Out of the Frying Pan II

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CR, decent people have been asking that question for a long time. War, you could just come up with a reason to separate from K and go there anyways. Hell, you could beat up Dante for Torvus.
"hey i still have amnesia you think i know?" i whisper back
"Then how do you know what you did if you said you still have amnesia?!" Bryant didn't know what to say... This was becoming tiring already, frustrating... And turning personal to the few people around him.

Laura rose the pipe up in the air... She was conflicting with herself.
"do it.... i don't deserve to live" i tell her
This seems like a perfect time to walk in...

Heading down the hall, I hear voices coming from the med bay. Knife in hand, I walk up to the doorway and peer inside, totally surprised by what I see;
"What the hell is going on here?!"
I ask in surprise.
Before Bryant could try to stop here... She has every right but this is not the way!

Tears were running down Laura's face... The pipe came crashing down but at the last minute she stopped. Dropping it onto the floor. "I can't do it! I shouldn't have even tried to! Why?!"

Seeing the newcomer, Bryant hurried over to him. "I don't even know... Amnesia and something else... I can't tell if the man is serious about what he remembered or if it's the amnesia talking."
"then choose your punishment Laura. I need to do something to atone for what i did"
I nod, looking over the situation, my face hardens with understanding;
"I see, make sure he stays restrained... Are there more survivors than just the three of you?"
I ask.
Blaze chuckles at the scene and exits the room, patting Eric on the shoulder as he passes him, "I have been asking that question since I entered this place." Blaze continues down the hall to the bridge. He needed to have a talk with this Captain.
"Yes, but most of them are not in here at all," said Bryant.

Laura still couldn't do it. She couldn't take no ones life. "I can't!"
I turn to the doctor;
"Give her a sedative to calm her down doc, I'll deal with him."
I say, drawing my stun gun and knocking Dante out with a single short burst.
OOC: Reading all this now, I have no choice but to say this: THE !@#$?
IC: hears screaming from inside the ship.
IC: continues to explore the laboratory, finding several interesting things, including:
A potato battery
A biohazard suit with an oxygen supply
A first aid kit
And finally, a psionic waveform emitter.
01/20/2013 11:36 AMPosted by TheGman
And finally, a psionic waveform emitter.
Remember.... No Zerg unless ze majority agree with the decision.

IC: Bryant did not sedate Laura.... she asked, "What do I do?"
01/20/2013 11:00 AMPosted by TheGman
OOC: Reading all this now, I have no choice but to say this: THE !@#$?
"Get used to it."

Blaze continues down towards the bridge, his clawed gauntlet screeching through the walls.
assuming this is Laura:
01/20/2013 11:50 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
"What do I do?"

I shrug, sitting myself down on the end of her table;
"I don't know, forgive him, seek revenge or justice. All I'll say is that revenge is hollow. If you choose it, don't let it consume you..."
I say trailing off, the topic bringing up unpleasant memories.
SF, the bridge is up a level.
i groan and crawl back onto standing position. "hey doc there's still one thing i don't understand.... i remember what i did to Laura and that's it..... why is that?"
Bryant sighed once more.... Such a crazy day. "I don't know..... I just don't know."

Laura wanted to be by herself... If she was raped does that mean there's a possibility that.... No! Nonsense.
"don't worry you're not gonna have a child. not gonna even try and explain it....... what do you want to do with me Laura? it doesn't have to be death but punish me in some way.... please i can't live with this burden"

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