Out of the Frying Pan II

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I find the girl's clothing. I placed the items on a ventilation area that was generating a great deal of heat. I bring them to her.

"Here. These are sufficuently dry now."
Laura slowly smiled... Weakly but managing to do so. "Thank you, Dyvus. (I did get that right... Right?) I just don't know why that man wants me to be all alone with him."
as i struggle up i see him again this time in real life Jack. he seemed to shake his head at me, all the while that big fat mocking grin is on his face. "no....... I AM NOTHING LIKE YOU!!!" i scream. looking around everyone in the medbay except for Blaze seemed to look at me with confusion.
OOC: Markus, can you just say what warhawk finds so I can get out of here. I've been waiting for a while and am getting impatient...
"You might have been getting something from it. We weren't exactly barred from retrieving food and materials ourselves."
Laura was shocked by this... Maybe it wasn't safe to be with him... Alone. He's a danger to everyone and to himself.

Bryant forced Dante to sit back down on the table/bed. "Calm down... Now what happened?"
"he was there...... i was there"
Bryant did a hefty sigh.... This was frustrating. "You aren't very specific... Where were you at?"
"i don't know. he is there wherever i go. the man i used to be.... no.... the man i am"
That's when Bryant made a connection. "Does this involve our little 'friend' over there?" He was talking about Laura... He wanted to see if Dante thought the same thing.
"......yes" i say before i look away
"Hmm... I see... So why did you want to find a piano so you can tell her this? Why did you want to tell her and how did it involve her?"

Laura was listening on, almost ready to just leave the room.... The man was crazy.
"Bryant can we talk about this outside" i say at the same time eyeing the girl
Sighing he decided to do it. "Fine... But once we are done, you are laying back down."

Laura saw his eyes peering at her.
we walked outside the room. i leaned against the door "the reason i need to find a piano is.... well i think he, i, whatever it is. its leaving me hints. the truth is i don't have the full picture of what i did to her. the old me is giving me triggers every time i come in contact with something" i explain
Bryant was confused for a second. "You did something to her? And your old self.... I'm guessing before you had amnesia. But what happens if you do regain your full memory and you finish what you started according to what you did to her?" This is more serious than I thought it would be.... Just what did he do to her? For she doesn't seem to remember about it either if that's the case.
"i think i will only get back my memories but if i do turn back into who i once was. i need you to call security and put me down for good"
"Just try to figure out what you did to her.... Because if what you said was true, something traumatic could've happened. I've looked at bits and pieces of her medical records and they weren't to pretty with some of her problems in the past..." said Bryant.
"ok. i'll go look for this piano and i want you to make sure Laura stays put."
"No promises.... " Bryant was hesitant to let the patient go... But he did anyway.

OOC: Darkra? Why do I get the feeling that Dante did something terribly, terribly wrong to Laura?

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