Humanities Best, Part 2

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I sigh, defeated.

"Yes sir." I say blandly.
I wanted to send the medics away but after the battle and the injuries I had sustained I just didn't have the energy to keep protesting. I lean my head back and drop into a light sleep as the medics finish with applying the bandages. Several of the smallest wounds would be healed in the next few hours. I knew that it would take a bit less time than the medic treating Jarlburg had speculated but it would still take awhile.
A, it was Jarlburg, and B, he did say depending on the extent.
true ... and Kit does naturally regenerate faster than humans not by much but its at least semi noticeable. I'll edit in a moment.
I shake my head at the antics of my fellow recruits;
"So.. how's the battle coming?"
I ask to nobody in particular.
"Says you medic. You wouldn't understand what I've one through in my training when it comes to pain. This is nothing compared to my first lesson." I state stubbornly.
"Says the stubborn oaf. You keep arguing and I'll just put you under."
"You're real friendly.." I say sarcastically to the medic.
I relax;
"If he want's to screw himself over, let him."
I say with a grunt.
"Any medic worth their salt would have know that with injuries like yours, they shouldn't have been walking around." The Sergeant gives the Musketeer member a withering stare and it shuts him up.
"And any medic worth their salt would be more worried about helping those who need it than sitting around feeling sorry for themselves." I reply, sneeringly.
"That's enough, both of you. We can't transport you safely without a stretcher because of your wounds." One arrives, carried by medics, and Stephany is placed on it. "Get some rest and review your training. You don't insult each other and you don't move when wounded. Once you're recovered, Recruit Stephany, find me, you've just been assigned to my unit."
Rolling my eyes behind my helmet, I decide to not say anything further.
The stretcher is carried away and one of the carriers shakes their head. "Sergeant Wilkins, huh? Recruit, you're in more trouble than you realize being assigned to her squad."
"Why? She the tough type who thinks everyone should listen to her because she's somehow superior due to her rank?"
I grunt and sit up as best I can;
"So... how are we moving my sorry @ss? 'Cause I'd kinda like to get my leg set straight."
I ask.
Sergeant Wilkins looks at Eric, sighing. "The Magnus made a huge push on the Eastern hangar, and we took heavy casualties, so stretchers come as they can be spared." The bearer shakes her head.

"No, because she knows how to whoop your @ss for insubordination and failure to follow procedure."
"Yeah, well, we'll see I guess."
I grunt at the Musketeer give him a rather nasty look. "I cannot take painkillers. My body won't respond to them like yours would. Instead of dulling the pain it causes a fatal reaction that fries my nerve endings. It is a common trait among my people due to our diet and genetics, so if you want to kill me do so fool."
I nod and look down at my broken leg;
"An emergency splint and somebody to help keep me from falling flat on my face aught to do the trick. It's not like a had multiple holes punched through me."

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