Out of the Frying Pan II

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Blaze stares at him. His eyes unforgiving. The entire time his hood hadn't even moved. He smashes Dante across the face and watches him fly into a wall. He charges over and stomps onto his stomach. He retrieves his Katana and checks his jaw in a corner. He watches as Dante struggles for breath. "I have more experience in battle in the last ten years than you have had in your life."
Scott, ignoring them, turned to the officer. "Leave them to quarrel and argue over meaningless things." He says, walking out.


SF, you need to edit that. You can't pick a fight, then crush someone with a stare.
Bryant sighed... This was going to get ugly and it was official... Laura was not going to be with Dante by herself. "As medical officer for this medical bay... You must tell her what you must tell, with me still in here. And quit the fighting or I'll sedate both of you."
I shake my head, holstering my revolver. "The Captain's going to be so glad you're alive," comes a sarcastic remark as I walk out the door. I catch up to Scott. "What condition is level three in? I need to stop by my room in there."
"When I was there level three was in moderate conditions. Small pools of water in corners, scattered supplies, mostly ruined. Little else down there." Scott explained, quickening his pace. The outline of the ship was coming back to him as he traversed the ship.

"What exactly are my orders from the captain?"


Hey guys, check out the OP under "Story so far." I wrote up a summary of the last thread, would you say that's accurate? Anything to add?
"Reach the lower levels and activate the pumps and start pumping out the water that's already leaked in. From there, we all report to the bridge."
Scott murmured something, then rounded a corner into the elevator.

"What do you need from your room?"
"Last bit of my gear. Didn't expect to be crashing on a hostile planet, so I left some in my room. It's right next to the elevator, don't worry."
"I'm not worrying. I'd rather have you fully armed." Scott agreed, summoning the elevator with the push of a button.

"Some character Rambo is, no?"
"You mean Jack Dante? Sure, if that's what you call a womanizer."
Scott chuckled, "He's not a ladies man, trust me. At first I though we got off on the wrong foot. Now I see he's like that with everyone."

After a few seconds Scott began pushing the button repetitively. Nothing happened.
I sigh. "Damn it...where's that techie? Actum!"
So . . . NOW zerg?
IC: i sit boredly, on top of my tower, with nothing to interact with.
{HELLO? Is anyone there?}
When are you going to understand no one wants Zerg, at least only two threads in? Wait and see what happens in the lower levels first. Not to mention that the Zerg will kill the RP in two pages.
"OOC of course. No. No Zerg for quite a while."

Blaze finds nothing broken, luckily. He checks if his Katana would need any sharpening and finds no need. He nods and finds some destroyed equipment before cutting it apart.

"No, this is an electricity problem. He will have to get to the power room and even then it will take him hours if not days. Assuming it is even repairable." Scott remarks pessimistically while searching his body for a keychain.

Finding it, he inserts a key into a key slot and punches in a code. The elevator door's pressure is released and they glide open with ease.

"We'll take the ladder" Scott begins climbing down the built in ladder in case of emergencies installed in every elevator shaft.
OOC: Dude, Markus already said this is Player driven. So if the MAJORITY of people wanted Zerg, then he'd do it. But no one wants it right now, so stop saying it. Be friggin' patient we just freaking started.
I sigh and leap over to the ladder, climbing down. "We'll be able to get out from this side, right?"
"Right." Scott assured, grunting as he pulled a release valve. Every elevator door's pressure gave way and glided open. Scott climbed in the hole made and sighed at what he saw, which was pure darkness.

"Power's out on this level, got a flashlight?"

OOC: TG, you need to learn to be self-entertaining. You will have to survive on your own until you can find some character interaction or something. Until then, get crackin'! Have fun with your solitude, it won't last for much longer.
I leap across and activate the one on my assault rifle. "Course I do." I head down the hall and turn to a door on the left, five doors down, and open it, walking over to a foot locker.

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