Humanities Best, Part 2

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"So something worse than the Zerg? Just joyous." I reply sarcastically.
"We know they're out there. Look at the Magnus."
"Ok, then why don't we see if we can glass this thing with this ship?" I ask.
"Can't. It's the old moon of Bel'shir. Kill the moon, we blow the system."
I tilt my head, confused.
"Jim Raynor got a thing called Terrazine gas from here for a Spectre named Tosh. The stuff is twice as volatile as Vespene Gas."
I awake and stand up waving the medics away. I had a feeling the captains could use a bit of 'external' advice. I begin walking to where they were talking staying close to the wall. My arm and chest hurt but that was nothing compared to how my back felt. I knew I shouldn't be walking yet but I just couldn't stand doing nothing any extended period of time.
"Alright......." I say, and lean on the wall.
"So, instead, we're sending an investigation team, see if they can get a sample of the parasite."
I look around me as I am being carried to the hanger. I was already done with being unable to fend for myself let alone have to be carried. How much longer will this take?! I think to myself trying to keep myself from moving around.
Arriving at the Hangar, they set Jarlburg on a transport. "Remember to tell the doc no pain killers."
"I doubt I'll forget to tell any medical personal that tries to give me pain killers that. They would be better off just putting a bullet in my head if they did that." I comment as I am set in the transport.
"Docs won't have all your info for another couple days, so verbal is required."
"The info you have gathered on me so far? I'd figure a few hours not a few days unless you sent a request to advokatene for the medical history and files one me and my direct family then that might be more plausible. I'll let them know anyway."
"It's a recent coding issue. Magnus are hacking our systems. That's all it is. Couple extra days to make sure it arrives safely."
"Well then I hope they doctors try to give me the pain killers in not believing me." I trail off as I wait to get back to the main ship.
I get loaded onto the dropship, and sit there, waiting to go back. I started to think...about my past...but I stopped myself. I couldn't handle thinking about it right now.

OOC: I haz twist for Stephany's backstory...
"Why don't we send UAVs to collect the samples." I say. It wasn't a question, but it wasn't an order either.
I glance over and see Stephany. "I see you have something on your mind."
"No, no...just a bit tense from the battle still. You seemed pretty intense about not wanting painkillers, though. Got a problem with em? I know some people do."

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