Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade (Part Two)

Joeyray's Bar
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I gingerly walk up to Solaris, who was still busy twitching on the ground. With a ginger poke of my foot, a small amount of that obscuring mist dissipating. I promptly proceed to laugh aloud, falling on my side and roaring aloud with cackles. Noct worriedly crouches by me, a pensive look on his face.

"Damnit, I thought Suzanne gave up on the Gender Bender potions already! Solaris' in a dress! He's in a freaking dress!" My voice trails back out into cackles, and Noct hobbles over to his Brother, trying gingerly to wave away that mist without touching the object contained within.

I calm down after a few moments, and rise to my feet. "Noct, dispose of that... Abomination. Now please!" "Yes master."

With a swift wave of his scythe, a quick portal snaps around his obscured brother and whisks him away.

"That was a rather disturbing sight to see. Why haven't you tried to get even with that perverted Witch again?"
I shake my head. "If you want Gender Bender, go talk to Abel. As for that. No more drinks you don't trust in here." I hand morrjo his order. "There ya go."
I give a small salute, and a nod. "Trust me. Any gifts from her should be checked for land mines. That crazy Witch has been trying to stick me in a damn dress for almost three years! Its almost disturbing how persistent she is..." Sitting down and clunking a textbook on a nearby table, I start munching on the pizza and studying, Noct occasionally piping up and reminding me of the occasional formula.
I grin, a Stalker appearing next to me. "For the right price, we'd be willing to...remove the problem."
I glance at the stalker, a sad sigh coming out of my mouth. "Good luck, even I've already tried. That poor Protoss Stalker might come back dyed pink or something. Or worse..."
"Damn SC unit similarities in names. This is the Blood Letter assassin, the Blood Stalker. She'll never see it coming."
"Different concept, same result. Famous last words, though. I've got studying to do, sadly enough. Even Eldritch abominations have to take exams, sadly enough..." I take another bite out of my Pizza, another book emerging from a portal and replacing the first.
"You underestimate us, but fair enough." I grab some Code Red.
I take a drink of a Cream Soda, and say "Aurora would have killed her. So would your Stalker, but it would have been entertaining to watch either way."
"The trick is locating her though. Thanks to the first RP they were introduced in, Intedimensional War, inventive name, right, they already have interdimensional travel abilities. It's the locating that tricky."
"Details. Remember, Aurora can jump dimensions on its own."
"I know that, it's simply the locating. But, I'm sure we'll find other things to kill."
I come up from the basement and find a worrying lack of customers. "Uh, guys? I don't want to have to shut down again..."
A red portal opens up. I walk out holding a man who looks disoriented. I am also holding a tin serving plate, a lid is on top covering the meal.

"Who wants to see a show!?"
"For the love of...are you really gonna get mad at the guy for following orders?"
"Zarkun, this is me we're talking about. I would prefer he died with some honor and dignity, rather than be a p*ssy and be manipulated. Wan't me to not do the thing we talked about?"

Edit: Seriously why is "P*ssy" like bleeped out with like 10 characters?
There's lots of things unreasonably blocked out with excessive character usage. It's dumb.

IC: "No, no, I guess we can do it, but...are you sure a pizza? I mean...pie was an example...."
"Oh ho. I did so much more. Like made a brain soup with his wife's head as the bowl, cuts of his sons' flesh as "Steak". Intestine and muscle sausages. Eyeball and innards spaghetti. Some other stuff and teeth tooth-picks. The rest I just grinded up and made "Mystery Meat and Blood soup"."

I say as I put the guy down and use Dark Energy Shackles to pin him to an iron chair.
"Test rooms in the back."
"It is? I kinda want to test that to see if that is true, but I'll refrain." I take a drink of Cream Soda.

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