Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade (Part Two)

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I sweep the halls, the blood vision on my mask active. "I'm not seeing anymore Xenos in the immediate area. Which is a good sign. Means you either got them all except the Praetorians and the Warriors guarding the Queen, or they're all protecting the Queen and remaining eggs."
"Alright. The hailstormers need to be protected at all costs. They can suppress the Xenos when their guns get set up correctly." You see them with SMG's and large boxes on their backs.
"That's where the Stalkers come in handy. They can provide cover and deal melee damage without fear. However," I fire a short burst, killing off a Xeno that was hiding around a crate, "don't expect us to partake of acid blood. Not in a million years."
"I'm just wondering what the hell makes their blood so damn destructive. My sword barely made it through that thing without being melted..."
"I don't know. Probably something from their adaptations." I spot the entrance to the Bio lab and signal a halt. "OK, there's the Bio labs. Now, anyone got an incendiary grenade?"
A purger raises a blue and yellow grenade, the center is a bunch of light blue, glowing cells.
"I'll take it that's what I'm looking for. Throw it in and then we'll follow once the fire clears up."
I watch with mouth slightly agape, steaming pizza falling out. The two men left with more firepower than a 90's action videogame hero, leaving me alone in the pizzeria.

'You know,' I thought to myself 'I bet Zarkun wouldn't mind if I made some improvements to the place.'

"Yo Drone, can you do construction work?"


"Cool beans! Lets start off by decking out the sound systems. Oh, and corner off any 'secret' sections. I prefer to not stumble across Zarkun's more private enterprises."
The Drone shakes his head. "All renovations must be cleared with Zarkun and he is currently dealing with the security breach."
He tosses the grenade. It shoots out a small blue ring of fire. And the room remains still.

"What the !@#$, man!?" I say to him.

He raises a finger to his lips, then points at it.
"Its looking..."

A few seconds later. Blue flames burst from all sides of the little grenade, and form a dragon that sweeps the room of all the hostiles inside.

"For the PRIMARCH!" A warrior shouts and they all charge in. The Hailstormers start setting up large cannons from the rectangular boxes on their backs. They take the crates off and they set them down vertically, and the pieces start shifting into turrets that shoot giant high-speed plasma charged rounds.

The warriors charge in wielding a sword and shield, a longsword or 2 swords.

The purgers prime their "Dragon's Breath" cannons.
I run in, holstering the MP and drawing the second katana. Just through the next door was the Queen with her Praetorians. "There!" I point to them then engage a Paetorian.
I jump in the air and spin to get some force behind my blade, and slice another one, while unloading on it with my pistols. The Hailstormers start firing rounds every few seconds (Think Reaver attack from these guy's turrets except its a projectile and not a little robot thing."
I cleave it in half and cut off the tail and spin to face the queen, forming a blood knife and throwing it into the Queen. It melts into her and she starts spasming and gasping in pain. "Some one bring it down!" A Stalker's kunai knife flew from no where, taking out a warrior.
The Operatives appear on the balconies above and start unleashing charged rounds from bullet calibers of .338 Lapua, to .50 BMG. One has the Acid Rocket launcher Zarkun gave to me a while back, with my own mod that reduces splash a lot, but increases damage even more. I cut down a few warriors, then I hold my Scimitar and charge it with my energies before striking from the shadows.
I push a Praetorian into a wall, ripping it's blood from it's body, killing it instantly. "Bring down the queen now!"
I appear high in the air, I have an Marksman Rifle, the revered Shade Gheist Elite Armament - Mk. 408 "Soul Ripper" .45 Winchester Magnum rifle, fully charged with my energies, and a soul canister in hand. And my Scimitar in the other hand, also charged.

I start firing the rounds from above, then as I get close, I throw the gun and fire a wither-bolt on her, then stab my scimitar directly in the impact zone of the bolt, then use my weight to pull the blade down her head.
She roars in pain, attempting to grab Koro, but I leap into her chest, blood poison coating my blades as I collide with her chest and cut outwards, cleaving her in two. A Blood Letter Juggernaut walks in with a Medusa chaingun in hand and fires on her, tearing into her. "Someone finish her!"
the woman from earlier, Myruka walks in as if nothing is happening.

She faces the beast and starts to levitate, her eyes look like they are emitting white flames and she forms a ball of Pure energy in her hands.

She launches it in after some time, it fires like a large ball of white, pure flame. It hits the queen and a flash of white is seen on impact.
IC: i walked in with DMC rebellion sword leaping in the air and going into devil trigger, totally obliterating her until only a puddle of blood it left. "geez Zark! i come over and bring some weapons for the new RP then this happens!"
Dude... what the feck. Did you not read what I posted? XD

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