The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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Bump of safety! Come on guys, don't let this die...again...
Sorry, I was busy past few days.
Was mainly talking about the others, but glad to see you still live.
We start moving on, the reactor is 2 levels down, and probably a cess pool of Zerg by now...
"So, Korozain, what's the plan? I got plenty of grenades if needed."
IC James: "Errrrr why are we heading down to the reactor and NOT the hanger?????" I say while giving Trogdar some food. (hes in the pack that James made him)
"They came here to rescue survivors. And thats what they are going to do. I for one, decided to help. The rest of you can go to the hangar if you want, but I'm going with Jake and his men."
"And don't try and get the pilot to take off, she won't leave until I have any and all survivors. Hell, you'll be lucky if she let's you on Jane."
IC James: "Uhhhh how do you know where the other survivors are, and if their are any more???"
"Ship's crew logs and life support trackers. They're in the engine room."
"Shh. I feel something..."

I sensed thoughts nearby. I felt fear, and a slight touch of anger...

"...damn it. Why the hell did they send us out in this hell-hole! I'm going to get ambushed, I know it..."
"Well, what you got Korozain?"
02/10/2013 07:04 AMPosted by Zarkun
she won't leave until I have any and all survivors. Hell, you'll be lucky if she let's you on Jane."
And don't forget that it's a slim possibility that the pilot is dead. :P

IC: Abyss kicked through a ventilation shaft, reaching what appeared to be a hanger... He had a bandage on his torn off arm as a way to preserve the blood. And to make it seem like he's a pure Terran survivor.
No killing the drop ship damn it.

IC: As a precaution, I radio the pilot, who promptly takes off without checking outside for anyone.
Who is still going to get blown out of the sky if Korozain introduces Muta's soon.... I was just going to kill the pilot, not the drop ship.

Now I'll be forced to draw back onto something much worse now.... Which involves severe injuries to people(s).
"A marine, I guess he's scouting or something and he was "voluntold" to do it."
"Good to hear. Let's grab him and get the others, then get the f*ck out."
"You can say that again." William said, sticking to Jack's back like glue.
I start moving to the position where his last thought was. I was saving my energy and not teeping anymore, so I was kind of winging it. I get around a corner and see stairs going down.

"He's down here somewhere."
"Jack, me and Reavis will take point. He'll be less likely to shoot military personnel."

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