Out of the Frying Pan II

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OOC: i'm still debating but yes it is sure to be terrible. if that's okay with you of course

IC: i decide to walk down the hall. my feet seemed to work almost automatically
Hmm.... Okay then.... Continue... Just be warned that Laura might... "Explode" when she finds out what he did to her though.

IC: Bryant reentered the medbay.
OOC: that works out for what i'm planning too

IC: i don't know how i knew where to find this instrument but i did. just sitting there almost untouched in one of the rooms. tentatively i sat down and began to play. my music echoing down the hall for all to hear. it soothed me.....

OOC: this is the song Laura and Bryant hear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOAC3FAyGiQ
Bryant heard it first.... So... Looks like he found one that surprisingly still works. But why? Looking back at Laura as she was equally as confused to the sound.
but its as if i loose control the music suddenly grows dark

OOC: it turns to this http://www.youtube.com/watchv=ipVnNVSlXwo&list=PL512B2A4C4F857A4D&index=9
Page could not be found on the link.
try this one
Laura was not feeling comfortable at all with the situation... This man... Dante was playing music for them? He's crazy! Just how he was behaving... "I'm so confused with all of this?"

"So am I... So am I..."
We finish looting. I search some of the Doctor's logs to try to find out anything about the ship or recent patients.
IC: the tempo grew louder..... then Jack came. "so you finally arrived eh? ready to face your past? little hero redeeming himself? well i'll tell you everything" it was then that my eyes widened in horror. as i walked back into the medbay i looked at Bryant and when i looked at Laura i could barley breath.
Laura almost fell off the table when Dante burst back into the medbay.

Bryant just touched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Dear god.... What did you do? What the hell happened?"
"Bryant out of the room NOW" i said

OOC: sry i had to go eat
Bryant shook his head... "There are still others in this room. And you just can't throw me out of this room unless you force me out."

Laura was kinda scared, someone demanding that another leave the room.
"very well..... you shall tell this to no one"
Bryant motioned for Dante to speak. "Then speak... "

Laura didn't know what it was going to be about... How did it involves her?
i took the steel pipe i found earlier and placed it on Laura's lap "it all happened a day before the crash........

hello gorgeous your name is Laura right?


so Laura have you ever had.......you know


i stopped. "look...

i'm sorry for how badly i scarred you back then
i'm sorry you had to be saved by a worthless piece of sh*t
i'm sorry i'm standing in front of you
and most of all i'm sorry that i raped you....
kill my now Laura and make it quick...."
Well.... That sure done did escalate.
No kidding...

Ugh... I'm sooo lost here, I was planning on having Eric go to the med bay and meet up with everyone else, but it doesn't seem to be working...
OOC: thought about adding a twist. take your time
Laura was scared, she was angry, she was upset... What should she do?!?! Both her past and her present self were beginning to conflict with each other. Her past might win over her. Gripping the pipe.

Bryant was shocked by this, he yelled out at Dante in a soft whisper. "God dammit! What would cause a man to do such a thing!?"

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