Humanities Best, Part 2

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Finishing the stitching, I stand back up.

"Will you be able to get back to the hangar okay?" I ask, gripping my weapon tightly once more.
"Should be once I'm on my feet." I say while trying to stand back up ... again. I get to my feet and lean against the wall before starting limping back towards the hangar. As I walk I cringe every other step when I put weight on my wounded leg. Why did I stay in the open door way?
"So now what?" I ask Winterfield, curious as to what his next plan might be. Probably running off on his own again...
"We will be rendezvousing with the others, they are securing the other entrance to the bridge." I respond as the map to the other teams shows up on my HUD, Shadowfax copies it and transfers it to Stephany's HUD.
I start towards the others, cautiously but moving at a good pace.
As we get closer to the bride, we pick up the sounds of battle;
"Sounds as if we've made some progress..."
I slowly make my way to the hangar. As I walk I berate myself for being stupid. I ignore the various alien corpses along the way and zone out a bit.
Copperfield points to where Gerald and I are conversing. "And there is our final objective. Go ahead and take some pot shots, I've got to see what the plan is."
I grunt in acknowledgement and move up, careful to avoid becoming a target.

HotS opening cinematic....
Hell !@#$ing yes.
I finally arrive in the hanger and immediately make my way to one of the medics there for treatment.

I make my way around the Magnus lines killing off Paululus as I go. I duck behind cover to avoid enemy and friendly fire alike when needed.
A rogue Plasma Grenade sends Kit flying back into Human lines and shorts her cloak for now.

OOC: Don't make me add Kit to the injury list.
I flip in midair and land on my feet skidding to a stop. I sheath Hos lIngwI' and draw my Assault Rifle all the while smiling behind my helmet. It has been a while since I have been in a battle like this. I take a slightly forward position and let the Magnus troops taste rounds while I wait for my cloak to cycle.

OOC: I thought Jester was the one controlling this part of the battle but ... what ever I'm not one of the dm's
I'm assuming you're all at the Bridge. If you aren't, you need to haul !@# over there so we can go.
I reach where all the others are, readying myself for the final breech.
Kit and Arcadia and a heavy weapons group are fighting to gain access to the generators and shut off the turrets.
So not what we need right now...
You gotta speak with Jester about that and he already had it set up but given he seems to be having trouble with his internet ... sigh ...
Consider it giving some of us something to do cause one person..... *Glares at SF* ......decided to try to play one-man-army. Which should have gotten him killed.
If you want, I can skip ahead to when the turrets are all offline.
Sounds fine to me.
OOC: Sounds good.

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