The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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02/02/2013 06:53 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
OOC: Ummmmm Koro said im near him and Markus and maybe one of Markuses chars.

I'm sorry, what does that have to do with anything? one responding to my char freezing up.
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmildly bad timing.
??????????? Only for a second.
Well, you posted that well after we said the Zerg thing. and after I killed the guy so... A little late and we already left so...\

Mark is still in there I think
I'm still in where?
Koro, I think William is with the rest. It's only Jane and the Janitor right now.
Ah, well yeah, we're all focused on the commotion that just happened and then we left.
IC James: I look at Jane who seemed glassy eyed and distracted. "Uhhhhh Jane, we're kindve being left behind." "Oh, yeah we better get going." she said, seeming distracted and we bth ran to catch up with the group.
The skittering continues. It sounds kind of like a giant bug...
"I really think I need a bigger caliber weapon." William said, looking around as to get a hint on what's under them.
The skittering becomes louder and more abundant. In the vents below him, he see's a bunch of skittering little creatures. (Broodlings)
I follow Willian's gaze and curse. "What the hell are those things?!"
"Dead meat!" He grunted, aiming his pistol at them as best he could before pulling the trigger several times.
I step over and knock the pistol out of his hand. "Don't waste your ammo. Not to mention the noise you're making." I pick it up and hand it back. "We're fine as long as you don't rile them up."
William ripped the weapon gently from his hand and grunted. "Can we go?" He asked. William had enough of this adventure to last a lifetime.
ICJane: "Hmmm, wherever their are Broodlings their is most likely to be a Queen, and encountering a Queen would not bode well for you guys." I say using my newfound knowlege of my brethren the "Zerg" as they called themselves.
OOC: Mecha... Dont. Use. Their. Friggin. Names.

Im pretty sure that if she had that much knowledge she'd be owned by the Zerg by now.
"Yes, just...refrain from firing until told to." I turn and Jack incinerates a few, just as a precaution, then resumes walking, following my way point.
Sol's hand manage to break free and grip onto her knife. Slicing through the tough material that this cocoon was made out of. But the damage was repairing faster than she could attempt a cut at it. The metal slowly being eaten away by this strange goop as the blade snapped off.

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