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Hey Folks,

I was thinking of writing a program that would essentially call out important timings during a match. This may well be against the spirit of the game, as the awareness it takes to keep those things in your head is part of what it means to play, but I feel like it could really help some players learn the match ups better.

I have two pc's at the same desk, so I would run this program on my other pc and hit run right before the match loads (I suppose you could also tab out and run it, given a certain delay.) The idea is that you run it for your current match up and it would play a sound bite saying things like "check for natural expansion / Check for third base / stim research complete / hive tech started " etc. These should be the earliest times possible for most cases. Ofcourse scouting may show the opponent has not yet done these things, but knowing when it's possible can do a world of a good. I'd like to start with all the general important timings to know from your opponent for PvX, and maybe add in options that assume certain builds or alternate timings.

This wouldn't really be of much assistance for experienced players, these timings go off in their head naturally. However it could help lower league players, as well as players wanting to improve in a certain match up, learn the pace of the game and important things to prepare for.

I'd like your honest feed back on this idea. Let me know of anything you would add or if it's even something I should do. If you think it's dumb, just tell me.

there are some things on youtube where it makes noises and tells you what to build... you run it while you play.

idk about what you're doing, but it would probably help some ppl!
I'd suggest posting this on the General Forums for other people to see, but make sure you do not violate one of the Terms of Services. Blizzard does not allow any use of Third-party programs as it often classifies as cheating.
What you are looking to build is something like this I'd imagine:

Cool idea, but it relies on both players playing standard. Any bit of chaos or unexpected opening or just something that delays everything from both players will throw the entire thing off.
There's an app I have I my phone that pretty much does this on my iPhone, it's called T.B.O (Talking Build Order). You should check it out, helps teach me builds, atleast.
As someone said above there are plenty of these programs for both iPhone or Android. They either have alerts when the next building/unit should be made or use text to speech etc
there's an iPhone app called the "Build Order Commander" that can be used to display messages. It also calls out build orders that you can set up custom, or download from its community build list. the timer can be set for normal, fast, and faster. pretty good app.

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