Humanities Best, Part 2

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I glance over to Hanna. "So far you all seem to be like my people just with out the rituals. None of you really seem to tap into the anger that can increase your strength when used properly. I myself still have much training in using it properly. I know that many of you do not like the way I fight and think I am to arrogant, that much I can tell by their body language. It is only their opinion and it worries me not."

Hanna laughs, slapping Jarlburg on the back good naturedly. "We don't think you arrogant, simply over confident and a bit reckless. But, we also all know that this war will change that. We were all like you were once, but our first encounter with the enemy...let's just say it mellowed out even this fiery Scotswoman." she shifts the chaingun and looks at Jarlburg closely. "As for your fighting style, that's up to you, but don't rely solely on your berserker rage to keep you sharp. Learn to use more than that, or you'll find life is short."

"I do not rely on it to keep my wits about me if that is what you mean. I use it for the increased strength for hand to hand combat. I am still in the process of learning to use both that and my wits in battle. It is something many Krigere have to learn or as you said, they end up short lived, Least that is what my father told me many years ago." I go quiet with the mention of my father and home keeping my focus on the battle at hand.

"Your father is a wise man, but tis not what I meant. I've watched you fight through your helmet cam, something I'm allowed to do as the team's second in command, and when you use the rage, you trust it to do the work for you, like it's all you need. When you engage in hand to hand, like with that Safrillion that just about gutted you with it's energy claw, forget strength unless you clearly have the upper hand. The Safrillions use cunning, and because of that, you almost died today."
*Sighs since someone expects me to hijacks a transport with everyone watching.... Le Sigh*
Everyone is not watching. You'll have a chance, just RP the stuff.
Unfortunately John only had his Pistol and Knife on him... But that could be easily rearranged. Moving quickly through the halls, showing no signs of hurrying. That would be suspicious. Now where was that elevator to get down to the hanger bay?

I remain silent as Hanna speaks to me. I wasn't liking what she was telling me about my fighting style. I advance a pace ahead of her and keep focused on the task at hand.

Hanna shook her head. "Ach, you'll understand soon enough."
Going to time skip....

IC: John made it hanger bay... Just one person was next to the transport... Now was his moment. Approaching it he said, "Hello there... Anything interesting happening at all?"
"Final assault in a few minutes. Captain Roslin wants everyone available over there."
"Everyone? I doubt everyone could do such a thing... They can't expect everyone to fight, now could they?" John said. What about all the injured?
"Like the wounded? That's not what he meant. He wants only able bodied."
"Ah.... In that case, I wish them luck," as John grabbed the man with one hand and then wrapped his arm around his neck. In a headlock, John squeezed tighter until the man fell unconscious. "I'm sorry..."
The man only gasped in surprise before passing out.
As the now headless Juvalin topples to the ground, I take a look at the dammage to my leg; ...melted armor and some slight muscle damage.. not too bad, all things considered...
Slowly getting to my feet, I turn to Copperfield;
"Where to now?"
I ask.
Feeling pity for the man, John walked into the Drop Ship and finally into the Cockpit.
"Let me fly now... Shall we?"

The engines roar to life as the transport took off towards the Magnus Ship.
Copperfield points to Jolie and Byakuya coming down the hall. "Other teams report all clear. Now it's off to to the bridge."
I grunt and head out to join up with Jolie and Byakuya, limping ever so slightly.
Jolie looks at him. "You alright Eric?"
The Drop Ship approached the Magnus Hanger Bay... Skidding across the floor as it came to a stop. "That was fun.... "
I tap my wounded leg;
"Just got grazed by a wishbone shot that's all. I'll be fine."
Jolie chuckles, a smile appearing on Byakuya's face even though no one could see it. "You're a lucky bloke. Normally they're lethal."

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