Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade (Part Two)

Joeyray's Bar
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Welcome to Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade. Outside of Blizzard's Code of Conduct, I have three rules:

1. Don't shoot my games or my TVs. If you do, I'll feed you to some Mutalisks I caught the other day. Figured this would be the best way to deal with them. (No one will tell me what ShadowFury did to those roaches.)

2.Trolls will be burned to a crisp and thrown to the Mutalisks with extreme prejudice. I despise trolls.

3. My word is law. If I say no food fights, I mean no food fights.

Here's your menu:

Good old Pepperoni: What the name implies. Just choose your type of cheese.

Meat Lovers: Every kind of meat you can think of, and some you haven't. Choose your cheese.

Deep Space cheese: Why's it glowing?

Zergling Pie: Careful, it's prone to try to eat you!

Protoss Special: Not sure whats in the crust or on the pizza. Still trying to figure out why a Protoss made a pizza.

Mind Melter: Inspire by a drink from Zanon's bar. Not sure what the chef used, but it has similar affects as the Mind Shredder.

Custom: Take anything you can come up with and order it. If it's popular enough, I'll add it to the menu!

Flamethrower Wings: So hot, you'll really breath fire!

SuperNova Wings: Guess.

Cheese Sticks- Bread sticks topped with your choice of cheese.


Cheddar, Habenero Jack, Deep Space Cheese, Predatory Feeling, Whatever the chef used on the Mind Melter, Monterrey.


Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Canadian Bacon, various other meats, zerglings, pineapple, olives, and various fruits and veggies from across the Koprulu sector.
I sigh as the head CM walks up to me and salutes. Returning it, I lean on the wall. "Sit rep." He leads us all to a map of the facility.

"There isn't a hallway that they aren't in, though they're still managing to set up ambushes. The automated defenses are keeping them out of here and away from the main hall, although they've almost breached power twice." I nod and turn to the others.


"How do these b!tches see? And ill give my input."
"If we knew that, this wouldn't be a problem. As it is, we theorize that they have eyes...somewhere."
"Well, I really hope their stealth detection isn't up to par. Because I say, ambush an ambush.

Get something as bate, then wait for the f*ckers to attack. Then we attack from the shadows."

I snap and 2 of my men, holding stealth based carbines appear from darkness.

"Like that." I say with a sinister smile.
"Wouldn't work. They also have strong senses of smell."
"Smell. Hmm... What if. We fill the ventilation system with something, so that their smell is blocked, and distracted. I guess you can say."
"What? If that worked, then I think these guys," I beckon to the CMs, "Would have done it already. It's gonna take good old rough and tumbling @ss whoopin."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. No need for that now. I can- Oh wait never-mind. Whenever I do that... They either go insane or kill themselves... Carry on."
I shake my head and return to the map. "What about the underwater facility?" The head CM grimaces.

"Nothing new from that team. We have reason to believe they're dead."
"Or chickensh!t..." I say, leaning against the wall.
I shake my head. "Where are they going to go if there are swimmers, Koro? He's either right or they have lost the ability to communicate currently."
"Eh. Fear makes people do some hilarious things. But, you got a point. I could send a team to investigate. The efficient thing about my team. Got a live feed right here." I point at my brain.
"I'm not sure I'm ready to risk more men yet. Not until this facility is clear."
"True. So what will we do about big nasty outside?"
"That's the trick. The thing is even more aware than the Warriors. If we can get behind it, we have the upper hand, but we've yet to be successful..."
"They get around through vents. So far we arent exactly winning so.

If you can't beat em'. Join em'."
"The Vents are a good idea, but if we get jumped in there, we won't be getting away."
"Who would run away when they have the most lethal weapon combination?

Body, Mind, Blade.

And Soul." I say taking out my skull butterfly knife and flip it around.
I shake my head, clearly I still had reservations. "There's still that queen..."
"One step at a time. We get the big one out of he way. We can have a bit more breathing room. Then we can deal with the queen and be done with this."

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