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Hey so basically my question is what the title says,
Here is the link from pcpartspicker of the parts i picked:

Now initially my budget was suppose to be 600-700 MAX. Now if anybody could please edit the build i have shown you in the link to get 700 dollars or under but still run at a decent fps wth at least high graphics that would be great =D. I'm not very good at picking parts but yeah if anybody could help me out by editing that build to under 700 dollars (Including monitor) that would be awesome. Oh and also, since i will be building a pc for myself is it legal to purchase the Windows 7 64 bit OEM version instead of the retail version which is an extra $100.00 .....

EDIT: My monitor resolution is still to be decided

Thanks heaps,

Do not buy FX-6100. Get FX-6300 instead. Seriously.

You want 2x 4GB DDR3-1600 RAM. You do not want to have only 1 RAM module.

You can find 1TB drives at that price the WD drive is asking for.

Spend less on a case and invest that money saved onto a better GPU.

You do not need 650W. Consider Corsair's 500W~600W units (Builder).

Get a monitor that is 1080p native resolution. You can find one for not much more than that Samsung monitor.

Yes, you can buy the OEM version.
ok thanks but how much is the fx 6300, plus that was the cheapest i could find when it came to cases
You want 2x 4GB DDR3-1600 RAM. You do not want to have only 1 RAM module.

What makes having a single RAM module a bad idea? Does a single 8GB module not work as effectively as two separate 4GB sets?
because today we have something called dual channel, meaning 2x 4 is faster than 1x 8. It allows both memory to be working rather than just one stick of memory doing all the work.
FX-6300 is barely any more expensive over FX-6100.

Case still overpriced; you can find cases that cost $50 or so and still retain quality.

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