Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade (Part Two)

Joeyray's Bar
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"There's still the Warriors, Boilers, and other Xenos to handle."
I sigh. "Yeah. But... I dont know sh!t for sh!t about this stuff so all my ideas aren't exactly plans... So what do you think we should do?"

I go to take a nap for 8 hours or so and shall return later, G'night.
"Your vent idea is good, but there's not only the Xenos, but the Face Huggers as well."
"That much is true. I guess they can go through masks?" I point at my Titanium/Shadowsteel fibre tactical mask that covers all of my face.
"If they can't attach immediately, they melt whatever is in the way and then do the deed anyways."
"I can't kill it before it does so? Remember, this is me. Speed and agility is my game."
"It's possible, but the little buggers like to do it when you are least expecting them."
I sigh. "All I have to say is take a risk, and hope lady luck is on our side."
I nod. "Then you take the vents. I'll see what I can do to keep big ugly distracted."
"Alright. My black guard will assist you in whatever you need." The two men Shade Gheist salute (Put fist over chest, bow, and come up and raise the fist that was on their chest.)
I nod, shifting into a large bulky armor with enhanced strength and speed. "Good luck to you."
"And to you." I jump and hang onto the vent, then rip it open, then climb inside and losing it. I start my crawl with my blade and .45 caliber pistol in hand.
I turn to the head CM and he nods. "You two, watch for openings and don't touch it's blood." The door slowly opens, and the clawed hands and feet of the crusher comes into view. Koro can hear the skittering of Face Huggers nearby and the screech of a warrior in the distance.
I proceed crawling, then fade, giving my self a bit more than being at a disadvantage. I hold my handgun out, and keep my scimitar above my head so I can strike and shoot.
A face hugger stops directly in front of Koro, looking around. The door raises all the way and the Crusher charges, only to be stopped by me and pushed back. "Seal the doors behind us!" The CM nods and readies to close the door.
My men take aim, "Permission to fire?"
I stab it and fire 3 silenced shots into its body while it's impaled. The acidic blood puts a hole in the shaft. I wait for it all to burn through before moving on.
"Fire at will boys." I throw it back into the wall behind it and step out, trusting the two guards to follow and the door starts closing.
They walk back behind him and open fire with charged rounds, piercing its flesh, but the wounds don't bleed, the bullets close them up, all the blood just swells inside.
The beast stands back up and roars, charging us. "Move!" I roll to the side, easily avoiding the armored head.
They jump back and continue firing, switching to full-auto mode.

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