Out of the Frying Pan II

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Scott followed close behind him.

"I am unarmed, do you trust me enough to loan me a gun?"
I pull out the revolver I'd been issued and hand it to him, along with four or five rounds of extra ammo (not single rounds, but joined rounds that allow for speed reloading). I then holster my Peacekeeper, place my brace of knives on my chest and the sword on my back. I sigh and wish I'd brought my bracers with me, but this wasn't that kind of job. "That gun should work. .356 mag."
Solitude won't last much longer? YESSSSSSS!!! I shall use as many flares as it will take.
As for the Zerg? I though it would be a fun Plot twist, but I guess it can wait.
"Nice, thanks man. Maybe an extra flashlight too would be nice." Scott requested, getting used to the weight of the gun. He hadn't fired a revolver since he shot his first one in childhood. He hoped he would never have to use it.
{is anyone there?}
"I'd give you one if I had one. I only have the one on my rifle."
"It's alright, no worries. What's your name?" Scott asked, standing in the pitch black waiting for him to gather what he needed.
OOC:no one here has a radio?
I've got mine turned off.

IC: "Torvus." I lead the way back out after grabbing a small amount of medical supplies and strapping it to my lower back. "Which way, Scott?"
. . . Why?
He's got orders to follow. Some one constantly saying when you coming is distracting.
I see. One thing I don't understand: why am I the only person who has left the ship?
Because you magically acquired everything you needed as where the rest of us are having to search and hunt.
OOC: Tryin to get off, but waitin on Warhawk...
Not my fault I woke up in the cargo bay (okay, maybe a little) but that doesn't answer my question. Just open a door or something.
There are things in the ship I needed and if the Captain and techs are alive, why the hell would you leave if there's a chance you'll be leaving soon?
If I'm leaving? In a metagame sense, we probably won't leave for quite a while, because that would make for a very short rp. Nevertheless, I left in search of supplies.

IC: I sit, realizing that I probably wasn't going to get a hold of him (is he dead?) I thought. (Who knows)
Zerg Time!
Gah... got kinda lost with this.

Going to plot hole a bit here...

(Following behind K, I reach the med bay...)

Stepping into the room I quickly take in the scene, my eyes settling on the other security officer;
"I see we're not the only one's that survived the crash..."

Koro, you know that you found information on the wreck on that console right?

War, What are you talking about?

TG, Seriously, learn to be self entertained. Go hunting or something. Think of something to entertain yourself.

I posted a summary on the OP of the last thread, what do you guys think?


"Back to the elevator, we need to go down to the LSCR1, my post, to activate the pump. From there I will also be able to access other valuable information." Scott explains, walking back towards the elevator carefully. The only light were "Night lights" as spacers called them. Small lights that lit the rims of walls and doors in case of a total power outage.

"What I can't figure out is what the hell was I doing in a small cargo compartment on deck three."

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