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Here's the TL:DR upfront if you'd rather not hear the whole story...

TL:DR I've always played Terran. I've never really put effort into learning how to play Starcraft (since Brood War) and i've always fell horribly behind my friend's skill when we play together. Never been out of bronze league in Starcraft 2 and usually lose around 10-15 minutes into a game, if not to cheese earlier. I've started using Filter's "bronze to masters" tutorial videos. I'm currently reading each of the stickies in this forum. In this thread, I will document my progress and ask for advice.


During Brood War (BW) I would simply turtle my defenses and wait for my Protoss friends to roll over me. It was effective against my best friend though, he played Zerg. I always just figured they were really skilled at this and I didn't think much of it. Now that I'm playing ladder on Starcraft 2.... I see that it's my skill that is sorely lacking. They're not experts.... they're gold level players, but there's a big jump between losing in bronze and winning in gold.

If you're familiar with Filter's tutorial videos ( you know that they guide you from bronze to masters beginning with developing good macro. I've watched four of the videos and I continue to come up slightly short on SCV production. He requires 50 off two bases by the ten minute mark. When I do push at ten minutes (the benchmark for the tutorials) I usually have 30-40 units (MMM) with a reinforcement of 12 units a minute off two bases. I just attack-move into their choke and try and break through. I win about half the time.

I called my best friend (Zerg) to tell him about what I'm doing, and he laughed, saying "You mean you're going to stop turtling with seige tanks?" I'm looking for help, encouragement, advice, admonishing or practice from terran players. Thanks everyone!

Does anyone know how I can post replays so people can watch them?

Upload it to the site and post the link on a forum post.

Best of luck sir, I'll help how I can.
TLDR: Wall of text.
TL:DR was a paragraph. I'll edit to make it clearer. Thank you.
Thanks. I'm reviewing my replays while watching the inauguration. Labeling each according to what made me lose. I'll upload some of the more significant games.
It sounds like you already have the right idea. Just need to keep practising. Work on getting your macro perfect in the first 10 minutes and attack and you should soar out of bronze.
Thanks. I've just won three in a row using this strategy. Near the top of bronze. I'll end there for tonight and give it another go tomorrow.

After watching my replays I found that the biggest issue in my losses is unit composition and lack of scouting. The bronze to masters guides have you concentrate on macro first to the detriment of everything else, as a foundation to good play style. As I added in scouting (as Filter advises us to) I quickly found that I had more options for my micro control and am now moving into using that MMM ball to make two pronged attacks, including drops. I've got my CC going up at 3:50 which means after it upgrades to orbital (as soon as it finishes) I stop using mules and save them for scans as I push out. Nothing like knowing EXACTLY where to strike. Also I bet the opponent craps himself when three scans land across his base, choke and natural all at once.
I spent all of my BW days (years) playing the custom maps. When it came to SC2 I got to gold in the first season of 2010 basically starting from nothing. If you're familiar with hotkeys, RTS logic and know your keyboard like the back of your hand then there's no reason to be stuck in bronze.

If you're in bronze then you don't truly know well you're playing. People with little skill aren't capable of recognizing actual skill (even in others). I suggest you put some replays up and the friendly people here will identify the problems you have.

Often lower players will describe games they have as if it's an epic battle and they tell us of their decisions and why they did what they did. Then you watch the replay and EVERYTHING THEY DID WAS COMPLETELY SLOW AND INEFFICIENT. lol
Ya unit comp shoulden't matter too much. MMM is fine. As you move up I would stick with marine/tank tvz and tvt and mmm ghost/viking tvp. There's some other stuff you can do but that is pretty basic. Also I woulden't save up CC energy early game as you need the economy from mules. As OP people say mules are they are pretty necessary early game. Once your orbital is finished at the natural that is a good scan to use if you want to see anything trickery you are worried about your oppoent doing. After that I would use all mules until you push around 10 mins. Then you can save up a bit for a scan or two to see what he has.
I'm not sure if anyone's reading this, but I've won like 8/11 of my last 1v1 games in bronze. The last one i lost to a Turtle-Toss. The rest of the games I won using Filter's macro build. I'm also playing a few 2v2s with my friends who say that I've really improved. Moving from focusing on macro to micro now to hopefully break into silver.
hit me up on sc2 when u get a chance, im a masters terran and im sure i could teach you how to be frosted flakes type of GR8!

chansen 838
You'll be in Silver in no time. Building lots of stuff continuously is enough to overwhelm anyone in the lower leagues. Many say it's enough even through Diamond. If you can throw in judicious use of stim you'll just be killing it.
yeah i used filters build and got from bronze to gold in one season. now im close to plat. and i dont even hit the bronze benchmarks still i rarely have 50 scvs at 10 mins although my natural is always down on time and i get all my upgrades and stuff pretty quick still miss a couple scvs here and there and supply block sometimes.

my apm was about 20 when i started and now by the ned of the game its about 60 with minimal spam in the beginning. so yeah filter is the way to go for low league terran. good luck man hit me up in game if you rwant raiderryan 393
Thanks guys. I won 5/8 1v1 last night. High bronze still. Up to the "plat" filter video. Buildings thirds, scouting, reacting and map control are being developed.

Question about Focus Fire... is it ALWAYS appropriate to focus fire? when I'm engaging a ball of units, is it more effective to let my ball auto-fire or focus fire?

Sure there are obvious times when one of each is useful. Collosus, Seige Tanks etc. should get focus fired while zerglings shouldn't.... but is there some general rule I can follow? What do you do?
Not sure if anyone's reading this, but it helps to keep me accountable if i post. I feel like I'm making notable progress.

I'm now rank 5 bronze and I've noticed a HUGE difference in my opponents skills. They're all rank 5-1 bronze and my ten minute push isn't winning every time. At the least I have to be sure to expand behind it and micro. Unit composition is important but nothing beats scouting and map control.

Had some trouble with a 4 gate. Now able to scout and defend against it, but I shudder to think what would happen as soon as I face some well micro'd stalkers.
Focus fire is almost always preferable to auto-fire... but not if you miss production rounds to accomplish it.
Four-gate shouldn't ever work versus Terran, if you go to to Protoss base (13 or 14 scouting SCV), see the following: 2 (not 3)pylons, a lot of energy on the Nexus, one gas, and esp. if you can keep running around the base, the protoss chrono'ing the Cybernetics core; then you know it's a 4 gate. Here's what you need to do: bring extra SCVs to your natural, set them to auto-repair, and possibly hotkey them; then build a pair of extra bunkers for a total of three. Now, pull your SCVs to the bunkers when the first units arrive and you will be fine. Otherwise, do your build normally but be careful that you aren't getting all of your add-ons at the same time for this situation.

Pro tip #1: set your bunkers far enough apart that you can't get force-fielded away from all of them.

Pro tip #2: After holding a 4 gate, get a missile turret at the front: many Protoss players follow up with desperation DTs. or an observer for blink-stalker all-in (less scary than the DTs, considering how late it will be).
Hello, I admire your quest, and I am excited to see you progress. I dropped from Gold to silver in one season, finished i believe in the top 25, then for some reason placed bronze the next season. I play Terran. I am interested to see your skill rapidly rise, and i would also like some direction to this Filter guide. Thank you and good luck.
I'm hovering at the rank 4-5 mark in bronze. I only play 3-5 1v1 games a day so I'm not progressing too quickly on the ladder, but my skills are improving greatly. Playing 1v1 games with equally skilled friends (bronze through gold) while our high plat friend watches... he says it's like watching somebody different.

The mechanics taught by Filter become your core skill set. Constantly buildings SCVS until you're fully saturated, adding production structures and upgrades according to your resources. Expanding and pushing at the appropriate times. The all important aspect of map control and scouting. At high bronze level most players expect a ten minute push, so i've had to adjust.
I know it's considered rude to "bump" your own posts, but I'm kind of keeping a journal on here as I progress. If it annoys people, kindly let me know.

My plat friend has committed to helping me grow stronger, he watched my macro increase from filter's tutorials and he has started running 2v2's with me. We're rank 2 silver now. We won 5/7 tonight. Both losses were due to the fact that I got distracted by early harassment (like workers at the 2 minute mark) and failed to get units up.

He's been stressing the importance of micro control. We attack at 6 minutes with a handful of marines/mauraders (he 4 gates) that I've learned to micro. Concussive shells is awesome for kiting. I've learned to shift move tanks to bunny hop them and force engagements to weaken forces and keep the opponent in the defensive mindset.

Hopefully breaking into silver on my 1v1 account before I go away for the weekend. I'm going to try and switch from filter's 10 minute push into 6 minute attack from 3 rax.

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