Humanities Best, Part 2

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OOC: that is fine with me.

IC: I lay down on a cot and dose off while the medics do their work.

IC: *Brief Time Skip*
I arrive outside the Bridge with the Turrets now all offline. Zeta follows behind me, joking between themselves. I walk up to Captain Roslin, and say "Ready?"
"Waiting on Rhys to show up, then we're all set. Even without the turrets from the ship, there's still the ones they set up and not to mention all the Magnus."
Remembering something, I approach Roslin.

"My radio is broken, sir. Just thought you might wish to know."
"How was it broken? Had to have happened in combat...wait, were you with the Infiltration squad that called for help?"
"Yes, sir. I was the one who requested the backup." I say, not really having much emotion or spirit in my voice.
I come out of the shadows. "I'm here. And the two of us want some payback on one of those motherf*ckers and what we are guessing is an AI companion of his." I say, with a projection of Shadowfax's tornado of shifting plates beside my head.
"Wait, AI companion? You might have to rain check that. That has to be the Safrillion Arbiter, and if he's here, our taking this ship is more crucial than I thought." I return to Stephany. "Juvalin I assume?"
"Yes sir. The other two....they didn't stand a chance."
"That's a sad thing to hear, but they did their best. Just steel yourself for the battle ahead."
"Don't forget Frank. I thought that being leader of Iota he would be able to survive longer than the recruits." I add. I notice Shadowfax calculating the statistics of the two of us taking down the Arbiter and his AI companion.
"We all make mistakes Rhys. Especially since we're human. I've seen battle hardened veterans get killed by a Juvalin. We can't ignore that they're powerful. As for what I'm sure you and Shadowfax are doing, they'll still escape. Past experience should prove this."
I ignore Winterfield.

"Yes sir." I say, checking my guns to make sure they're still alright.
Listening in on the captains' conversation, my mind strays to to my bow and it's unique arrows;
...I wonder what the EMP would to a Safrillion's energy weapons?.. it's a one in a million shot.. but...
War, I'll have to request you not. You forget the Captain all use alien weapons that would be affected in the same way. Not to mention Energy is used loosely to describe them.
Good point. But hey, like I said, it's a one in a million shot. Can't blame a guy for trying. But whatev', it's all cool.
It is more along the lines of plasma or laser weaponry ... if I am correct.

IC: I lean against a wall near the captains, draw Hos and start cleaning it.
"Alright, we need strategy. They know they can't stop us from getting in, not with the breaching explosives, and I've got a team working on cutting the power to the blast doors so they can't close those on us. How do we go about this?"
I speak up;
"How many entrances does the bridge have, and can we get to all of them without too much difficulty?"
"Two, but one already has the blast doors sealed, making this one our best bet."

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