Humanities Best, Part 2

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I shrug;
"I guess so..."
I say, ready to get back to the action.
OOC: nevermind ...

IC: I move to the where the captain wanted me to go. You don't know how much I want to kill you right now. And you don't deserve any respect. I'm glaring at the captain behind my helmet.

I go take a forward-ish position, cloak and wait for the fun to begin.

I ignore Hanna's last comment as advance a few more paces ahead of her. I started to examine the Magnus ship in more detail now that the majority of the fight was done. It wasn't anything that I was accustom to fighting on and its design seemed to favor curved halls and walls.

Hanna shakes her head and steps back to her position. Gerald points to a position where I can be seen exchanging fire with Magnus troops. "There we go. Final objective."

I nod to Gerald as I ready my shotgun. "Lets us finish this then."

He nods and I beckon them over. "Good to see you. We're at a bit of a stalemate until all units arrive, so feel free to take pot shots."
The Drop Ship's rear opened up to the world... They were expecting troops.... Instead.... It was only one recruit.
"Well... That was a fun run..."
I get done rigging the grenade, and look around. Seeing Kit cloaked, I find a position a bit further back, and hunker down, waiting. After a few seconds, footsteps are heard from in front, and I checked my clock. They were right on time.
"Hold fire until they get next to the grenades." I say, and my radio turns on.
{Captain, this is Jackson with Zeta. I'm en-route to your position with my team, less than a mike out.} I turn mine on, and say
{Get ready to shoot when you get here.}
{Always, ma'am.} I hear in reply.
I turn to Talena, "Ready?"
"Yeah whenever you are." I make sure I have a full clip in my typhon.
John was waiting for the DM's of course.... Just an average day in the park. Twiddling with his thumbs.

I nod to Captain Roslin as I head towards the hall where the fighting was the heaviest taking cover occasionally peering around to fire off a few rounds at the Magnus troops.

A medic runs up to John. "Where the hell are the troops? You guys get grazed by a turret round?"
John shook his head. "No... I'm the only one that went over as of now... The others are still prepping."
He shakes his head, then notices John's eye. "'re that guy who got hurt in the sim. You sure you're ready to fight?"
"I should be fine... I can still see and shoot perfectly fine. I actually have no idea why they didn't send me down the first time." John said reassuringly.
The medic shakes his head and supplies John with a way point. "Report to your Captain. They'll tell you what to do."
Wearing his helmet, the way point showed itself. "Where is my captain? I believe it's a she. Unless you mean Fireteam Captain instead. In that case.... I don't have one."
"Fireteams are lead by sergeants. Find Captain Arcadia."
"Where would she be at? This ship seemed huge from the outside."
"Why do you think I gave you a way point? That was her last reported position, where a heavy weapons unit was just dispatched."
"Thank you... What the status on the situation? As in... What should we mostly watch out for form the nasties they have in store?"
"Everything should be clear except for the bridge."

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