Out of the Frying Pan II

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"I am just going to say this. You getting extremely powerful weapons near the beginning of a RP where people lack powerful equipment is like if I chose to have almost all my abilities accessible at the beginning of this RP. Or if I just ran in with all my Natives and murdered everyone. Or if an entire Zerg Hive came down to the planet while we all lacked equipment to defend ourselves. This OOC post was brought you in part by ASUS."
Again. May I have some natives sent my way?

SF, as much as I agree with you, you, and everyone else, needs to understand that when you take away the DM's power, he can't deal with things like this. I am just another RPer, my vote counts as such.

If you want him dead, you will have to kill him, but remember that it's just one RPer against another and in my book, the cocky aggressor usually looses.
Maybe I shouldn't have left GD . . . Maybe this was all a mistake. If you want me to leave, that's ok. I understand.
"No. I am just pointing out a fact. Gman, you will do fine, you just need to adapt to our way of things. And the following will be an IC:"

Zolton yells towards a small war party, "Ve, ve a la estrella caída del cielo y encontrar el hombre que vimos antes. Mátalo y llevar su cadáver de vuelta." One of the warrior's nod and lead the rest. The group was rather young, and used simple steel swords rather than the Sangre de Metal weapons.
TG, you're doing fine. Just do more RPing and less making random stuff up. Get creative with it. Bring out your inner creativity and explode. Even something as simple as wakling around can take a few pages.
I mean, I just like this place so much more! Roleplaying is MUCH more fun that discussing the balance of phoenixes and all that crap. But if you want me to go . . .
If we wanted you to go. I would have straight up told you "You suck, go away." But we're trying to teach you. So, stop with the guilt trip crap. Joeray's is a place of awesomeness and family. You are welcome to be a part of it.

Just work with us.
Okay, I will! But typing on a puny IPhone . . . Can hurt one's fingers.
IC: opening the laptop again, goes to Internet explorer, goes to the bnet forums, and looks at all the old posts. Eventually goes to the joeyrays bar, and reads with nostalgia all of the rps.
OOC: ...I do that sometimes but... I would suggest you get on Joerays with a computer or at least a Tablet. AND WHY WOULD YOU USE INTERNET EXPLORER IN THE FUTURE!!!?

C'mon man. Just rewind your character to when you were outside.

Why would you use internet explorer... Ever?
Oh sorry, meant chrome. Derp.
That is a fatal error. But I am starting to not like chrome because their operating system is sh!t... BACK TO ZE ARE PEE!
Listen, I have something planned for tomorrow that will keep me out of the lab. It may involve lasers, Protoss, awesomeness, and some serous !@#-kicking.
Go on the discussion thread and talk about it with Markus so we dont have a repeat of the last few times.
OOC: what I am planning is to release a Protoss in a stasis cell, causing him to rip the place apart in rage. I narrowly kill him, and take his khydarian amulet. With the amulet there is a sudden surge of power that reacts with everything in a quarter mile radius, causing a massive explosion, removing the laboratory from existence.
Which may cause a massive memory loss. But I am so keeping the pulse rifle.

After ten more minutes of walking around, Scott finally spots the door.

"Look, there it is!" He said, excitedly running towards it.
IC coming in a while
Or never
I nod and sprint ahead, reaching the door first. "Hold on, protocol. We don't know that local wildlife hasn't gotten in and set up shop. Let me clear the room first."

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