The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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"Alright. Go down, I'll make sure we don't get snuck up on." I say turning on my cloaking.
I nod and signal Reavis and Jack, who quickly get into position and we descend, killing the odd lizard, but not much else. "This is First Sergeant Jake Hunter of Sparta's Ghosts. Give your rank and name if you can hear me."
A faint voice is heard down the dark hallway. He sounds excited, but his voice is low.
I signal a slight spread out and move towards it. "If you can still hear me, use radio frequency Delta 47."
"Hey, what about me?" William asked in a hushed tone.
{Watch the other ones.} I say getting behind him.

He frantically pulls out his radio and starts fumbling with it. He has fragments of CMC - 300 armor (mostly lower body and upper arms) the rest is Light CMC armor. He has a standard issue C-14 rifle.
{H-Hello? Who is this?}
{This is First Sergeant Jake Hunter of Sparta's Ghosts. We've been sent to rescue survivors.}
{Sparta's... Thank God. I see you. Who else is with you?}

He says starting to walk to him. I decide to meet back with the others then de-cloak. Don't want to startle the fella.
{Lieutenant Korozain Orin, a security guard, a Janitor, and a mostly infected woman. Don't ask about the last one, I've no idea.}
{I don't think I want to... And I take it Lt. Orin is your CO? Or an officer of the ship?}
{Officer of the ship. He's a Ghost.}

He is obviously thinking about it as he comes into vision.

"Why aren't we all dead yet?! Or furthermore, why haven't these things been eradicated yet!?" He protests, looking at my emotionless mask.
"Because my unit was brought in on low intel. Being blunt, you're looking at the last three members of Sparta's Ghosts. Me, Staff Sergeant Reavis, and Sergeant Jack. As for why you aren't all dead, you can thank God's good grace."
"But, what is a Ghost doing here? I heard that the-"

I stop him, "You heard wrong kid, thats what." I say silently to Jack, Jake and Reavis "This is part of the reason Ghosts don't make a lot of contact with other people. Ignorance..."
"Don't blame them, blame the Confederacy. They're the ones with the secrets."
IC Jane: I decided to try and tell them of the reactor room girl but before I could. The voices slammed into me in anger and I clutched my head, muttering "!@#$."
William doubted his ability to do anything but scare the crap out of the survivor with his inability to keep calm. He knew that at any point he could loose it again, so he decided to keep watch at the door.
The man inhales deeply. "Okay, I am Corporal Zachary Fiddis. There's a few engineers and 4 other marines holed up in the Engineering Bay, I take it that's why you're down at this part of the ship?"

I hold my head, hearing a kind of sharp noise. Psionic disturbance... "Jane, are you alright? Something don't sit right with your head right now..." I say in a tone not usual to mine.
OOC: Errrr koro reply to me you have the thought reader.
I nod. "Exactly. There's a drop ship orbiting the ship waiting to pick us up."

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