Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade (Part Two)

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"When it ripped one of your men in half." I show him the footage reminding him of the shipment.
"I thought we killed that?! And how did it get down here? From SPACE!? OH yeah. You brought it down here. Well, now we got like 30 seconds so... LETS HAUL @SS!"
"By the time we find it, it'll have recovered. And there's more than one queen. They're trying to set up a new hiveworld."
"Okay. Well here's my resolution to that."

I take off my mask and my eyes are black.

"Destroy the world." I say with a stern look on my face. "Just, f*cking everything needs to go."
I sigh. "And risk Zanon's wrath? Yeah right. Look, they're fairly contained, even with the swimmers, so the trick is to kill the queen. Once we kill her off, we can safely initiate the purge procedures and incinerate the others." Before Koro can open his mouth, I speak again. "And we have to kill her first because she's flame resistant, we tested it."
"So theres more than one Queen. But theres a Super-Queen, is what you're saying? So, how does she fare against... Light. And Dark.

"I don't know. We were just starting the elemental resistances when the breach happened. Only made it through fire and lightening."
"Well, now we can do light and dark. Dark fared pretty damn well, don't you think?"
"Crusher's have armored heads. The rest is pretty standard. We'll see about the others. You able to get more men down here?"
"Sure. I got some friends from the Archon's of Steele that are making their way down. They are the source of the Light I spoke of a bit ago."

A few seconds later, a white portal opens and men with shields, white sabers, white/cyan armor and some with large, bulky, guns that have tubes leading to tanks on their backs attached to the guns.

Also a woman walks through wielding nothing. She wears a small crown and has long, pure white hair, her eyes are light blue and she wears a lightly armored white and blue tunic.

"Hello, Myruka."
"This sounds personal..."
"Ar'asai, dark one, how have you been friend?" She speaks with her mind. Her voice is very soothing, and light.

"Same old same old. Thanks for stopping by. So, I take it your Paladins and Purgers are going to not try to kill my Dark Agents and Black Guards?"

"Of course, I would gladly put aside our mens' hatreds to aid my friend." She says with a smile.

I attempt to smile back."Well, I ask that your men proceed with caution, I have 2 teams of 5 out there and I told them to not KOS your men or I'll ensure that they regret the mistake of crawling their little @sses out of their mothers uterus..."

(Yes, they are human, just very high-techy and [elementally] light based. Myruka is a very powerful psionic, like, Kerrigan powerful.)
"Not so personal, still awkward. I need time to find the Queen though."
"Then do so, while my men prep themselves for the coming battle."

She then yells. "Archangels! Battle Preparation, Labyrinth!"

"What's awkward? You don't like random portals? I kinda do it all the time..."
I shake my head. "How do you not...nevermind. You'll never notice anyways." I turn on my radio and walk away, exchanging words with the CM's.
I am puzzled. "Oh well. I don't think I should be human anyways." I walk off and take out my data-pad and coordinate a battleplan.
*walks in*
"Greetings! I heard a new arcade just opened, and I was wondering if you had the classic Zergling vs. Zealot II among your collection?"
"Hello, Vecen!" I yell from across the arcade. Soon after, the screen on my pac-man goes dark and red letters spell 'GAME OVER' I punch the screen in anger and it shatters.

"Right over here is ZvZII" I call, pointing at the game.
Drone Beta 11 leads Vecen to the game. "We have all games."
"All the games? That wouldn't mean you have..."

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