Hots Terran missing 1 new unit.

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Technically, the hellbat is a new unit. Technically, Brood war introduced 3 new Protoss Units, 2 new Zerg Units, 2 new Terran Units.

The Protoss Carrier was removed, for good reasons at the time. The Warhound was removed, for good reasons at the time.

Terran has many options, and variety currently. They don't need a new unit to compete in multiplayer.


I'm not excited to play Terran in Hots. The Hellbat feels like an upgrade more than a new unit to me. I'm excited that the slight buff to Carrier Micro encourages proffessional players to build them, but when the Warhound went missing, even though he was a dropout in design, it is the same empty feeling I get when the Carrier disappeared.

Please bring back the Warhound. ;(


(cries inside his bed, rips out the Warhound posters on the walls of his room, underneath are posters lies Pamela Anderson, with clothing on, rips out those posters, underneath are his grades for school, jumps out the window. He conveniently lands on a cushion, deciding to react by pulling out hair. Then the Warhound God of Light visits him, and says "Don't worry my child, you'll see me in campaign". )

AAAAAAAAh! Now about them grades, reminds me of something I need to do. The screen has instructions about Statistics. Statistically speaking, if I click on the Sc2 icon, I am more likely to play the game, than fix those grades. *double clicks sc2*
The Hellbat is my favorite new unit in HotS. It does feel like an upgrade, but a much needed one. It makes Tankless TvZ a bit less control intensive.

What I'm not a fan of is the Siege Tank "buff" where Tanks start with Siege. But then again every TvT I play in HotS is a Reaper-fest on their end.
I think Terran really needs a new capable ground to air unit.
the thor buff is supposed to be that capable ground to air specifically for broodlords and in action i've seen it. Mech was supposed to be worked with in Heart of the swarm, the problem is that warhounds stopped on marauder too much,though warhound was specifically meant for anti mechanical and anti siege tank.

every possible nerf was suggested. supply increase. speed drop. damage drop. blizzard too none of it. though blizzard has reworked a lot of things like reapers, ravens and tanks. I still feel terran is lacking extremely in the late game. not because we dont have the units as much as the transition. Undoing the ghost nerf would definatly help so we can actually compete with broodlords as terran. but by time terrans are trying to get bcs. they have brood lords at their door and nothing to deal with them. even the new thor is a bit to clunky for this job.

Perhaps make the warhound missiles anti bio or the warhound more anti air focused and thor anti ground. With its old 250 mm strike cannon (btw 3 thors using strike cannon can kill a hatchery or command center but no one ever used it in this way. )
Riot Games addes new items to League of Legends by dividing 1 existing item into 2 separate items. This strategy works for their MOBA/ DOTA game. Will it work for Starcraft?

Here is an idea, based off the above. I wouldn't call it my idea, as I'm just stealing it from another game.

Take the Thor, and divide him in half.

-Old Thor
+New Thor
+New Warhound


Much work put into Thor. Much work to change. Rather instead, balance the game, and the current units. Get the hellbat balanced, or let stategy work him in over time (no change). Blizzard has a good strategy: Wait it out. SH is starting to be used appropriately. Hellbat just needs some more WAIT.

Once WAIT is complete, figure out which unit to divide, perhaps start with what the Warhound overlapped, and what Terran could use. Include the unit(s) least used in Hots.

If Blizzard needs help finding an anti siege weapon for Warhound, this might help

Anti Siege Attack "Leep" for Warhound:
Like in transformers movie, this mech unit leeps at you.
Range ? (at certain range, He initializes a leep to the enemy unit)
Dmg ?
Splash: Yes, upon leep.
Splash effects: Will add a counter delay (1-3 seconds?) to the atk of affected enemies. When the counter is over, the effected enemy units can attack again. This counters burrowed SH, Seige Tanks. It functions like Zealot Charge, having a cooldown, designed for initiation.

To clarify: counters burrowed SH: The counter delay is added to the time before the units next atk. If it would take 3 seconds to spawn another batch of locust, it takes 6, assuming the Warhound leeped onto a locust above a SH, or within splash effects radius.

Not sure what else the splash effect would counter, but it gets Terran right into a seige line, and sh clump. Perhaps with a few Marauders, to slow the movespeed of units that cannot atk for 2 seconds, you might see a Maruader, Warhound combo.
01/21/2013 01:51 PMPosted by Nasax
I think Terran really needs a new capable ground to air unit.

really? marines trade really well against pretty much everything.... id prefer a better caster ghosts are real MEH.... they should give us spectres =]
really? marines trade really well against pretty much everything.... id prefer a better caster ghosts are real MEH.... they should give us spectres =]

Yes.. Spectres would be awesome... of course, change the "mindblast" skill for another one, we surely don't want another Fungal
I want Goliaths back. :(
Hellbat? You mean the Firebat?
02/05/2013 09:41 PMPosted by Flarenza
Hellbat? You mean the Firebat?

With reverse logic, you can see the hellbat as a retrofitted firebat, having the ability to become a mechanical unit, Airborn Hellion, counters mutas.

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