Humanities Best, Part 2

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How's he going to do that? His other hand is holding a knife which is locking blades with mine...
"F*ck. Okay. This shall be different."

The Juvalin pulls you towards him and attempts to knee you.
His clumsy attempt has little affect through my armor as I continue twisting his wrist towards breaking point, our blades locked at the hilt.
As he finally lets go of the Wishbone he starts punching at you.
I grab the Wishbone and roll back with his blows. Coming up, I start emptying the gun into the Juvalin's head...
Yeah, no, fail. You'd never be able to hold back a Juvalin. SF, don't DM my stuff unless it interfere's wit your stuff. DM your recruits. So, starting from you trying to wrestle a pistol from his grip, he's already fired shots at you, that were never dodged. Not redirected either, since, while Gladiators are strong, they're not as strong as a Juvalin, so your attempt at redirecting the shots was a bad move. So, you're going to have to rethink that all.
"I wanted to just kill him. Because I was going to say, 'Yeah, no.' Then I would just have the Juvalin pull the pistol away, smash it in his face and pull the trigger."
I'm giving him a chance. If he fails to escape, Copperfield can intervene. By the end of the mission, and it's best everyone knows this, all recruits will be critically wounded. No exceptions. Simply because Trial by Fire isn't always a success. Especially in war.
So.... where is this being reset too?

Also it wasn't ever really made clear that Juvalin's were stronger. (or I just derped out and missed it)
Back to when the Juvalin first drew his Wishbone and fired. And I inferred it, but I guess I didn't get the point across.
I realized they might not be on the same channel, so I put it back. I turn to Talena.

"Let's just head back to where we were." I say, before heading back over there. When I reach where we were before, I was surprised by the amount of blood.
I thought that was the case, but I wanted to make sure. If ya hadn't noticed, I like clarity. (Thank you OCD...)

I roll back with and to the side, moving with the shot's impact, attempting to hamstring the Juvalin...
He kicks out and catches Eric in the chest, sending him flying into a wall. He levels his Wishbone, readying for a killing shot.

OOC: Idea, you planeted an arrow head that explodes during the real up close fight. Just seems like something your person would do.
What's faster and more agile; a Juvalin or a Gladiator?

Also, I'd like a size comparison between the two.

I flinch as I hear an alarm sound in my suit informing me that my shields are depleted. I turn towards where the shot might have come from and fire a rocket at the position and then duck for cover to let my shields recover.

The Banshee rings out again, catching the rocket mid air and a curse from Gerald can be heard on the COM. {It's an elite Feralin. That f*cker can pick a flea off a horse's @ss at a mile away.}

OOC: Juvalin's are quick and strong, but a Gladiator is usually just a split second faster. However, he's already knocked you away. Also...think brute sized in the Halo 4 opening interrogation of Halsey. But that's not their inspiration.
So... about about a foot or two taller than a Gladiator then.
Yep. Have fun.
As me and Talena continue, we eventually find Winterfield, standing near a closed door.

"What now, sir?" I ask plainly.
"Well, we might need to get through this door in brute force..." I say while scanning for something large and powerful.
"Okay." I say simply, a hint of distaste in my voice, while scanning for a heavy object as well.

"By the way, the bodies made it back.." I say, my voice cold and unwavering. I was angry about it, this idiotic commander going off on his own, costing his squad dearly. Thank goodness this would be my only mission with him.

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