Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade (Part Two)

Joeyray's Bar
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It whips around, it's tail smacking into the two and myself. However, I didn't fly as far thanks to the armor. Standing back up, a chain gun appears on my shoulder and I start firing. "Eat lead, b!tch!"
They get up slowly, a little wobbly. They throw their guns down and take out blades. One a Katana, the other 2 Daggers.

The blades are enveloped with a dark energy and it passes the blades as if the blade is cutting the substance like wind. They charge the beast with extreme speed and start slashing and stabbing, their armor protecting them from the blood splashing.
Before they can get close, the Crusher whips around, slamming them with it's head and then charges me. I catch it and hold it in place. "Koro, you better move soon!"
{I'm crawling through the shafts right now...}

One brings up an awkward looking pistol, it shoots a large round and it lands in the creatures spine.
It starts beeping and sinks into its flesh, then explodes.
It slams us into the wall and I grunt. "Please refrain from killing me too." It tries to turn it's head and I slam it into the wall next to me.
They say nothing, they bring up their rifles again and fire on the area where the explosive hit.

I reach my destination. I look through the vent and see-
Me avoiding being head bit by the Crusher's inner jaw while holding into it's head and your men firing on an exposed back wound.
I reach my destination. I look through the vent and see-

They fade and re-appear in a matter of seconds as they strike the creature with their blades once more.
The tail whips around right after and spears one of the men through the heart and I slam my fist into it's face, slamming it into the wall again. "KORO!"
I bust through and my charged scimitar breaks through and splits the beast in half. The amount of force makes me leave a deep crevice in the ground.

"Sorry it took me so long. Leaving a present for the buggers outside."
"you mean the ones in the vents? What exactly is the surprise?"
"It will go boom, but there will be no explosion. I just recommend you cover any bare flesh, or you will die immediately."
"Good thing this armor is full body."
I hold up a black skull randomly, one eye socket holds a black button. "To press or not to press. That is the question."
How did this place become a battle zone? What the !#@$ is going on around here?
Go back to the weapon store mark...
"Feel free." I seal the vents leading to the CM's headquarters and barracks.
A loud noise is heard, it is different for everyone.

The sound of whatever you hear the most is heard. Followed by endless cries of Xeno's.

"Basically I filled a bunch of explosive charges with the energies I use for my Wither bolts. It worked better than I planned!"
"You forgot about the pissed of Queen we get to kill now, didn't you?"
"Nope. She's weaker than a face hugger right now. We've got about a minute to go kill her before it wears off. Unless she has super-sh!t-speed regeneration and is somehow resistant to the one of the most destructive energies in the galaxy (i think). Then yeah, its a super friggin pissed queen but when was the last time I gave a shat about something bigger than me?"

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