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Hey guys, as we all know, voids in heart of the swarm are amazing... i want a nice build order so i can balence out eco and army whilst going mostly air. If anyone has a good build order, that would be awesome.
You can FFE into 1 stargate, open with 2 Oracles, then 2nd Stargate, and as you harass + scout with the Oracles, you will know to make VRs or Phoenixes (if Zerg is going muta or roach or hydra). Your next tech after Stargate is Twilight council.


- FFE (standard WOL style with the same scouting techniques to spot a 3rd etc)
- 1 Stargate + 2 Oracles
- 2nd Stargate
- 3 more gates (and +1 ground + MS Core)
- TC + 2x VR until 4, then based on scouting by Oracles, you can continue VR production or switch to Phoenixes and get a Fleet Beacon (you can skip this if there is no muta threat).
- Add 2 more cannons to your front as you plan to take a 3rd base later
- get +1 air weapons and Zealot Charge
- Add gates up to 10 as money allows, and take your 3rd + warp-in zealots + make as many cannons as minerals allow (usually stopping at 6-8) to help defend your 3rd.
- Once your 3rd is secured, and you usually have survived a battle, you get Templar Archives and research Storm asap, followed by more gates (upto 16)
- Keep scouting with those Oracles (if Zerg did not go Muta) and keep them alive all game long. If Zerg plans to keep attacking, then just use your Zealot/Archon/HT/VR to defend then immediately counter-attack
- If Zerg is passive and is taking a 4th and 5th base, you can immediately take a 4th and add 2 more stargates + Fleet Beacon for Tempest/Carrier/Archon
- By this time you should know where Zerg is keeping his army and where his bases are, so it is advisable to start harassing separate locations to force Zerg to divide his army. Start by using Zealots, then you can follow up with your VR + MS Core and use Mass Recall defensively after sniping a base, WHILE constantly making Carriers and Tempests.

I advise you to not make more than 4 Tempests as they're not so good in large numbers. Carriers and Archons are a better investment.

Upgrade-wise, ensure you are constantly on top of it. Getting your +attack upgrades rushed on your forge is primordial, as is +1 Air weapons. But you can afford to get +2 Air Weapons later, when you have enough gas to spare (usually after a battle and you're safe).

By the time you are about to take your 4th, you SHOULD have +3 ground weapons and +1 Air attack minimum (or +2 Air optimally).

Hope this helps :)


Credit goes to Sidewinder for this build, as it is inspired by his 2 base MS expand build.
Nice one Zamara

I'm no fan of 2-base Immortal all-ins, let's see if I can't figure out how to make this work in WoL

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