Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade (Part Two)

Joeyray's Bar
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The Queen roars resisting with all her might. I add to it with a burst of blood knives. "Koro, add yours in!"
A ball of a shadowed energy forms in one hand, and I start firing a beam of the dark energy.

The two forces collide, and unleash a torrent of energy, knocking everything back, and destroying the Queen totally.
I cut the flow of spikes and look at the damage. The Stalkers and Juggernaut walk into a blood colored portal, knowing the procedure. "Everyone clear out, now we can purge."
I look like I just died.

"!@#$... I never thought I knew what... Pain was..." I was very close to the energy torrent, and a good amount of light energy hit me.

Also, everyone's wounds were healed from the light part of the torrent, the Dark made people a little confused.

The Operatives and Archangels clear out in their own ways. Shades just fading, Archons of Steel leaving in Myruka's portal.
I help Koro up. "Thanks for the help. Now to get you to the Pizzeria and get you some food."
"I need. A room filled with darkness, scary !@#$. And corpses. Along with. *cough up some black blood* a Brood War Zergling Pie..." My voice is faint, and dry.
"I'll see what we can do." We reach the stairs and go back up to the Pizzeria, a room like what Koro described appearing as I set him down in it. I then close the door and the sound of rushing air can be heard. "Now I can resume work."
Odd noises, demonic, hellish voices and screams are heard.
i stroll in through the door. "hey i'm bored just give me the usual"
I nod and whip it up, serving Darkra quickly.
i take a big chunk out of it "out of the frying pan is starting to die down badly and i'm not really feeling any of the new RPs. How's progress on the Psionics character sheet going? not rushing you or anything"
I burst out of the room, good as new a while later. "Thanks Zarkun. Now to go back to the shop."
"You want something to go?" I was still wearing the Blood Letter armor without the helmet. "Shouldn't take long to make up."
"Zergling pie and a 2Liter bottle of Mtn. Dew Code red please."
(Hits a cigarette) "Hey guys... Tom from the bio labs doesn't seem to be doing so well hes breaking out in sores all over his arms and back, better send him to the infirmary immediately."
I nod and set to work, pulling a BW era Zergling from a portal and putting it in the oven. "Like a free Blood Rifle with that? I need some help tweaking some of the functions before it's RP worthy."
I walk back up from downstairs of the Pizzeria. "You're welcome. There was a lot more than you guys thought." I say, and began to inspect my armor, which was melted in parts and just scrapped in others. I shrug, and the suit disappears.
Zark can you just tell me are you gonna be doing anything on the DMC RP planing today? cause if not i'll go ahead and make some other Character layouts

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