Out of the Frying Pan II

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I need some interaction ... Where are you?
I nod. "Yeah." I hit the button to select the Life Support systems option. I then proceed to do a quick inspection of the rest of the generator room.
A few sparks fly every thirty seconds near the generator, the same one you replaced the power nodes in.

ATTENTION: Emergency power rerouted.
CAUTION: Conduit damage detected, please replace conduit to avoid power surges.

ATTENTION: Main routing damaged, please repair main router to return power to all systems.


[Push for main power diagnostics]

[Push for further emergency power commands]

[Log Out]

Generator room it is!
IC: walking down the hallways, I hear talking from one room. The sighn above the door read "Generator room, authorized personell only" !@#$ authorized personell, I though. I open the door and, after activating the warp blades, step into the room and yell "HELLO!"
I sigh and return to the terminal reading the screen. I hit the button for further diagnostics.
Performing Main Power Diagnostics ... Please Wait ...
A small loading circle appears along with a loading bar.
The newcomer finds the barrel of my assault rifle next to his head, touching his skull. "ID. Now."
IC: "ID? I don't have an ID ..."
I sigh again. "Great and I can't try to fix the conduit while the power is on and I can't turn the power off while this is loading ..." I trail off and sigh.
Eventually, the power bar fills.

ERROR: AI assistance is not responsive.
ERROR: Camera visual not available, defensive systems offline.

Diagnostics: It appears that the generator is not functioning on any level. Generator is not on Stand-by mode, indicating 100% destruction. Please notify commanding officer and dock for a replacement.


ERROR: AI assistance is not responsive, suggestion function is not available.

Likely error:

ERROR: AI assistance is not responsive, Likely error function is not available


Pumps are heard in the walls along with draining water.
"Then give your name and why the f*ck you're on this ship."
"Damn the Core is likely rubble according to this Diagnostic. At least the pumps are working though." I start looking for some spare conduit length so I can possibly patch up the conduit and keep the generator working.
You find one spare conduit in a foot locker near where you found the extra power nodes. Protocol regarding repairing generators comes to mind. You are suppose to turn power off and carefully get to the generators core, then replace it. You will need an Allen wrench, crescent wrench, both are on the multi-tool.
"To be quite frank, I don't know my name and I am here because I was lost in the woods and found your wreck. Are you the owner of his ship?"
I leave the conduit in the foot locker for now and go inspect the active one, staying far enough away so as to not get zapped, to see how much of it would need replaced.
Most of it is dripping wet, and smoking.
"Unofficial Head of Security until I can find the real one. I want you to remove the warp blades and take a seat where I can watch you. You'll be coming with me and Actum to the Captain here soon."
"I will need to shut off power for a time so I can replace this conduit or we are going to have a problem." I tell Torvus as I bring the spare conduit over to the generator.
"Normally I would give you the blades, but these aren't normal times. I will turn them off and I will see the captain however. But frankly, I just don't trust you."
You're learning! :D

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