Humanities Best, Part 2

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I grumble something inaudible about how there are alternate ways of injecting it, staying in my spot though.
"Look Recruit, we don't have the proper means as a field team. He'll be fine until we get back to the ship. If it wasn't for the fact that those energy claws cauterized as much as they do, you'd already be there." A stretcher finally arrives for her. "Not to mention injuries have seen an increase at the eastern hangar while the Magnus are on the run, so we're having a shortage of transport back to the hangar for movement to the ship."
How did I manage to forget about this? Damn...
because you are you?
01/29/2013 12:26 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
because you are you?
The medics nod and pop it back into place, but there's still a broken rib and fractured arm, so they're careful. "Better, ma'am?"
So am I still with Jester? Or am I injured? What's going on? I should be asking that so I can get an immediate post up.
You have a plasma blast to your leg.
John had plenty of adrenaline running through his system, dulling out the pain as he focused, looking down he saw the extent of the injury which was....
A large hole, that wasn't gushing blood, but it wasn't a trickle either. Veins were clearly cauterized, but not enough of them. If you could stem the flow momentarily, you could almost see though it.
"!@#$.... %^-*.... !@#$.... This is not good at all." John was looking around for other people, spotting them...

OOC: By the way, can he walk with a hole in his leg? And which leg is it?
"Yes much. Thank you." I say my voice still hoarse. I try to get my self into a sitting position discovering my broken arm. I get into a sitting position lean against the wall and groan. This is entirely my fault I was careless and let my guard down. I still have things to do and can't afford to get sloppy or make such a rookie mistake again. I close my eyes and try to fall asleep again.
"No.... pain killers..." I say, my voice rather scratch,. I grab my helmet as best I could with my arms keeping it on my legs and wait to be moved.
A Red Ghost finally managed to get through the wounded Magnus being dealt with and approaches. "You got lucky," he says as he picks up John after inspecting the injured left leg, "your friend got it in the gut."

The Musketeer shakes his head. "You don't have a choice, Recruit. You're getting them once we're aboard the ship." The Medics with Kit nod and begin bandaging her up.
John gave the Red Ghost a nod of thanks. "You are right, it could've been worse... Who was the unlucky sod?"
"Recruit Stephany."
"No painkillers." I repeat myself a little more sternly.
"You're out of luck. As the tending medic, I make the calls. And if I don't use pain killers, the pain will kill you well before the blood loss does."
"Pain is manageable. No pain killers." I state firmly.
"Look, I understand you think it's manageable, and while you might not mind it, your brain disagrees. It'll overload and shut down, killing you."

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