Out of the Frying Pan II

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"Good point, but the power was close enough to the center of the ship to be protected."
For the first time since Scott awoke he lost his focus. While navigating through an endless sea of pages, warnings, notifications and other things, Scott finally heaved a heavy breath and sat on the floor. He ran his hand through his short brown hair and sighed. A shot of love and worry struck him like a baseball bat to the chest.

Scott didn't know what, or how, but he got this overwhelming sense that he had a family to take care of. He had completely forgotten about them. He didn't even know who 'they' were, but he knew they existed. His family, friends. They must be so worried about him. Where were they? Safe? Or here? An idea sprang into Scott's mind about as quickly as the emotion. He jumped up and ran to the console. He quickly began checking every database for his last name.
Okay if I come to the ship?
always Gman.
Feel free to initiate, Morph.
We reach the power room, I open the door and wait for Torvus to make sure it was clear.
A quick sweep and short burst of my rifle kills a small ocelot like cat and I give the all clear. "Man, it's taking a long time for this place to get dangerous."
Scott was distrought when he heard the gunfire. God, I hope they're okay. Scott thinks to himself, resuming his search.
I move quickly for to the back up power generators. "Yeah and we are so stopping by the armory so I can pick up my armor and weapons after this." I inspect the generators and see ...
01/22/2013 06:29 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
I inspect the generators and see ...


You see that there are several missing power nodes. If you look down you would see several fried power nodes as if a power surge fried them and blew them out of their sockets. From years of tech experience you know there is usually a few extra nodes nearby. By a quick glance it is too hard to tell because of the absence of light.

You also notice the giant lever labeled on and off. It is switched to the off side.
"Armory is on the same floor as the bridge, so we can report to the Captain first."
IC: i decide to go for another walk

OOC: Zark i got the rough char sheet of the Nephilims done i sent it to you
"OK ..." I trail off going into tech mode. So that lever is likely the on/off switch for the back up generators. Before I can turn it on I need to replace those damaged nodes. I go to where the extra nodes are kept grab the required amount of fresh ones and get to work replacing them. It only takes me a few minutes to finish replacing them and I go flip the switch.
Walking through the forest I notice smoke rising from the air. Putting on the warp blades and moving silently through the forest, then jumping out and stabbing ... Air. Ahead of me is a giant Terran spaceship, but looks crashed. Venturing slowly into the ruin I stalk silently through the hallways until I reach ... (who wants a scare?)
I feel another mind approach my own. I quickly fling around, my Katana in hand, ready to strike whoever had come from behind. "Who are you?"

"This is OOC: Gman, time to test your character interaction."
The hum of life commences and a nearby console turns on. On screen are FOUR notifications and a dialog box.

WARNING: Total power loss, please contact qualified personal.
WARNING: Unexpected power surge, please replace power nodes.
CAUTION: Conduit damage detected, please replace conduit to avoid power surges.

WARNING: Main routing damaged, Direct routing required.
Please select Emergency power routing:

-Life Support systems(Oxygen, gravity, hydroponics, water sanitation, heating, lights, etc)
-Weapon systems (All offensive capabilities on the ship, rockets, bombs, missiles, Gauss turrets)
-Defense systems (All defensive capabilities Shields, air locks, cameras, blast doors and shields)
-System AI (An AI capable of managing and assessing every circumstance in nanoseconds.)

Honestly? I don't know, i say, activating the warp blades.
"Why are you here?" Behind the shadows of his hood he held a sneer. As he notices the Warp Blades activate his muscle tense.
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Honestly? I don't know, i say, activating the warp blades.

"Honestly, I don't know." I say, activating my warp blades.


You'll get it, don't worry!
I walk over to the console and read the text. "Yes I know about the power loss. I have already replaced the nodes unless there are more I don't know of right now ... Conduit damage ... that could be a problem." I sigh. "Should I select the Life Support systems or the System AI?" I ask Torvus.

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