Take Heed of Shadow, Judicator

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This is a prequel, I suppose, of another world I am working on. I hope you enjoy the story:

A Protoss Judicator, a Scholar as well as a user of Khaydarin Crystals in search of knowledge known as Izarasha, comes to see her homeworld burn, as the Conclave have a lack of innovation to fight the invading foe, while trying to find an executor and not dealing with the swarm as a whole. Angered after hearing the cries of many suffer, she chooses to follow the told path of another Judicator to the world of Char.

There, alone with her ship, robotics, and skills of both psionics and moderate handle of a blade, she explores the world to find the remaining protoss forces, and call them back home to fight off against the creatures on Aiur. However, due to some issues, she finds more than what she expects of the world, which tests herself as a Judicator, as well as a warrior with lack of skill and title, against creatures that come from the shadows.

The journey of Izarasha is harsh, with the adventure of the Protoss leaving an impact for others within the world, leading to a change for leaders and wanderers alike.
Leaving the Green Home, Part 1
“Stand your ground, wait for them to come.”

Storms brewed, as they came in all directions. They broke and torn at the crystal masses, while their defenses powered down. The enemy was tearing at them, while they fought against the endless stream chasing after them.

Swords flew, as the giant husks fought against them; creatures that seemed to be towering behemoths charged with their many tusks, tearing with ease against what they had made. Some burst into light as the blades made contact with the soldiers, while others died instead with pieces on the floor.

The yellow debris with the crystals all around was seen, with the life around them increasing for those that killed, and the decrease of those who stood. The screams in his head was heard with ferocity, as they all fell before the might of the swarm. They all screamed, while she waited with her blade to battle against the enemy.

The shuttles were prepped, as they all tried to escape with their lives what they had. The enemies they were against were killing so many at once, and the order of evacuation from the planet was made. They had to, or forever be abandoned in this world. Now, it was either run, or die. He would rather fight, and join those that were dying. But there was no honor in dying to a massacre; humiliation of a warrior was never good, for those to be affiliated with one. Even worse, was one of escape. He couldn’t fight in the battle, though. She could not break her duty.

They had lost; the battle was done, and the enemy they faced was tearing at them in every angle. Their lives would forever forfeit, if they stayed and fight. She was to preserve the life of her people that still lived. As he stood at the Robotics, the Protoss ran towards the shuttles, prepping towards running for the skies.

Standing there, with her blades of war, was other warriors behind her. Zealots, ready to die for their people that came. However, the Protoss leaving were indeed not warriors; scholars, advisors, engineers, and such… they were not supposed to be here, but they came along with them nonetheless. Most were workers though. It did not deter their right to live, though.

There he stood his ground, along with the rest of the warriors. There, aligned with them, those of higher power stood beside him; as he was a warrior, a Templar ready to give he life for the khala, the people that were neither beside nor behind, but in front of he, stood there with no weapons at all. The ash and wind of the broken debris and cries made their clothes move with the winds, gushing to the direction opposite of their sights. He needed them, more than ever. They were fewer than the other warriors, though. They were all needed, to fight against those that were in front of her.

There, in front of them, a gateway had lost its arch completely. Stepping over the broken base, the blue flames gave a shadow to the husking beast in front of them. One of them walked over the broken structure, moving to fight against the warriors. It was falling right into their line of sight. A high Templar spoke near her, his voice booming in his mind.

“Templar! show the power of the khala; concentrate on them, and show no mercy.”

The psionics fired; charges of bolts fired from their arms, running towards the husking beast moving towards them. The bolts of lightning came to make contact to the enemy in front of them. As he stood there, he watched as the husking beast was bleeding, despite the heavy armour it had. The psionic bolts pushed the beast back, as the weight of many impacts riddled its head with sores. Eventually, one hit it hard enough on the head, causing it to burst. Unable to function without it, the beast fell on the ground, with its husk lying on the ground.

The many that ran were heading to leave this accursed planet. Auir was gone, and now it was the end of many that had existed on this world. As the Protoss tried to leave, the mass of enemies came and destroyed what they had.

They came to this world, and killed hundreds of millions. The people that lived died by the forces that existed, and now their last ditch effort to flee their people to the nearest starport was all they could do. As long as they left this planet, many of the citizens still had a chance to survive.

As the enemy was continuing to destroy what blocked their path, the high Templar fired their bolts against the enemy that was ahead of them, burning and destroying the enemies that were in front of them. As the husking enemies came, they were all hit by different bolts, although not falling as fast as the first one to breach. As the high Templars fired their psionics against their enemies, the Templar waited, as the inevitable came.

From the cracks of the blockade, under the legs of the husking beasts, the hounds of the swarm charged upon the Templar’s location, streaming to reach their destination. As they went past the blocked and fired husks, the warriors came in front of the psionics. From the charging numbers, the leader of the unit boomed with velocity.

“Charge at the beasts head on; fight ‘till the end. For Auir!”

They all cried within the khala, charging past the suppressors of the husking behemoths, while they charged at the hounds. Hoping to hold enough time, until the rest of the survivors departed from this place. As he saw the enemy charging forward for collision, he drew his blade forward, ready to meet his target in front.

As the zealot charged forward, he slashed out towards one of the first to make contact with his blade. Cutting threw, the creature fell to the ground in nearly two. As he quickly turned to make contact again, three creatures ran towards him with their eyes, as the countless amount charged against his brothers. As one leaped towards him, he thrust his arm forward, landing the blade in its skull.

As the creature fell to the ground, his blade ripped out of its back, and he was ready to land another, and another after that. As he charged with fury in mind, a creature landed on his arm, and bit. Blue oozed from his blue, pale skin. Its stomach was exposed, in which he filled with his other arm. The creature screeched in agony, as the blade made contact with his chest.

As his arms were occupied, he felt a mass land onto his body, and before he could turn his neck felt a pinch. In surprise, all he could do was lay on the ground, as he felt the energy within him dwindle into nothing. From the ground, he saw the husking beasts tear at the barricade. As the Templar wore their orange colours with pride, they charged to their death that laid in front of them. Soon, all they saw was the great beasts’ blades, as the hounds came to take out the rest.

Before he went, he saw one of the husking beasts run towards him, stepping on top of him in the process. At least he took down enemies with pride, before he was taken. The Protoss around him were beginning to fall, and many were charging towards the evacuation area. His honor meant nothing now; the enemy was going to reach them.
Leaving the Green Home, Part 2
The scholar did not stop; as many of the other people were falling to the enemy that had destroyed her world, her mission to find those responsible was necessary. She needed to leave, needed to find what was lost. Now, the chance to do so was clear.

Holding onto her metal sickle, her armored robes were ready to leave for the world. Moving with her white robes under the yellow plates she had obtained, she ran and headed towards her trusted ship, before they took it away from her. Moving across the stone corridors, she moved with her sack of trusted prizes within her bag. Carrying all that she had, the Judicator ran with all that she held, ready to face against any that threatened her.

The rest had evacuated from this place, ready to leave with the Templar defending them. She knew that such comfort was not; such religious figures will surely fall to the mass, as the rest of this world has. It was pointless waiting for the help of others; she needed to defend herself, as she was taught.

Moving the corridors with a fast pace, the machine behind her followed; the probe carried a crate, moving it within its grasp all that she had taken for her departure, so that she was ready for the flight out. It was enough. Leaving this world was what was necessary. She needed to take one stop, before she left this place. She hoped that it wasn’t too late; otherwise it will all be over for her. She ran past the many corridors, as she ran towards where she needed to go. As she ran past it all, the judicator found her way to her vessel, once more.

The arbiter as standing on the ground, waiting for the return of its master before it flew back into space. Her precious ship, Kalos Kagathos, stood with great mass on the stone platform. She took pride on the vessel that she had, and now she needed it of all times, before this entire wall had fallen apart.

With the surge of hurry filling her, the valiant woman went up the ramp of her ship, still holding onto her sickle as she ascended inside. When the probe that carried the majority of her inventory went inside, the ship closed, with everything that she had taken with her closed within the ship’s solitude. Moving into the ship, she hanged her sickle onto her belt, falling to the terminal that she had. Manning her seat, she used her power to make her ship go. She moved the bag of what she grabbed beside her, while the probe that had went with her waited for another command. The probe, decorated with white tints and a white symbol on one of its wings, the machine stood there to match its master. As her ship left its former resting place, she moved towards the destination required, setting a course for a machinery area.

The Kalos Kagathos moved its mass with easy and speed, heading towards the intended destination. From her seat, she looked at everything down below. Her home…

The world burned, with the living jungles decaying to the infestation that was growing on her world. Looking below, the temple she was in was close to joining what was infesting the area, and the homes of many had been burned and ravaged by the monsters down below. The judicator saw in horror, as the life all around was beginning to either burned or rot from the presence of these invaders. She saw the world burn, as the arbiter warship moved across the many fields of green and purple, reaching to where she intended to go.

As the ship moved as fast as it could, it charged across the many lands, passing the dangerous amounts of the swarm. Under her warship, creatures slithered, stomped, and crawled across the ground, charging through the ruins of the lost settlement. Scion was falling under the mass of the swarm, and it seemed that now the rest of the world has already fallen. The Protoss have abandoned them, and the conclave has been too busy with other affairs. Spite filled her, think of the many irrelevant squanders, when the rest of the people were falling to such creatures in their own homes.

As her ship passed many of the places in Scion, the ruined settlement was passed, with the voices of the falling wandering in her mind. The cries of terror and despair of many on this world filled her mind, as she tried to do what she could. Moving past it all, the Kalos went farther and farther, viewing everything that was around her. She wanted it all to stop…

When she saw it, she looked at it in her own feeling of despair; in front of her, the temple was beginning to be attacked by a swarm of Zerg. Templar were already fighting, as they were protecting the temple from the many enemies in front of her. Hounds and winged beasts flew above, as cannons fired to make a collision course against them both. Seeing that her destination was near destroyed, her ship turned to face the menace. Quickly, within the ship, she began to operate what began to emit around the hull…

She fired at the Zerg, in order to draw them to her. Seeing that they would not see what was to come, fliers began to move towards her location. As she kept moving forward, the fliers began to fire at her ship, shooting balls of misted green towards her… within the rift, they began to slow in its speed, and she began to move around them with her ship. As the moved forward, the fliers began to move closer, until they too joined. Soon, after she escaped what was first fired, the flier’s projectiles moved back to their normal speed, as she moved passed the fliers around her. The fliers, who were once charging towards her, had been passed, with many too slow to turn around properly and confront the arbiter.

As the swarm below was fighting the zealots and high Templar, the Templar were fighting bravely in a formation, fighting between a stone arch, making the beasts come in small amounts, instead of the large stream that was behind each other.

The fliers before escaped the clutches they were in, as their speed had returned from what it was before. The rift around the arbiter disappeared, as the fliers began to follow within the dozens. The Kalos moved towards the swarm on the ground, looking as if they were beginning to fall towards its doom. Looking at the enemies below, she fired blasts from her cannon towards the ground. The phase disruptors began to make contact against the enemies below, establishing a shock wave on a few of a swarm. Creatures burst, while those around them were pushed around. She fired again, and again, and again. As the enemies were beginning to break, they did not stop in their relentlessness, as they continued towards the temple grounds, charging at the Templar on the ground with them.

She was about to turn the ship around, when the hull of her ship felt collision; the fliers have returned, coming to fire at her from behind. Seeing that they were beginning to attack, the judicator used her radar to figure out where they were. The dozen or more flew behind her to take down the Kalos, and soon she knew that this ship will be ripped apart. Looking at the ship below, she realized that the energies were still filling after its use from before.

After feeling the projectiles of the enemy on its shields, the fliers began to fly in front of the ship at times and try to fire at it up front. They were beginning to swarm all around it like flies. Taking her ship, she began to go on a dog fight; she felt nothing at all, in the moment and focused on the situation she was in right now. With her near pale skin reaching to the terminal, she found one in front of her and caused the ship to follow. Following the flier, she fired with her ship once more, hitting the flier and obliterating it. One down… but she needed to not allow the vessel to break. As they fired at her, the arbiter ship chased another, and fired. Missed; sailing across the sky, and doing nothing. It took a fast corner turn, and she lost it completely. Another came from one of the ship’s sides to another, hitting the shields and draining it more. Seeing that it flew, she began to chase and fire at it.

In the fight of it all, the judicator rested her hands once more on the cannon. She fired and fired, however the shields were beginning to drain at dangerous levels. Seeing that it was near the end, until the hull was actually hit, she took a look at the energy levels; the feeling of them seemed filled enough, as they began to generate back in its power. Seeing that the enemy was all around her, she activated what she did before. Soon, the hull was surging from the energies, until it happened.

No longer, did the creatures have the same speed, however the projectile before had enough time to hit the ship, when the time rift happened. The velocity was still strong, and the shield was close to finally breaking. She would need to work fast. A soon as she could, she found a flier and fired. Then another; then another. The Kalos fired again and again, as the creatures were hit and torn, with parts of their bodies falling onto the surface down below with burnt bodies. Soon, the dozen that remained dwindled to almost a half. It still wasn’t enough, she knew. Quickly, with her latch onto the vessel, she began to move away.
Leaving the Green Home, Part 3
The fliers who were near frozen sped back to their normal pace, as the rift they were in disappeared, and soon they had full access to the present once more. Trying to find the ship, it was beginning to fly again to the temple, away from them. Soon, the fliers gained their barrings, and flew towards their target. Looking at the terminal, she knew that they were coming closer. Steering it, the ship began to turn a 360%, making a second collision course to the fliers. When they charged in mass, she fired. The cannon fired again and again, as they went forward in order to make contact with the enemy up front. One of the fliers exploded, with their guts landing onto the other flier and causing it to fall; two cannons made direct hits, while the third of the four missed entirely. Soon, the numbers dwindled to less than half, and the shields were charged to near half as well.

Taking the time, the Judicator took her chance to look at the enemies, as they began to try to finish with the remaining three. As they swarmed and fired at her, the arbiter warship turned to fire at them from a stationary stance. The cannon missed at times, passing them by. However, two had fallen to the five shots that had been fired, and only one remained. However, before she could take care of the last one, the unexpected happened.

A flier that had fallen before came back, recovering from the shock of a killed flier that knocked it down, and began to fire at the Kalos. Soon, the shield was broken, and the ship was vulnerable. Firing at it, the two made two contacts to the ship, and the hull was beginning to dent.

Furious, the pilot took the ship, and made a dive towards the ground in an angle that was not all the way down. As the weight of the ship allowed it to fall at greater pace, the ship twirled and lined with the creatures that were on the ground, as she aimed the ship towards the temple’s arch entrance. The fliers followed. Descending still in an angle, the ship began to fire its cannons once more on the enemy below; one to three critters exploded with a blast, while a few around the dead were pushed to the ground, while others trampled over them.

As the defenses of the Templar were still active, the cannons that were targeting the fliers before her intrusion aimed towards her… rather, aiming at what was behind her. Getting too close to the ground, the arbiter reared itself, as she brought it parallel to the ground. The phase disruptors of the photon cannons passed by her ship, as they began to fire at the fliers. One fell, falling onto the critters under them; the other flew to the side, leaving the traffic and ascending back to the sky.

The Kalos Kagathos did not stop, however it slowed as it went past the entrance, and was beginning to descend onto the soil of the temple’s ground. Soon, as the ship was set to automatically land, she left her chair, and went to the ramp’s bay. With her, the escort probe followed her, leading towards the temple grounds.

Feeling the battle passed, the judicator felt the need to find out where it was, before she finally left; it was necessary for her to have it, before she went to find what she had lost. The temple was the closest thing to having one, so it should at least be here. Moving down, her stern stature returned, impatience and haste quickened her to move forward.

When the hull opened, she fell upon the grass underneath her feet, leaving her warship behind. Her probe followed, moving behind her without fault or delay. Moving from what was there; she went passed the garden of water and lilies, moving from it all as she reached towards the temple itself.

“Judicator Izarasha”

The sound of him was startling, and unexpected. Gruff and voiced with a sense of might and pride, a figure was standing to the side, with heavy armor of yellow and orange. The Templar looked at her; his dark grey flesh and deep blue eyes burned deeply into her, as she was going towards the temple. Looking at him with her own eyes of light pink, she turned her head to face him clearly. Unlike her, he was rugged and seemed to be jagged in form, almost stone like. She was a bit more youthful in form.

“High Templar Fansii. Should you not defend the walls with the rest of the Templar?”

The creature walked from the shade of the tree, with his dark skin not changing despite the sun. “I defend the temple from the creatures that reside. It seems that you had time to make fire against them, it seems.”

She turned at the Templar, with her hands folded. “I could not watch them die, Templar. Besides, the ship would be attacked as soon as I landed, if they had fallen.”

“Which begs the question, why you have come. Yet, it seems that you seek to find something, don’t you?” The Templar looked at the youth with a feeling of proud wisdom. She looked at him without care, and her eyes pierced his.

“The conclave are not going to save those that are burning and dying, Templar. The enemy is tearing at the foundations with ease, as they have done nothing to heed their assault. I need to find the rest of the Templar, or else we will never win against the enemy we face now.”

His features seemed to change from pride to falter. “You would be breaking the way of the faith, if you were to do so. A scholar such as you should stay where you are, and if you care fight the enemies here.”

“The people come first, or have you forgotten? If they die, then the conclave will be there to rule nothing. It is best to deal with the issue… and I cannot do it all by myself.” She turned her face away from him, and continued to move towards the temple. Seeing her move away, the high Templar began to move behind, with a floating pace as his feet levitated above the ground. His amulet he wore on his shimmered.

“Aiur needs someone to deal with the swarm, indeed… but the creatures will not wither to defeat, as we have seen. Warriors must take arms, and defend our homeland here. If we do, then we give the people a better chance to survive.”

A pulse of fury followed inside her. “I think the requirement of full force is needed, not a spare few warriors to face the enemy, then die as the abandoned leave a trail for more to suffer. I have come across enough of the cries in Scion, and it is too much to be ignored. Yet, they have done nothing to defend our world. What good is having a unified world, when the unified do not come together to deal with this threat?

“I am no warrior, Fansii. Nor shall I fight here. I will go and find the expeditionary force, and call them back. Aldaris says that they are within the world Char, which he and the others have already went. I need to catch up to them, before all is finally lost.”

“The heretic? The conclave has declared him for trial and execution, due to his affiliation with the Dark Templar. Have you forgotten the means of trifle?” His faltered state seemed to sadden, although might seemed to follow still, more than pride.

“There are those who can help us, and those that may or may not deserve execution. For now, there are people in the world that need to leave.” She felt her feet turn from the grass to the stone, as she was moving still on the temple grounds. In front of her, a small stone structure was seen, with chains strapped onto a stone door. Her probe still followed behind in silence, while the high Templar moved.
Leaving the Green Home, Part 4
“What do you seek here, then? Why not go now?”

She continued to show youthful disgust at the elder, as he continued to tug at her. “I need something to survive against them, Templar. Like I have said before, I am not a warrior. And since no warrior seems to see the necessity, I will go to enlighten them. Unless you want to abandon your post, and help me of course. But even then, I feel the need of turning me in from you.”

As she stopped at the door, the high Templar moved in front of the young judicator. Hovering in front of her, his arms now folded this time, with his deep eyes looking into hers. She stood there in front of him; the probe was emotionless… she was showing a face of agitation.

“Will you keep prodding at me, or are you going to take action? People are dying. At least I am about to do something; I see you do nothing.”

The Templar looked at her silently. She felt him fingering as to what he wanted to do, and his hovering body seemed to be riveting of different shadows. The silence made the probe purr with its electronic sounds, as the world seemed to increase as time went on. Soon, as he did nothing, she felt the need to move pass him and descend down herself. But even then, she knew that she couldn’t. Instead, he had to wait for his actions to be taken.

The High Templar looked at the girl, with his face turning as he looked on the ground in a feeling of sadness. “You always were hard to satisfy.” Quickly, he began to move towards his amulet on his head. The crystal that was glowing in green began to leave with the rest of the golden crown, as he lifted it and held it with one of his hands. He made it the crown move from his head, and then he moved both hand and amulet towards her. She was surprised. She felt that he was not going to open the door… but he was doing something else.

As she grabbed the amulet, she looked at what it was. The golden plate has a crystal implanted on the center of it, for others to see. Seeing the crown, she looked up to the high Templar. “Put it on; you will need it, young one.” Without asking or objecting, she shifted the headpiece to make it face away; she pushed it towards her head, making it lock onto her head. When it fell upon her, it rested on her head, prepped and locked. The feeling of its energies was felt, as soon as she put the amulet on herself. Looking at him, the high Templar looked at the scholar.

“Izarasha… if you must go or stay, it is your choice as a judicator and scholar, and your choice alone. The conclace will punish you if they find out what you are trying, but they shall not find out from me.” He moved away from the door, and began to move away from her, across the stone floor and moving to the larger structures behind the when they were in front of “You do not need to take from the temple; you have what you need now. Hone onto the khala, and soon your powers will be that of a warrior. You are a warrior, even if you are not a Templar. Just be sure to know your duty.”

She didn’t take it in her hands. Instead, she looked at the older being with a sense of humility. “I am sorry for my anger, old one… but disarming yourself is not something I wish…”

“Do not object what I have given take them for where you are to go. I have seen you when you grew, and you were always wiser than others, and as energetic as any true Templar. Yet, your title of being a judicator suits you well.” He stopped, facing back towards her with a face of pride to meet the might once more. “You will be alone, while I shall have others around me. It is best for anyone to travel in a dangerous world to be dangerous as well when being peaceful does not pass by. Come back after your travels, young one. Do not die, or I shall regret letting you go.”

Looking at the him, the feeling of leaving was not a bother; the feeling of dying was something she did not want either. She wanted to go to find those that can help defend Aiur from the enemy. If she can find them where the advisor went, then she can bring them to help defend the planet, instead of facing execution and ill punishment. She looked at him with a calmer face, now. “Thank you. I shall return as soon as I can. Make sure that this place does not fall, I shall return with help against the swarm.” With a bow, she moved away from him; her probe followed, as they both went to go back to her ship. She would need to go to the world that the rest have fallen to.

The need of doing something was unsatisfied; she needed to get there as fast as she could, and although she did not get what she needed, she got something else. She supposed that it be good, but a better weapon against the unknown was something that she felt in need, not what was given. Still, she supposed that she can find something else to replace it; the old Templar will not allow her to enter it. She will need to find something else, in order to make survival against the enemy easier.

She had an idea of course. She first needed to get to her ship and find them, however.
Leaving the Green Home, Part 5
The Judicator ascended into her ship, moving with her new amulet on top of her head. She never was one for it, but perhaps the elder wanted her to be safe, at least. Still, she needed to grab the remaining of things. Now that she was neglected one thing, she will have to make do with another; a fitting weapon for battle against the creatures of terror. Her crystals, psionics, and even her sickle were no match for some of the things she saw, she knew. She would need to improvise with something else…

Taking her ship, Izarasha went up to the sky once more, leaving the temple and ascending. As she went to the sky, she looked at the arch entrance of the temple; there, Templar caste were aligned at the entrance, with a pile of bodies being collected by probes of all the hounds killed in the battle. It seemed that the Templar had won against the swarm, which relieved her. With the air forces of the swarm gone, the Protoss seemed to be able to fight against the enemy up front. Now, they were making a second pile of all the large pieces, while the wounded and the dead of warriors seemed to be taken away. From the many seen of the enemy, and how much they have destroyed, their deaths seemed meaningless compared to her people.

The scholar drove the Kalos Kagathos across Scion. Jungles and mountains were across the world below, as the burning world seemed to only reflect the skies that were too close for comfort. Moving from the forests, she hoped to find it somewhere…

Then, near up front, and farther below, she saw it. A forge… the Protoss were beginning to descend towards and near it, in order to head inside the facility and find a better weapon for her survival. These weaponsmiths were experts of forging the best of weaponry, and surley they would have a worthy weapon in order to fight against the endless nemesis. Hopefully, something was in there that she could use to survive…


Down below, the Protoss forge exploded without delay; fragments ascended into the air, as they began to cause the forests around to burn. The Kalos shifted with the death of the forge, with the explosion reach up high as the reaction took play.

Surprised, the scholar felt the cries of those inside scream in her mind; engineers were killed within their own homes, as they exploded to the unknown force that was there. From what she saw however, the mass below began to extend farther than the withering explosion. A massive creature of a large mouth extended from the ground, screeching with a loud piercing sound, rivaling the deceased. Seeing in horror, the creature screeched with rage, as it withered slightly back into the now broken forge.

Growth began to expand across the surface, as its mouth began to pump… green bile extended into the air, as the giant worm rested onto the surface. The biles stayed in the air, as she watched in shock. They were not coming for her, rather they were just flying lightly in the air… that was until they explode.

There, with the explosion of the green biles, fliers emitted; some were winged as they were before, however some were smaller in size, flying more naked than the others. Seeing that the fliers were charging now towards her ship, the judicator took her ship, and thrust it into the sky. Aiming for the air, the arrival of other fliers from the clouds showed. It was an ambush.

The swarm of fliers quickly charged with quick speed; hundreds flew towards her, as the worm was now released serpents and the hounds from before. Fleeing the scene, she reached to the hidden stars, as the day and fires blinded what was above. Now, she was going to be chased from her own home. Seeing that her plan was not going to be, the judicator scurried in panic towards the sky.

The fliers spat their projectiles towards her, some passing by while others made contact to her shields. Feeling the impact, she knew that combat was not to be… she would need to escape from this world. Seeing that the time has come, the Judicator knew that the direction necessary was off right now. Knowing that a turn will cause her to be exposed, the Judicator set it up nonetheless, before it began.

The swarms came closer and closer, trying to break throught the shields and cause it to crash, and her to die. She could not allow this, not now. Setting up the coordinates, the ship’s warp was nearly established. The probe beside her stood their clueless, as the ship was prepped for takeoff.

As the Zerg swarm began to enclose all around, she turned the ship left, and looked higher into the sky; taking the coordinates that she knew, she aimed towards sanctuary from this world; she will not be pushed so easily by such creatures around her. As the arbiter aimed, one of the smaller fliers collided into the shield, causing it to nearly disappeared. Exposed more than ever, the fliers began to project all their fire power to her ship…

With the thrust of the terminal, the Kalos flew with quick speed; its powers of time and space breaking the borders established, going at heightened speeds towards sanctuary. As the fliers fired, they were blew away when in close proximity, as the sheer speed pushed them back.

Without much in thought, the Protoss saw a change of the world around her. Instead of the skies of Aiur, she saw a nearly empty space, filled with countless stars. Looking at the terminal, she saw that all the fliers were gone. She gave relief of the fact, resting herself a bit as the probable death disappeared with a thrust. However, she knew that time was of the essence.

Sitting on her seat for a few minutes, she felt something in the Khala… someone was trying to communicate to her.

“Greetings, Judicator; Why have you traveled to our station?”

There, she removed herself from her stance, and went back to the terminal. Feeling the thought of the communicator, she spoke to them telepathically.

“I come to arm myself for an expedition. Can I station, as I prep for the journey?”

The voice behind was male, youthful, and calm… however, it seemed electronic, almost as if it was not all there in terms of being: “Proceed. The station welcomes you, Judicator Izarasha.”

As the Judicator turned her ship with silence as her response, she directed her ship towards the space station; the yellow mass below was what she saw, as she aimed her ship forward.

Khas’ Shield; the Templar should be able to assist here. Now that she was here, and safe from the swarm on Aiur, maybe she can seek help from within the station about her predicament.
Props to you. Very vivid imagery. Definitely a short story worth reading and continuing.
Shield for a Judge, Part 1
Kalos Kagathos flew into the space station; the yellow and white textures of the entirety was seen glowing in the void of space, with crystals and bulb lights filling the space in an aura. With much of the station large in comparison to her ship, the station was nonetheless active in the open area.

Probes were running across the station, with their colours of yellow and teal reflecting their status; some were regularly designed, and were carrying storage containers, minerals, and other items across the station. Some seemed to be more plated, hovering across the station with what seemed to be an arc light emitting from its forefront, just patrolling the area; other machines with seemed to be consistently dwindling into space together in packs.

Rocks flew near the station, from what seemed to be an asteroid field that lay a few kilometers away from the station. Machines flew to the asteroids, later taking and extracting them into the station. She knew what this place was; it was a mining station. The Khalai Caste was here, near close to Aiur for sure, however distant they were. Their machines were present, delivering resources and working with all the movement and other forms of hard labour the caste usually never affiliated with. The station’s surface was riddled with machines, mostly probes doing their work in the force.

The Kalos flew lower towards the surface, looking towards the station’s production facility. There, the station seemed to be less active with mechanisms. Instead, the entirety of the station was seemingly drawing nothing from it. There, on the yellow front, the banners of brown were beside those of purple; representations of tribes, it seemed. A docking bay was seen, large enough to fit one carrier. Getting close to it, the station took its course.

The warship had lost all control of its drive, while it was being drawn in by telekinetic force in the port. Removing her hands from the terminal, the Judicator lifted herself up from the chair and grabbed moved on to the back. Inside, the wondrous colours of the khala was seen, as blue was seen all across the interior of the ship. The arbiter vessel seemingly drifted onto the pad slowly, with the place seemingly empty of anyone inside. As the Kalos landed onto a drifted, extended pad, the young scholar saw her door open to the rest of the world.

Greeted, two warriors of yellow armour and brown tint stood there, with an even heavier built Protoss in brown garbs standing there, with what seemed to be metal pieces underneath it all. The Venetir Zealots stood their ground, as they waited at the doors to the warship. Taking no heed of threat, the judicator left it, walking towards the other three creatures.

“Greetings, Judicator. What tidings do you bring for us… from what it seems, I sense that you are relieved to see us, yet you seem to also fear.”

The Judicator looked at the warriors; they Templar in front of her all were seemingly hostile, except for the one of higher rank. Whether it was the untold visit or her title was unknown, but the youth did not take heat from it. Instead, she spoke to the Templar with the strength and directive she had.

“I have come from Aiur to bring tidings of dread and agony; the world is under attack by creatures that are alien, destroying and rampaging against the home world with the forces they have. I have come for assistance with our home, as well as my journey.”

The Templar, the one with garbs, looked at the young one with his hand grabbing his smooth chin, while his glowing eyes looked at hers with his smooth skull wrinkling. “Is that so? The conclave has not called for us through the Khala in terms of assistance. Why would they send a young one such as you? You are not a judicator within the conclave, that is for certain.

Is he mocking my age, or not being man? She moved her hands behind her back, folding them in a grip. The Templar did not change face.

“Do you come to this station without the sentence of the Conclave? That is interesting, seeing as how they are meant to govern us…” He removed his hand from his chin. “But not surprising. From what I have heard from my brethren, they are busy with other matters at best; The Furinax have deployed a large sum of war machines to Aiur and across the galaxy… and demand is ever more increasing… What, do you come here to cry out for more than the station is making?”

The zealots that were beside the Templar stared at her; their features seemed to be hostile towards her. She was not welcomed, it seemed. “I have come to speak with the engineers themselves, as I seek arms for my journey. Or is that too much of a demand, from I?”

The Templar looked at her with eyes that seemed to be hatful towards her; she seemed to be not liked by this ill being…

“Lethium!” The Templar in grab turned around to answer to a voice of demand; looking behind him, Izarasha saw who was the one interrupting the tension.

A Templar with a shoulder plate was seen, along with a purple waist cloth and what seemed to be an arm that seemed too machine than natural, with fingers and wrist seemingly mechanical and jointed. The Protoss walked from the hall behind the port, moving towards the four.

“The Judicator has called for us, noble Templar. Perhaps it would be best if we were to discuss in terms not so vile, hm?” The grabbed creature did not look at the other any better.

“It seems that you have left your station, khalai. This station is in the charge of I, and she comes without acceptance of the conclave.”

“No, rather she comes from your own caste, noble Templar.” The fourth man seemed older than the rest, with his flesh breaking and cracking, and his jaw seemingly boney compared to the others. Looking at them, he seemed to be more rugged than the rest. “Who would call for more warriors of not the conclave? The Templar caste may be of call for assistance, noble Templar.”

“A child’s cry is more so, than anything else.” The Templar looked at her once more, while the other walked beside him.

“I see that she needs help on her journey, Lethium. We can provide that at least, no?” Seeing her, the Protoss showed eyes of calmness, as he moved his mechanic hand towards her in a wave to come to him. “I can help with this one.” His eyes moved passed him, and to hers. “Come, I can assist with what you require.”

Seeing the Protoss around her, the High Templar and the two other warriors stared at her still, as she moved pass them. Annoyance once more filled her, feeling the need to strike at them if they came to close. One of them seemed to laugh at her with her thoughts betraying her. Following behind the stranger, she passed by the others, sensing someone that was more direct and liking than the others.
Shield for a Judge, Part 2
The Judicator followed the khalai behind, reaching across the halls. They were different than the hanger; the windows allowed them to see outside, although no glass was seen to separate them from the space. The large complex showed large terrain, all of it metal and stone, with Khaydarian crystals rummaged and placed across the small world. The halls inside were filled with glyphs on near white space, with brown and yellow decorative walls covering the rest.

As the two walked, she still kept her arms behind her back, gripping them as she walked with the older being. They didn’t spoke, but the mind of the other seemed to be… off. Whatever he was thinking or doing, was not like when he was with the others before…

“Those that follow the Khala do not follow ideals of self-ideology, young one.”

The older man, half naked compared to her armour and clothes worn, looked with his dark blue eyes. Unsettling, she looked at him in response nonetheless, confused.

“I come to seek Templar in order to save our world-“

“Yet it is your ideal way of solving the issue. Those of the Khala do not take response to an issue as such. It means detachment to the people around you.”

Mind reader; a powerful one at that. “If you know what I come here to do, then you must know that I do it for Aiur, not for myself.”

The engineer kept moving, without hesitation with his stride. Instead of facing her, he stared at the end of the hall, which seemed to curve more into the structure. “It is the idea that you desire to do something in your own terms; you respond to a situation with your own ideals, not with others. Those that are more loyal to it will execute you, if your persistence of independent ideals continues on. Rather…” He turned around, to face Izarasha. “I see that perhaps the other force you try to defeat will let your soul be one with the Khala. Of course..." his eyes seemed to turn towards a mischievous grin with no mouth to express, and the many cracks on his head twisting to his force. "I wonder if you shall find your way back.”

She looked at the floor, away from him. She wasn’t shamed, but she did not like the feeling of people judging her…

“Which is another reason why you may never be one with the Khala; you despise others getting too close to your mind. Perhaps your scrolls and glyph readings in isolation was better, than the others around you.”

“Silence.” She turned to him with her bright eyes, staring into his skull. “I came here to save our people, not to follow a path of degeneration.”

“I understand, young one.” He stopped in his tracks, with her not knowing he would at first. He turned back to look at her. “And I shall help you; I have just given enlightening knowledge towards your skills that you lack. In this case, is your connection. If that fails, you will lose your connection to your people forever.”

She looked at him with stubborn pride, but even then her mind knew that he was right. “Will you help me with what I am seeking, or are you going to patronize my threshold of the Khala until I submit towards your teachings?”

She felt it; the boom of his laughter was something she could not miss. In her mind, the Protoss was bellowing with hysteria, laughing at the poor scholar, standing there with growing rage…

“Do not be enraged; I find your spirit heartening. But I think that your arms will be better not with what you intend. I have something that can help find our brothers from then burning hells that they reside.” The engineer moved from his standing position, continuing on walking the path they were going. It only took a few steps, until he turned towards the wall… and lifted his hand up front.

She watched, as one of the glyphs began to separate. The near white walls with black ink, showing the points and lines of irregular geometry split in two; a crack seeped in the center of it, and the release caused the wall to let out a gush of air. The stone within moved slightly, giving off a sense of light from within. Looking at the wall, it changed as well.

The stone morphed into light; the near white stone that stood with its weight seemed to become transparent, near invisible and unseen, except for the glyphs. The glyphs, of the strange liniments and patterns, released a faint glow of light blue in the air. The hands of the engineer dropped, as the room across the transparent was looking the same as the halls, however with no windows and instead what seemed to be more metal. With the flick of his yellow mechanic finger, the engineer called to her to come with a gesture.

She obliged. He walked first through it, and she followed behind. She seemed troubled, as she saw the room…

“This is not an armory; this is a storage hub for our machines that we have yet to use. We keep our security forces here, since most of us are workers, not warriors. Only a few are established here as such, including Templar Lethium… which is yet to be reliable.”

Izarasha followed behind the older being, following behind him as she saw the many things inside; robotic creatures such as probes were seen inside, however there were other smaller machines that looked like them… but were different. They were all stored within what seemed like boxes, lined on racks that continued up the wall, and seemingly down onto the ground. The machines did not all look like service probes. Rather, they seemed similar to some of the machines that were plated outside.

“A keen eye is always good when it comes to seeking something within many, judicator. It is a good trait to have.” The Judicator was a bit alarmed. She could not seem to think without intrusion from this one…

“My apologies, I shall be silent until I find them.” Her eye twitched a bit, as he now stayed silent. She tried to keep her mind empty from him, as much as possible. He was apparently better in touch than she was with the Khala… it was a bit of an annoyance, or perhaps it is the way he talked, she wasn’t sure. He looked behind her with his blue eyes… she returned with them a stare that did show what she thought. His face seemed to widen with not anger though.

The two walked, until he stopped beside to racks of machines. Stopping beside them, he turned towards a wall, and looked at it.

He moved his hand up straight again, with his mechanical hand facing towards it. She looked at his face better this time; his eyes seemed to glow brighter as he did that, rather than the darker portion he showed. His hand not touching the rack, it moved with just will. It seemed that it was moving down, with the racks of metal descending down. Racks fell into the ground, while those of the higher areas began to reach towards them. As the different racks fell, fourteen passed with walking pace as they descended towards their level. The machine in front of them was seen, sitting in the boxed rack in front of them.

A creature with yellow plates and brown tints showed, although it seemed to have five eyes instead of the one like a probe. It had a large bulb around the center, with light emitting where the tints and metal merged together. Two stems extended from the sides, fins in free space. She was confused by it… this model was never seen before.

“That is due to the fact that this is an old model; a machine designed to help those reach with the Khala itself. Able to use psionics, this machine was designed to be fitted beside Templar, when those of greater psionics were missing. This creature is pure energy, however the fall of use for them is near extinct. It will be your guardian, and it shall help you while you look. It can even act as what you use your probe now, if it pleases you.”

The scholar looked from the bloated machine, looking at him with confusion still, yet not knowing as to how to take it. He continued for her.

“This Benefactor, a machine made from the very cores of different crystals and shards, is an embodiment of a soul within the Khala. Before the Dragoon, the warrior was placed within these machines, able to act as still warriors within a shell. He has long left us, and this shell is made with one that is artificial still.” He pointed towards the Benefactor, which hovered from the rack and moved towards them. “This machine will follow you and defend you from anything that threatens you and your companions. Its AI is smart enough to extinguish any that come to threaten you, or if you direct it as such… with it, the giving of Observers shall be enough for you to find them.

She looked at the man that had no name, now clear in what to say. “It is more than enough to find what is necessary, brother. I thank you for your assistance in this-“

“Cause? Do not fret, from what I have seen, your journey will be easier for you than others. The guardian you have now will head towards your ship, as well as the observers.” The Benefactor moved from the two, with her sidestepping away from it, as it moved passed and went. “They will not ever be missed from us, as we make machines more than people it seems.”

His laughter boomed, with her head aching from the impact within her skull. At least he was humorous of sorts... although one that seemed more unsettling than loving, somehow.

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