Humanities Best, Part 2

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Oh joy... Whelp, here goes nothing...

With one hard push, I lunge forward and to the side, the shot grazing my right leg. Grabbing onto his knife arm, I swing myself up between his shoulder-blades, drawing my bow in one smooth motion. Aiming at the base of his skull, I draw back and plant an explosive arrow into the base of the Juvalin's skull. I leap backwards, the Juvalin's head vanishing in an explosive spray of gore a second later.
"Good." My eyes catch the gleam of something large and metallic. I go over and find it to be Mandible. I go back around and motion for the two recruits to move.

You may want to show more love of your squads, you will lose their respect. Shadowfax says.

I don't care what they think of me, Shadowfax. I don't work well with others. I reply.

I understand that. But we will need support eventually, and if we have the support of the recruits, we will be able to be able to come over many obstacles. Shadowfax responds and I don't reply.
I move out of the way, noting that he either didn't catch what I meant, or simply didn't care. Probably the latter.
You can edit that. There's one more giant battle that we'd like all recruits available for. CR, that includes you. High jack a transport.
That works, no knife to the gut then...
Edit incoming...

How would I manage that without getting in trouble?
I think Zarkun's talking about a Magnus transport.
I think Zarkun's talking about a Magnus transport.
No... He's talking about a Human one because I'm on the Human Ship.
That right... you weren't with the drop.... never mind....
John's bubble disappeared as he was forced back into the action... Question is... How would he take over a Human ship on his side?

IC: Johm wanted to do something... maybe this was his time to shine... He didn't need two good eyes... He just needs one good eye to aim down the sight and fire. Now how to get on a transport without being shot out of the sky?

I mutter to myself and look for anything that is reflective. {How many shots can it fire before it's weapon overheats?} I ask as I pull off my helmet and put the end of my shotgun barrel to use it to draw the Feralin's fire as well as use the reflective visor to better mark the position of the sniper. {Also sir how quick are they?}

{No idea. Usually we get them before they have a chance to overheat their rifle. And get your helmet back on. These guys don't become snipers by falling for cheap tricks. Your helmet's rock gives it away.} Another round rings out, but there is nothing to be seen in the reflection. {Cheeky bastard...}

I slip my helmet back on and press myself against the crate that I was taking cover behind. {So you mean to tell me that these skilled snipers are normally killed before they can cause their rifle to over heat but are skilled enough to snipe a flea off a horse.} A beep sounds in my headset as my shields finish their recharge. {What is the plan then?}

Gerald's deep throated chuckle can be heard over the COM. {Seems like a bit of an oxymoron right? If you can keep him focused on you, I can sneak up on him and run him through.}

{No kidding on the oxymoron there sir. I am sure I can keep him distracted.} I say as I quickly exit cover heading towards another crate while zig zaging in no particular pattern before getting behind another crate. {I still have a few things I can try to kep him busy. How resistant are these crates to their weapons?}

A round pings off the crate. {Decent since they generally get used as target practice according to infiltration.} Gerald had finally spotted the shot's source and slowly moves on it, his javelin in his hand.

{Good that just make my plan easier....} I grab the outer plating on the side of the crate I am on and peel it off to make a temporary shield and break cover again with the plate in front of me moving slower towards another crate for cover.

Another round pings off the shield then one skims the ground in front of Jarlburg. {Careful, he's still testing the waters.}

{Got it, I'll hold cover for a second and try to vary my movements some more. I didn't survive my training by chance nor luck sir.} I slide the plate out using it's mirrored side to give an idea of where to go next making sure that it was angled to that if the sniper tried to use it to angle a shot on me that it would only deflect away.

Three rounds ping around the area, one finally getting around the metal and skimming Jarlburg's leg. However, those are the last rounds as the sound of Gerald's javelin slamming through the Feralin's heart. "Clear," he yells.

I let out a sigh of relieve as I hear the all clear call from Gerald. {How many more Magnus are in the hanger?} I ask switching to my shotgun again and let the metal shield slide to the ground.

Hanna and Jarvis walk up and Gerald as well. "We head to the bridge now. Other teams report their areas are clear."

I straiten up and check my vitals and suit condition on my HUD. My leg unit was damaged slightly but nothing that inhibited movement. "Looks like that xeno's final shot almost did something. To bad it was only a small dent in my armor." I chuckle. a bit with that remark. "Anyway lead on to the bridge sir. I'm gettin twitchy knowing that there is more fighting to be done and we are not the ones getting to it."

Gerald shakes his head and takes point, leading the way. "Captain says that all the remaining forces are in or just outside there, so it'll be one helluva fight."

"Good, I've been waiting for a good fight." I state rather eagerly as I follow behind Gerald.

"You shouldn't be so eager. One of these ships can level an entire colony. It's crew can obliterate a small army."

I look at Gerald curiously but say nothing as we press on. "Whats is the plan then" I ask after a few minutes.

"We'll find out when we get there."

I keep quiet as I continue to follow the Sargent. I was rather surprised with how little my other teammate spoke.

Hanna came up next to Jarlburg. "So, what's your impression of us Gladiators?"

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