbang and roll it into the room, bracing for the blast...
"What the f*ck?" I say as the AI beats out Shadowfax.

I, I do not understand...

After a short walk, I arrive in the hangar to the sight of several ships and generally just a war-torn scene. I walk to one of the dropships, and give the bodies to a pair of medics.

"Make sure they're allowed to have a proper burial." I say, before borrowing the comms of one of them.

{The bodies are back okay, where am I needed?}
I spit a curse at the berserker as I reload my shotgun trying to keep my distance from him.

Morph, stop being such an impatient bastard. Seriously, I can't do anything if my internet refuses to load pages more times than not.

I lean and fire a round behind Kit, taking out a cloaked target behind her. "No, but the extra gun is appreciated for what I am about to do." I turn on the radio. {This is Captain Arcadia, I need a squad, preferably Heavy Weapons or Marksman, on my position. I'm going to hit the reactor and turn off the turrets.} I turn on my location beacon, and pull out two grenades, and start rigging them for when the enemy would come.
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Morph, stop being such an impatient bastard.

I had been waiting for a week-week and a half.

IC: "Right, where do you want me?" I ask looking around and keeping Hos out.

I leave a couple motion activated mines in the hall and follow Stephany.
The Berserker fires a round at Jarlburg's chest. The grenade goes off and the screams of three Juvalin Berserkers were heard. Copperfield curses and swings around with his shotgun, blowing the heads off two of them. "Last ones yours."
"Yeah, either find a spot out of sight or help rig grenades. Not too many, otherwise, we'll get blown to hell like our hosts." I reply, rigging up the final of my two grenades.

I grunt as I roll to my left to avoid the shot from the wishbone. As I exit the roll to a kneel facing the beserking Juvalin, I level my shotgun with the charging Juvalin and fire three slugs at it. One hits it in the arm, another in the chest and the third hits it square in the center of its face. "Got him sir." I switch back to my rocket launcher and fire at the Magnus position again.

A Darsalin fires at Jarlburg with a Banshee, clipping his left arm.
Sliding through the doorway, I switch back to my bow and send an explosive shot through the final Juvalin's eye...
The Juvalin had recovered enough to catch the arrow midflight, roaring in anger. He rushes forward, drawing his Wishbone and firing three shots at Eric.

OOC: I recommend going for the head, and not getting hit by those rounds. Just sayin.
As he catches the arrow, I hit the manual detonation key, blowing up the arrow head in his face before he can respond any further. Dropping my bow to my side, I draw my sword and charge in, aiming for it's neck...
The Juvalin stumbles back from the sudden explosion, but manages to draw it's Gorgan combat knife and block the blade. "Shertogoth!" It screams and then draws it's Wishbone and fires.
I grab his pistol wrist, twisting it away as he fires.
As you try to wrestle away the pistol the Juvalin punches you in the gut, causing a massive wave of pain to go through you. He regains control of the pistol and prepares to shoot you in the chest.

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