Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade (Part Two)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Anytime." I walk into the basement labs and head to the comms center, opening a line to the Blood Takers to arrange a pick up.
it USED to be a pizza place...
"Still a Pizza place." I say as I come back up. "It just doubles for my other activities."
"Ah there you are Zarkun! Now then I have some big ideas for renovating your place..."
"If it involves the sound system in any way shape or form, I'm a pizzeria, not night club."
"My good sir, I am not a fan of mindless club music! Neigh, I was thinking about playing the OSTs from many of the games you have here! In particular, OSTs from Brood war, Journey, Lone Survivor, Silent Hill, WarCraft, and dozens of others."
"If people want those," I point to the jukebox, "They can use that. I have everything figured out here."
A black and Eldritch portal opens on the ceiling, and an old and familiar lurker's head emerges. Within a moment, the rest of me is free of the portal, and I am standing atop the ceiling as if it were the solid ground.

With a smile, I gaze up (or would it be down?) towards Zarkun. "Good evening. Or would it be good morning?"
A Drone walks over, knocking morrjo off the ceiling. "No defying physics in the Pizzeria please." I chuckle and offer a helping hand.

"Long time no see. How you been?"
With a thump, I land on the floor. After a brief groan, I take his hand and haul myself up.

"It got awfully quiet around here, and I thought I'd pop by. Its what I generally need to manifest, if for a short while."

I turn to the drone, a bit angry. "And I can defy physics if I wish! I'm studying it!"
It floats back to the ground and returns to it's duties and I chuckle. "Actually, as part of the anti-SF defenses, I have a physics enforcer, so not in here you can't."
I stamp my feet and put on a childish pout, which quickly breaks back into a grin.

"Well, it doesn't seem to have any effects on my portals, so I couldn't care less. And on the topic of the local Shadow, mind giving this to him?" With a gentle 'plunk', a small satchel of rust and decayed petrol products hits a nearby table, resting on it gently. "Hopefully he recognizes it. Stupid thing tried to follow me into Hyperbolic space. Can't say it didn't get what it deserved..."

"And by the way, those wings were a real... blast... last time we had them. Anything new or neat on the menu I could try?"

Good to see you again!

...sigh, I miss Noct...
"Just the bread sticks. There's some final tests being done on the new Storm Wings and Gut Twister pizza."
I turn to Warhawk. "Long time no see. In segues of silence like this, I generally crop up."

A second black portal opens up near the entrance of the Pizzaria, and a familiar, black haired man with mis-matched eyes dashes through. Panting from exertion, he holds a pair of items: a small tin can of an energy drink, and a trademark dual-ended scythe.

"Sir, you have a delivery. Its from one of your acquaintances."

With a gentle nod, I accept the small drink. "Well, if you need a test subject, Solaris would be more than... willing... to offer his services." With a small crinkle, I open the drink, and almost take a sip.

"Noct, who did you say you got this from?"
"Probably no one reliable."
I pipe up.
" A friend of yours... You know, the Witch?"

I freeze and stiffen. With all the patience and care of a bomb technician, I gingerly place the small drink on a nearby table, and gently step away from it.

"Noct, if you could, call your brother in here. Tell him I have a job for him."

"Yes boss."

I turn to Zarkun. "Mind if I have another of those Arizona's? And another Cheese pizza? Study food, you know."
"Huh.. this has got me morbidly curious... What would happen if I dropped some mentos from the bar into this thing?..."
I ask, also taking a couple of steps back, airing on the side of caution.
A white portal opens by the entrance of the Pizzeria, and a blond-haired man steps through. Just by his posture alone, one could read of his arrogance like a book.

"As far as I know, its a normal drink. But then again... Solaris. I have a job for you. Mind sending this to a man by the name of Markus? And for Holy Pete's sake, don't drink it."

With a chuckle, Noct's brother swipes the can. Ignoring my calculating glance, he takes a swig of it just to spite me, before sticking out his tongue.

"I'll get it there in due time. Don't worry ab-" Whatever he was about to say was cut off by a strangled 'Gack!', and in short time he fell flat on his face, twitching. I glanced warily at him for a moment, as mist slowly gathered around him.
"For the love of-please refrain from leaving bodies up here. I'm still cleaning the labs."

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