Humanities Best, Part 2

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With a brief nod, John ran over to the last known location of his Captain... Overcharging his suit to allow him to run faster than a normal marine.
The door opens ahead. Several troops step through the door, with the majority of them being Paululus, with only there being four Safrilins. As they step through, the lead Safrilin sniffs the air, and advances behind the troops. Almost as soon as they pass the trap, I open fire, forcing them into cover. I tap a detonator and a good fraction of them die in the resulting explosion. The Paululus mill around, confused, but the lead Safrilin rallies them against us.
Steps are heard behind us, and a Machine Gun opens fire on what remains as the Heavy Weapons squad joins us.
"Let'em have it!" I yell, opening fire.
John ran right into the Firefight... Well... Behind it was the better term. Popping up next to Arcadia and pulling out his Pistol and Knife. "Hello, Captain. They wanted every able bodied man... And I can still fight. What's the objective?!"
"We're hitting the reactor room to ensure the Turrets go off, making it a bit easier to advance." I shoot around the corner, and after a few seconds, all the troops were dead. I signal for them to follow, and we advance into the next room, where hostiles turned to us and started firing at us. We all got into cover, and started returning fire. Four turrets deployed across the room and started firing on us.
Taking a few potshots with the pistol.... I needed a real gun for this firefight, and a small yet powerful came to mind. "Captain?! Do we have any frags left to flush them out? If we are lucky we might take out the Turrets with them as well!"
I fire the Mandible several times, blowing the door apart. I throw the Mandible to the side and go beside the doorway, going around, aiming, firing, going back behind cover, I keep repeating this.
I quickly follow Winterfield in his actions, laying down fire with my SMG.

You're going to be fine.. I told myself, spending slightly more time in cover than actual firing.

OOC: I believe we are all supposed to be injured? Don't worry, I'll handle that myself.
Sorry, Dac, but I have specific injuries in mind for each person.

IC: A second layer of doors starts to close, but not before a couple plasma blasts flies out, one going through Talena's shoulder and another through her upper thigh.
"Dammit!" I yell out, leaving my cover and dragging Talena quickly into a safe place. I quickly clean the wound and stop any bleeding, working fast and with precision.
I take two plasma rounds and fall behind Stephany and Winterfield. I grunt in pain but try to stay calm since I know Stephany is a medic.

EDIT:OOC: *glares at Dacder for being a ninja*
"Sh!t!" I yell out and pound my fist into the closed blast door. I look over to Talena and say, "Will you still be able to fight, or do you want to go back to the hangar and seek medical attention?" Shadowfax, can you find another way into the bridge?

I'll get working on it. I need to access the main network and decimate that Magnus AI. Shadowfax replies.

And I need to take down that f*cker in there. I say to Shadowfax. Then, in perfect harmony we say to each other. They're paired up together...
"Maybe sir." I try and get up once Stephany is done patching me up. As I put weight on my injured leg I almost collapse again because of the pain. However I catch myself on the wall with my good shoulder.

I move around behind the Magnus forces and start cutting them up from behind. I make sure that my cloak is still keeping me off of their scanners yet letting the Gladiators know where I am. {Never know what hit them.}
One of the turrets instantly turns and starts suppressing Kit, forcing her into cover. The other turret begins spraying down-range, and the door between them opens as more Paululus enter to re-enforce, along with a Safrilin wielding a Plasma Cannon. He fires down-range toward us, and gets into cover, keeping himself from being shot.
I help Talena back down. "Easy." I say, stitching up the wound on her thigh. It wasn't pretty, but it wasn't horrendous.

"She should probably head back, sir. She won't be mobile enough with her thigh in this condition."
"Yeah, last thing we need is someone slowing us down and when trying to engage in battle kill themselves." I say, then add in my thoughts, and it means it will be more one on one when I fight that god damn Safrilian. I knew I appeared extremely asinine, but I knew better than to get even the slightest bit attached, as young as I was.

I peer around the corner and fire a few more rounds at the Magnus troops. "Come on xeno's I've fought zerglings more fierce than you with only my hands." I shout to taunt my enemy.
"Captain?! Like I said... Why don't we throw some god damned grenades to flush them out!? We might be able to take out a turret or two in the process!" John only had his pistol.... And his knife.... So he would have to get really creative.
"If you haven't noticed, I don't have grenades, and I didn't even bother to check if Kit had any! I was more hoping that -" Her words are cut off as four rockets scream downrange, blowing up the turrets and a few Paululus. I turn to the rocket wielding troops, and say "Well?"
"Sorry ma'am, they were jammed. Had to strip them down to see what was wrong." I hear the reply, and shrug. "Better late than never."
"I was hoping those guys had some grenades... But that works just as nicely." John fired a few more shots. "Damn.... I forgot my rifle. I'll have to steal one of the enemies weapons.... that is if we can get over there anytime soon."
I sit back down with Stephany's help and she starts to stitch up my thigh. "Yeah I'm not going to be worth anything in a fight ... not like this. Sorry sir." My voice is strained slightly and I'm breathing heavier than usual but not overly so.

With the turrets down I move behind the Safrilion with the plasma cannon. With a single quick slash I cleave it in two from its right shoulder to its left hip. As its body slowly slides apart I move away and behind cover to avoid any nearby Paululus that would likely turn and fire.

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