Out of the Frying Pan II

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"Be my guest." Scott said, gesturing to the door. He then slid his keycard in the slot and it glided to the right, revealing near pitch black darkness.
I nod and shine my light in, looking around. Not seeing anything, I nod. "All clear."
Scott meant to acknowledge him, but the thought faded away before he did. He walked straight to the main console. On screen it showed:


Scott proceeded to try and navigate to the ship's life support system reserves. He glanced up once or twice to see what Torvus and Actum were doing.

"There's probably other consoles you guys can access for information regarding pretty much anything, you know."
I shrug, standing by the door. "Not much I need to know. Once I get off this rock and back to another space station, I'm heading to another job."
Scott stopped and looked intently at his eyes. "You don't even care to know why we crashed?"
If only Bryant could see this Anaconda like creature.... It's nothing like a snake when it comes to relationships... But the basic backbone and behavioral similarities. Eying the life support officer as he swam and swam... This creature slowly crept to it from beneath the murky tides.


{This is Bryant.... Laura is free to go for any work... But there is one thing.... I want her to visit me once a week... For she might be pregnant. And I'll keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't go back to using drugs.} Said Bryant in a come manner.

Laura wanted to go back to her room... But everything she owned that was electronic or on print... Was now ruined, even all of her clothes are ruined. Nothing is left of them, nothing. And where would she sleep at since her room is ruined as well? It's not fit to live under.
I shrug. "I wouldn't know much anyways. I was standing on the bridge. Then I was through the windshield."
i walked to one of the viewing areas that wasn't under the water. "you know sometimes i wonder if i could just end it all.... right here right now" i said to no one in particular. " then why don't you?"...... i turn around but as i expected no one is there. " if you really want it to end than check the piano again"..... i don't know why but i obeyed. looking at the piano that still works i played every key. as if i knew. one of them sounded dull. lifting the piece up i found a tiny vile with a note attached saying when you get sick of forgetting. i pocketed the vial and went back to the medbay. opening the door i say "do you guys want to talk to the real man responsible?"
Catching Bryant's trasmission, I turn on my radio. {Please tell me I heard that wrong.}
Bryant sighed into the radio before he responded to Dante. {You did not hear that wrong.... But she's coping with it well.... Laura is extremely angry but also believes in second chances.... I'll keep you posted on the situation.} Turning to Dante. "I'm sorry... But what?"

Laura was wondering if she was dreaming... If this was just in all reality... A Nightmare.
"i may have found a way to temporarily draw the old Dante out" i say holding up the tiny vial
Scott glances up once more to listen in on their conversation. He was going to object to Torvus' story, but found no fruit in it. So he decided not to.
"And why would you want to do that? You still wont feel better about yourself... Why do you want to? It's not going to help me... It's not going to help her... .And it's not going to help Dante," said Bryant.
{Roger that. If he did what I think he did, he's getting castrated.} Turning off my radio, I look at Bryant, noticing the doubt in his eyes. "You don't think I went through the front window, do you?"
"well when the head of security gets back i want him to hear it from my lips. not the amnesia filled lips i mean the ones that did the crime"
"Fine... But I'm leaving the room with Laura. Deal?" {Once you get back... He wants the real Dante to talk to you? With his own lips... I don't know why he wants to do that though.}
Turning the radio back on, I snort. {Probably so I'll shoot him.}
"partially true" i say into the radio. "but i agree Laura should probably go"
I go to another computer terminal and look for information on how/why/what caused the ship to crash.

OOC: Scott, not Bryant xD

IC: Scott did a half shrug. "I'm sorry, it doesn't make sense. The bridge would have had their blast shields up, you would have to have blown through a foot of neosteel." He explained, looking up from his console.

"What does make sense, however, is you went out a view port. If you did that, it would only be a foot of glass, your armor could easily go through that with enough force."


In datalogs and hard-computer skills you discover there was a class 3(/4) lockdown. All medbays and infirmaries were scheduled to take numerous casualties and injuries. The order for battle stations were also issued.

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