"Clientsidecache _read_http_file_not_found"

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I cannot enter any lobby or start any maps, the process of downloading a map/entering a que ends instantly and give me this message since the latest patch.
Any help would be appreciated
I found same problem : clientsidecache_read_http_file_not_found !!!
I am in Japan. I cannot also play at any maps in the VERSUS A.I. "Clientsidecache _read_file_not_local"
Hi, I am in Taiwan and I found the same "Clientsidecache _read_file_not_local".
It is strange that I can not play with A.I. but I could load game.
It happens just right after the game update.
Appreciated if any help.
After I remove SC2 and reinstall it, now I can not even log in!
"Unable to download an authentication module. Please try angain later"
"Play offline" or "OK"

I choose play offline then it shows:
"AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED" and says that I must be authrized.
Is it has any problem with US server?
I have the same problem "clientsidecache_read_http_file_not_found"..
I can't play vs A.I/Custom game/cooperaive or quick game (O_o) Holy S***!!!!
Same./ Been this way for almost 2 weeks now. Either this msg or download failed
Well, looks like I'm not the only one with this problem. I've done some googling and found that the error message clientsidecache or CSC files could be corrupt or not accessible. I'm not sure if this is a direct link to our problem, I don't have the knowledge to figure that out.

Why haven't any of the support team members replied to this yet? Been 4 days since the OP.
All of us.... we want answers blizzard! thanks!
Bump. As it is not my ISP. I can connect to the Sea version of this game fine. Everything works on that.. I can say that the server is not AUS Server. It is not hosted in Aus it is still in USA... So this mean's I am still connecting to NA server. So what every you did for this update on NA and done for the update on Sea... Need to be fix.
I too am having this error as is a mate of mine. I can connect to NA on D3, and WoW but not SC2. I can also connect to SEA on SC2 and WoW, haven't tried D3 but it should be irrelivant. I've been patient but it has been like this since the last patch, so can you if not fix whatever you did, undo whatever it was. We shouldn't (as players) be having to edit our machines or config's just to run a game that ran just fine untill the latest update.
After more hunting around, this is not the same error as posted in http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7708411977 The error their is a login, ours is purely not able to play maps.
I'm having the same problem. Also can you guys load the details of your match history? It always give me an error screen....
Good luck with that, I've had the issue for a couple of weeks now. Support cant help, they say its my ISP, the best (only) solution is to change your DNS settings to use Googles DNS on or (follow the link in the previous post.
Did changing the DNS help u? For me it just changed from having the CLIENTSIDECACHE _READ_HTTP_FILE_NOT_FOUND message to having can't download content now
Yeah unfortunately for some it doesn't resolve all the issues. I sent blizz a trace route and they said there was a hop in it that was the problem but I've had the problem (along with everyone else) since the last patch so I don't buy the excuse. People in Japan and USA have exact same issue for starters, are we supposed to believe they all suddenly have issues with their ISP at the same time? Don't think so!
im in australia same problem
If changing your DNS had some effect but didn't solve the problem, then I doubt changing your hosts file is going to work either. But it's worth a try.

See http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7708411977?page=5#89
i also have the same problem, im In NZ. play on NA server because it is more developed and alot more games. I can barely join any games because of this problem. happened ever since recent patch. please fix man getting real annoying. had to decline a live stream with AOS top game play would have been involved. cheers
hi all i was having the same problem until i followed Nobody's link and changed my 'host' file fixed the problem straight away. Hope this helps others

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