Humanities Best, Part 2

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"Look, SOP, unless the Captain says otherwise. However, I'll take that into consideration before I do anything when we get back." The Musketeer attending Eric looks up at him.

"That's a shatter break, not a clean break, so a Splint won't work."
"Well, F*ck."
I say, continuing to think over the issue;
"...This may sound kinda random, but is there a wheelchair kicking around with the medical gear?"
I ask after a moment.

You got an extra "looks" in there.
"Back on the ship, plenty of them. Here, no."

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I sigh;
"Whelp... guess I'm waiting for the next open stretcher then..."

No problem.
I let out an irritated sigh but persist the subject not further. If they did give me the pain killers then they would definitely be in for a surprise depending on the dosage and I wasn't wanting to experience the feeling of nerve endings being fried again.....
I step into where most of the recruits were laying. I hadn't gotten off easy, with a furrow across the breastplate and a cut in my left shoulder, which was bleeding. I look them over, feeling a twinge of sympathy for them.
I hear Solace speak only to me.
Don't forget you are needed in the bridge
I remember the call to the bridge, and I turn around, heading back to the bridge. I step into the room and say "Yes?"
I look at Mikaela as she walks in. "We've got a problem planet side." Serrator reappears.

The Magnus came here to purge some kind of parasite from the planet below.
"So they're back. Or is it something else this time around?" I comment, referring to the Zerg.
I lay in waiting to be moved off the ship now with the mental picture of my prior battle continuously playing in my head. Next time I see that xeno he will be the one laying on the ground awaiting death. That much I was sure of.
Two stretchers arrive and one takes Eric and the other takes Jarlburg. They move away towards the hangars, and the UESC ship.
"How long will I be with out use of my arms?" I ask one of the corpsman carrying my stretcher.
"Well, that depends on the break locations. From the looks of it, you've got a clean break on the lower left arm, and a shatter break on the upper right arm. It'll be a couple months unless you allow the Doc to use some of the bone regrow. Helps the bone heal faster. As for the holes, those should be gone in a week, but it'll take two or three weeks for you to be able to feel much in that area again."
"Bone regrow.... First I've ever heard of that. How much faster does the bone regenerate?" I ask curiously.
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"So they're back. Or is it something else this time around?" I comment, referring to the Zerg.

We have reason to believe it's something else entirely, as it's being attacked with religious fervor according to this ships logs. The medic shrugs.

"Stimulates the cells responsible for repairing your bones and makes them do it faster."
"Sounds useful. So what is the catch to using it?"
"Far as we know, nothing other than a bit of extra pain."
"Well that's better than waiting for a few months for it to do it." I comment as I relax a bit on the stretcher.
The medic chuckles. "That's what most Gladiators say."
"It's also better than a few alternatives that my people have....." I glance towards my left leg as I mention that.
John didn't want to feel his leg... I wonder how the damage will be healed? If they'll somehow rejuvenate the cells and increase cell repair, or if it's going to be amputated at that spot and replaced? "I can barely feel my leg."

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