The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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The year is 2499, the Confederacy was in desperate need of resources, so they sent out 15 mining ships, massive ships that were able to house thousands of people. All 14 other ships mysteriously went dark, but 1 remained, uncontested and began mining for 5 months. However after those 5 months, something happened, a sabotage took place, someone destroyed the engine core with bombs, and planted a transmitter in the communication room. Nobody knew who did it or what the transmitter was for, but in less than a week, Zerg showed up. In less than a hour, 90% of the people on board, died a brutal death. The few who survived, holed up in the ships armory, and awaited for extraction.
This is The Outbreak aboard The Scavenger


Name: Dante "Korozain" Orin
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Position: Survivor (can be swapped to rescue team if needed)
Job: Military (Ghost Sniper) Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Appearance: about 6'5", Asian-Black descent(light tan skin), skinny yet muscular
Looks like this but with ghost helmet.

Weapon: BOSUN F92 Long Range Rifle, sidearm: 2 C-7 Pistols (also PI - 8 Psionic, can manipulate battlefield but drains him)

Personality: Lone Wolf fighter, somewhat dark personality, usually mean or sarcastic, very un-empathetic. Enjoys the cold.

Background: He came from Old Family Orin. He never enjoyed being wealthy, because he knew the corruption that came from power and money. At the age of 9, he was taken from the Ghost Program, and he was actually glad. He decided not to use his full name often, so he created the alias of Korozain, (don't ask how he got the idea of the name).At the age of 20 he had already completed 27 missions, and racked up a total of 489 kills, almost half were headshots. He was sent as a guard for the Confederate Mining operation, now he is one of the survivors.

Name: Jake "Slasher" Hunter
Race: Terran
Age: 33
Posistion: Rescue Team
Job: Military (Assault Marine) Rank: 1st Sergeant
Appearance: 6' even, sun-tanned skin, Skinny, but muscular, Dark, almost black, brown hair, Hazel Eyes
Weapon: C-19 Assault Gauss Rifle, twin Scythe combat pistols, Two knifes and the bayonet in his rifle
Personality:Calm and friendly, always willing to play a game of cards. Loves making new friends, civilian or military.
Background: Jake enlisted with the Confederate military for one reason; they offered great benefits. He passed all his tests top of his class and quickly got indited into the Assault Marine Regiment, Hell Raisers. 6 years later he was given command over his own unit, the Fifth Assault company, nicknamed Sparta's Ghosts, and was promoted to first Sergeant.

Name: James Boelcke
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Age: 27
Position: Survivor
Appearance: 6ft 2in, dirty blond hair, glasses, skinny, pale skin, has lucky Bast amulet
Job: Janitor
Weapon: Pistol that came from a dead guard
Personality: Easy to scare and shy but overall really nice. Clean freak
Background: Cared for his sick mother and eventually got a job as janitor to support her when she finally could start to care for herself.

Name: Jane Shiner
Gender: Female
Race: Terran
Position: Survivor
Job: Computer Operatior
Appearance: 5'8, Brown hair
Weapon: None
Personality: Very kind, jumpy, very trusting.
Background: Was always interested in computers and eventually got hired to the Scavenger to help operate and clean them. Very close friends with James though he was separated while running from the Zerg.

Name: 'Omicron'
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Posistion: Rescue
Job: Psionic Agent
Appearance: White armored Ghost suit. Constant shroud of shadows around him, making him hard to see in low-light areas, despite white colored suit.
Weapon: Psionics, Canister Rifle with bayonet
Personality: Unstable, prone to destructive behavior under stress, mysterious, speaks little.
Background: -Data unavailable-

Name: Keira Harley
Gender: Female
Race: Terran
Job: Engineer
Position: Survivor
Age: 23
Appearance: Her skin is very pale from the lack of sunlight. Blue oval eyes. Long black hair. She has a very slim body shape. She often is found wearing a modified Firebat suit with a variety of tools to fix things. She is rarely found out of it. She is roughly 5' 10"
Weapon: Perdition Flamethrower and a Slugthrower pistol when out of Firebat suit.
Personality: When angry she is a major Pyro, as well as when she is a drunk. Other than that she has a very kind personality. Has a love of machines. If she can get her hands on one she will also often use a Goliath.
Backstory: Joined up with the Confederacy soon after she graduated High School. She was great at repairing and building things, so naturally she signed up as an engineer. After being in several battles in a SCV she yearned to become a soldier. So every now and then she would go into battle as a Firebat because of her Pyro like nature when she got pissed.

Name: William Brooks
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Job: Marine
Appearance: Black short hair, green eyes medium build and height
Weapon: Standard issue everything
Personality: Light and cheery off duty, but as soon as those boots hit the dirt on a mission he is straight to the point and often times ruthless to get the job done. He will follow most orders, but has a clear conscience to disobey orders he knows is wrong if need be. Although he has been tempted twice, he has never had to disobey an order to keep a clear conscience.
Background: his family was split up in completely different regions and no one was interested in repairing their relationship with him. Slightly torn and angry, he joined the military. He joined the confederate army for a sense of importance and order to his chaotic life. He enjoyed every second of boot camp and conditioning, even though he was already pretty fit.

Name: Lieutenant Sol
Gender: Female
Race: Terran
Position: Survivor
Job: Spec Ops.
Appearance: Caucasian, 5'7, Slender and Athletic, Hair is in a bun and is Auburn Colored, Eyes are a golden color. Has a Tactical Eye Visor over her right eye.
The Visor helps her track enemies faster and is more efficient. She wears a specially modified Commando Suit that offers the same benefits of Combat Armor, but is lighter and not as bulky.
Weapon: Prototype C-84 Gauss SMG, Combat Knife. But will use other weapons if no ammo for her primary weapon is found.
Personality: Dedicated/Loyal
Background: Sol quickly rose in the ranks of the Confederacy Special Forces, latest mission was to assist with the mining ship that would be carrying precious cargo in the form of mined minerals. Sol's dedication pulled off, but she was the first to disappear after the event that ensued aboard the mining ship. She lives through the takeover.

Name: Abyss
Sex: Male
Race: Infested
Position: Attacker
Job: Shadow
Weapon: Anything he can find, has a arm blade that is similar to the hidden blade from Assassins Creed.
Personality: The Infestation consumed his mind and made him angry and sad.
Backstory: Was a normal colonist until the Zerg boarded the ship, he was the first to go down but he was also one the strongest to arise.
Build: He has a average build, he retained most of his physical features.

Name: Pierre
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Posistion: Survivor
Job: Head Chef
Appearance: 5‘9, 42 years of age, roughly 190 pounds. Short brown hair, a large mustache, dark brown eyes. Wears a chef’s hat, along with some kitchen robes and such things.
Weapon: Butcher’s knife, several other large knives, a hammer.
Personality: Eccentric, and very french. He enjoys cooking, cutting, bashing and smashing. He critiques often and harshly, and is in general an unlikable guy.
Background: The son of a prestigious chef, this man went to cooking school, did poorly, but his father pulled enough strings to get him to be the head chef on this ship
Characters Cont.:

Name: Dars'lian
Gender: Male
Age: 561
Race: Protoss
Position: Cleanser
Job: Templar
Appearance: Bright teal eyes and a slender appearance. Standing around 2.75 meters (9 feet) tall. His face has one large scar across one of his eyes. He wears a golden suit of armor all over his body. In the place of his right hand is a Phase Disruptor.
Weapon: Psionics, Psi-Blade, Phase Disruptor.
Personality: A deep thinker and honorable. He doesn't care for the lives of others as long as he accomplishes what he sets out to do. He will crush any resistance.
Background: Dars'lian is a High Templar from all the services he has provided. He has fought through many battles and he seeks to cleanse the Zerg from the universe. He lost his hand to the Zerg in a battle and now, finding Zerg bio-signatures on a Terran ship he seeks to eliminate the Zerg on that ship, and if possible, give the Terran's a chance at survival.


Zealot Elite

Psi-halberd, Psi-blaster

Personality: Taedaris is strong minded, strong willed and loyal to the Daelaam and their allies. He can often be found training with his weapons, which are unique to his class of Zealot. When not training, he meditates, increasing his mental prowess and creating new ways to use his psionic potential. When he is angered, you should fear him, for few can stand before his righteous fury.

Back story: Taedaris is one of the few Daelaam Protoss who were chosen to be trained as an Elite Zealot. While lacking the mental power of a High Templar, the Elites are twice as quick and strong as any Zealot, with a much higher control of their psionic powers. However, they’ll never be able to be as strong as a Templar, nor reach their level. Elite Zealots are a class all their own. Taedaris is still considered young by Protoss standards, only being 200 years old, but he is powerful in his own right, being the second highest ranking Elite, an Imperator. He, however, is not their leader. He’s been an Elite since he was only 50 years old, training with his father until he surpassed him and was allowed to gain a real rank. Since then, he has fought against the Swarm and the Terran Confederacy, even seeing conflict against the heretical Tal’Darim. While slaying his brethren brings him no joy, he will not allow them to sully the Protoss name and harm Xel’Naga artifacts.

Appearance: Wears a suit of Protoss armor that envelops his entire body, but the helmet can appear and vanish with a thought. His eyes are orange to signify his allegiance to the Daelaam and he is about 7' 5" tall. The armor looks like a suit of standard Zealot armor minus the Psi-Blade attachments and is orange and blue.
You, uh, forgot my Protoss guy...Taedaris...
"Here's the plan. Kill the "Kill-Team". Get to the hangars, and get the hell out. The Confederates knew something. And now we're all as good as dead to them... So what do we do?
Run, as you may call it. But I'll call it survival. We find a way to make the ship go boom, and we live the rest of our lives as whatever else."
I nod in agreement. "Sounds like a plan. But I still have to get my family off of Tarsonis..."
"I'm pretty sure this ship has a few transport carriers that could hold a lot of people."
"That isn't the problem. The problem will be getting onto Tarsonis to get them off."
"True. I think we could slip by, considering this is a Confederate ship. And we just need some kind of ground transport and we could just land out in the wilderness then go from there."
"Trick is finding unowned wilderness..."
"Shouldnt be too hard... I dont think..."
"Been awhile since you were to Tarsonis, hasn't it? Almost all the Old Families own one chunk or another."
I spit at the thought of the "Old Families"

"Haven't been in my father's skyscraper since I was 9. I don't care to go back either..."
"That's your choice whether or not you make peace with your demons. All I have to say is that you never know when they'll be gone."

OOC: A sort of off hand reference to the following year.
"I did nothing to them. If I see them, I will. Greedy bastards, couldn't care less if I ran away or was taken. They just want money... All of the old families. That's all it is to them. All of them... And other things they have done, make me hope they all die..."

I clench my fist.
"Like I said, it's up to you. But they aren't all greedy. The one that backs my unit keeps us safe from a number of things, Resocialization included."
I grunt. "I'll come with, and I believe you, but the 'Orin Family' and all their friends can burn in hell."
"I can see nothing I say can persuade you." I pull out a cigar and light it, taking a drag. "But we'll see how strong your convictions are when the are dead."
"The thought brings a smile to my face." I take off my mask, my face is blank as it normally is. But my eyes have a sinister look in them.

"They are the reason I chose this life willingly."
IC James: "Your family lives on Tarsinis too, well thats good ews. Also has this killl team arrived yet???"
Abyss moved from his spot... Disappearing from view....


Appearing next to the crying girl, a bone like blade at her throat. Whispering softly into her head. "Call them..... Or I will kill you..... Call the survivors to you."

This girl was shivering and was scared, she gave in, {Can someone help me? My husband is dead and I'm carrying an unborn child.... I need help. I'm near the residential quarters... Somewhere in the middle.}

If it fails though.... I shall kill you.


Feet were clashing with metal, panting clashing with silence...

... Just as Sol reached the stairs.....

A Zergling pounced onto her back, fast and almost undetectable. Knocking her down the stairs, throwing Sol down them. Biting into her leg with such force, and in turn... Her head collided with the floor.

Two more Zerglings showed up.... All three dragging the body to somewhere.

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