Out of the Frying Pan II

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Laura really had no idea on what to do... She couldn't come up with a punishment! She's not like that at all... What should she do? "I don't know.... I truly have no idea."
"you know life's a funny thing.... one day you're an outcast of society and the big bad guy of the world and the next you're the guy with amnesia who doesn't know who the hell he is"
And I though I'd knocked Dante out with a stun gun... ah, whatever.
Laura finally came up with the punishment... Dante might not like it but it was her choice. "I'm going to tell that one Security Officer about this... He'll pick your punishment."

Bryant was thinking.... If it was only a day before the crash... "Dante... You don't know if there wont be one... It's to early to tell and sometimes 'protection' fail."
I chuckle and grin, nothing pleasant about it;
"Doc, do you know if any of the officers survived?.."
I ask my voice trailing off suggestively.
Bryant wanted to change the subject... But this was important, so he calmly answered the mans question, "Yes... One was here a little while ago. Him and a life support officer went to the lower levels to try and activate the pumps."
I grunt and think for a moment;
"Did he say if any of the other officers survived?"
He shrugged. "I don't know much... But they were trying to send every able bodied man or woman to report to the bridge. That is if they are well enough to work."
I turn on my radio, realizing I hadn't heard from the Doc and come on the PA. {Hey Doc, hows the girl doing?}

OOC: War, your guy now has a chance to talk to me.
Bryant answered the radio next to him. {She's doing fine...-ish. But after you are done I would appreciate it if you would come over here? She would like to ask you a favor since it involves a memory she didn't know about... And it also involved Dante.}
{!@#$. I knew the merc was dirty, but...tell me it isn't what I'm thinking. Also, has any other survivors come that way?}
{Just one survivor... And I believe it would be best for Laura to tell you about it. And it all depends on what you are thinking about, for I can't read minds.}
{I'm Eric Strider with ship security; who are you?}
I ask into the radio.
{Torvus Sorven, unofficial Head Security since I haven't seen the real one since before the crash. Have you seen anyone else?}
{Just a slightly deranged passenger of a questionable past and the creepy as hell cloaked figure going by the name 'Blaze'. Other than than that, nobody but the people here in the med bay.}
"very well. doc tie me up"
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"You might have been getting something from it. We weren't exactly barred from retrieving food and materials ourselves."

"Hrm... I still dont like it." Scott remarked, making his way back to the elevator. "Now to turn the pump on, correct?"
"Much simpler answer; knock you out."
I say, putting Dante unconscious with a solid burst from the stun gun.
{Then I take it you're looking for others? Check the bridge. All able bodied people are to go there anyways.} I nod. "Then we go to the Captain, not that I like the bastard."
{What's left of the bridge crew?..}
I ask, dreading the answer.

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