Humanities Best, Part 2

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"Yes I do, Instead of easing my pain it increases it by frying my nerves slowly and very painfully. It is an inherited trait that in common in my clan. Some say it is because of our diet though but it actual cause was traced to our bloodline."
"Oh. Sorry for trying to give you some then. Didn't know. What the hell happened anyway? I mean, we went in, looked like we were holding up, then it all went to hell."
"I have no clue. I was engaged by what I understand now to be the Ship Lord. I guess the Captain's depiction of a well trained crew was indeed correct."
"Ah. Helluva guy to fight, ya know that? Specially when your new. I guess you got a little more than ya bargained for."
"I did not engage him he engaged me, though in consideration I have targeted him first. Compared to my first lesson in pain fighting him was rather unchanging."
"Whatever you say. So, you're gonna be the leader of your people eventually? Pretty big !@#$%^- responsibilty, ain't it?"
"Possibly, if I complete my proving within two years and the advokatene approves then yes. If either of those fall through then I will not. Also if I cannot complete my proving in two years I may possibly never be able to return to my people."
"Hm. You must be pretty stressed out, eh? I almost feel bad for you for it."
"I am only concerned with completing my proving task. I am to seek balance and that was all I was told before my exile. Aside from that I am not worried about anything."
"Huh. In that case, must be nice being you. Then again, I don't have much to worry about. All I got is this...job, if you can call it that."
"It is not a job it is a way of life. What I meant was that for now all I am concerned with is my proving test. After that then I have a whole empire to care for if I am made keiser."
"Ah, well, I see...I guess. I don't have anything after this. I pretty much do this until I die, most likely."
"And you find this upsetting?" I ask rather confused.
I arrive at the area of the bridge where the captains are conversing. My breathing is heavy. "I thought I would be more helpful here than in the med bay doing nothing."
"Well, not necessarily. It's just I'll never really do much with my life other than this. I've come to accept it though. Just wish I'd had more choice in the matter."
I let off a small chortle. "My life is not much better. Most of what I am to be was decided before I was born as by my families cast. I didn't choose to be part of the royal family nor be the heir but I am. We still do have choices that we can make that will alter the our come of our lives even if parts of it were decided for us."
I nod slowly.

"Least you have a family." I say quietly, and sort of angrily. Some people just don't know how good they got it compared to others.
I scoff at her remark of family. "Ha I never knew who my father was till after I was fifteen and never seen him till then either. The only family in my eyes are the other that trained with me, they are my brothers and sisters." I state rather bitterly.
My eyes slowly flutter open, I feel warm fluid across my torso and my left shoulder. Immense pain was coming from my sternum, the kick had cracked the bone. I was within a shuttle going back to the UESC Firebird. I move my hand to my stomach, an action sending pain arcing throughout my arm. I feel the wound inflicted upon my stomach, there are burnt flesh surrounding the cut, which from what I felt was not extremely deep, but had cut through most of the muscle. The pain was overwhelming, and within seconds I was back into the blackness of sleep.

Shadowfax reports to Joseph, Rhys briefly awakened and has registered the full extent of his wounds. He has taken much more damage to his physical state than I originally thought.
"Trust me, hotshot, you don't have it that bad. If only I never knew my father...." I say, angry and annoyed.

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