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We are Recruiting: Masters

_About the Team_

This is a Safe Haven for members of the recently disbanded Starcraft 2 Clan "Draconis Rising". Team Evolution was founded by the 2nd in command of the late Clan, with much help from a trusted member/friend. Over 40+ hours were put into building this website, and structure. All efforts were put forth with hopes of keeping our tight knit community, just that. Our fellow members were left in dissension and unorganized as our Leader brought down our website and closed our chat systems. With many confused and new members left clueless, the group needed a new direction.

With a new beginning and new leadership and hopefully a better destination, Team Evolution can start its journey. This is a team that will strive for professionalism at the casual level. A team that will continue to provide an excellent community and friendships that will span across the countries. A team, that will evolve to become better and last longer as the ages pass.


We should always have members online featuring all formats from 1v1's to Team games to customs. Constant communication and activity among our members ensure you'll always have someone to play with or against. We'll host and participate in Clan Wars and Tournaments within our team and abroad. We offer practice partners of all levels.

_Team Website_

Our Members are encouraged to be active. We've put a lot of work into building our site, and making many crisp adjustments. We're proud of what we created and wish to share it with those who will use it's features thoroughly!


We currently just switched to Raidcall as our Primary communication system, and are very pleased. As a guest, you can still chat in our lounge and watch our player streams. Feel free to stop by and visit to better aquaint yourself before/if you commit. This is HIGHLY recommended, as is having headset or microphone.


If you're Interested in joining Team Evolution then click here: Fill out the application and await further instructions. If you're processed, you will have an open conversation with the Leader to assure direction and requirements met.

_Team Requirements_

1. Age: 17+
2. You must Maintain Acitivity within Starcraft 2
3. You must abide by the Team Rules
4. You do NOT have to change your name.
5. Headset or Microphone [Not Required, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

_Team Information_

Chat System: Raidcall
Group ID: -Upon Recruitment-
Team Name: Team Evolution
Team Prefix: [Evo]
Team Website:
Team Leagues: Bronze-Masters
Chat Channel: -Upon Recruitment-
Leader Contact: Adonis.181 Coleader EvoIrokuz. 938
Dang I was on Draconis Rising. You guys disbanded? I was wondering why I was the only one ever in the chat.
Yes, Over a month ago. We're now under new management and about 10x more organized than before. We have a dedicated seniority system and a very strong sense of community, active forums and custom games. We already had 1 Clan War with 3 more in the next 30 days. And we've only been alive for 1 month!!!

This is a new Team with some of the old members, and many new ones. Feel free to check the Team Website to get an idea of what were about. The Members/Recruitment Tab displays up-to-date information of our Race/League breakdown so you can get an idea of who's already there.

If you wan't a taste of our environment, here's our last BSG Clan War against FXO's community division.

Beginning is out of sync for about 20 mins, but clears up later on.

If you meet the requirements, please sign-up. we're heavily recruiting Masters at the moment.
Bump for a good group of guys!!!
I appreciate the bump Dark Onyx!
Thanks for the generosity.
Bumping. This is a great clan with everything that an active player could ask for. Check them out.

Chat Channel: Team Evolution

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