Can't Start Quick Match (Download Failed)

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Every time I try to start a quick match 1v1 or 4v4, I get the pop-up "Download Failed"- There was a problem downloading this content. Please try again later. This has been happening for the past few weeks.

Additionally, when I try to select a map vs the ai, the following maps don't work"

Entombed Valley

High Ground

I get the same Download Failed popup.

I don't know exactly when this problem occurred because I was on a few months' respite prior to that.

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, I've just solved this problem myself so I'll tell you what I know (I could be wrong, though).

It seems that after the most recent patch, you're required to update your maps cache. This should happen automatically; however, there seems to be problems on some ISPs. Using seems to rectify the problem for most people, including me. You can uninstall the program as soon as you're done with it if you want.

Alternatively, you can copy the maps cache from a friend and overwrite your own.
I have the same problem. But now, the game won't even start. Just after entering my username and password the game would state "There was a problem downloading this content. Please try again later." then freezes. No replies from blizz on how to fix this.
im still able to log in at least.

I tried to have a friend custom make entombed valley and invite me, but even on his screen it would say "There was a problem downloading this content" even though he can get onto the 1v1 ladder.

C'mon Blizz, any help please?
Okay, I found a solution. Thanx for the heads-up Loke

It's an IP address problem. Download the Hotspot Shield Client> Log in> start quick match> wait until all maps are downloaded, and you could cancel the searching for players portion.> exist the game>disconnect off of Hotspot (found in the button right panel on the desktop> start up the game as you would normally, and it should work properly.

Download Hotspot Shield:

You could uninstall Hotspot Shield if you'd like, shouldn't be needed from here out.

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