Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade (Part Two)

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"If it is a game, we own it."
lawl, you havent even played HotS yet XD
"That is in the Secret Game section. Please refrain from telling others."
"Well I'll head to the secret section now!"\
*starts to head over*
"Wait....I've seen this before. I go into the 'secret' section and nothing is there and the lights go out and...Is that a roach I just heard?"
"We use Mutalisks, which, unless the breach in security spread that far, are all in their cage. It is indeed within a secret section. We can't let news like that spread out."
"Well I have a 105 mm armor piercing howitzer in my trunk, want me to go get it?"
"Proceed with your activities. We have it contained."
"well Zarkun it seems your pizzeria isn't getting much action! Thankfully, I know some buddies that might take some interest in it. In the meantime, can ya fix me up a stuffed 8 meat pizza? I know it aint on the menu, but seeing as you got nothing better to do..."
A hologram pops up next to them. "Well, there is some stuff going on right now at the Pizzeria, not sure if im allowed to say what it is but... The troops all around is a pretty good idea."
Drone Ceta 4 walks up. "We can maintain a certain level of business, Mister Korozain." It sets to work, having the pizza done and baked within fifteen minutes and setting it in front of Vecen. "Please enjoy your pizza."
"So, are we ready for the final fight?" I ask Zarkun.
I come back over, shifting into my Blood Letter armor. "They think they've found her. Once we get there, we tear her apart. And it's less super queen and more just resistant to fire."
"Well, that won't be a problem. Darkness and Light and a bit of plasma is all that's in my arsenal today. Give us the signal and we'll have the Archangels charge in while my team goes in and flank em'."
"It isn't that simple. We need to reach the bio labs first. Then from there we need to clear out the Warriors and a couple Warriors."
"Alright, well I'll have my team go in there and wait until the Archangel force can get there and then they'll be surrounded.

The Paladin armor and shields/shielding should be enough to keep the aggro on them, and still live." I say pointing at one of the Archon's of Steele Archangel warriors.
"The Shielding should help do the trick." Several Blood Letter Stalkers appear, Hydra assault rifles in their hands. "My men will act as harassment while you get in position. The CMs are making preparations to head to the underwater facility."
"Alright. They should be ready to go in about 5. The Shades will be on the move on your mark."
I nod and exchange words with a Stalker. They all vanish and I turn back. "Let's go." I lead the way down the left hallway, a Scorpion machine pistol in one hand and one of my katana's in the other.
7 Paladins and 5 hailstormers, and a purger follow, my Operatives disappear, and move to their positions.

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