The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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"Alright, lets get the others and lets get off this hell-ship!" He says going down the hall, opposite way he was walking when we found him.
I signal to follow and move to keep pace. "How many died in the initial out break? Reports and all."
"In hour one alone, 1/3 of all personnel died. Including the guards. Over the course of the next few hours, they infected the rest of the 66%. We are all that's left, and you guys I guess. There may be more, but... They're probably infected."
"Makes sense. These things tore through my entire unit except for us three...damn, but what was the Confederacy thinking?"
The cocoon was slowly shrinking as to contain the frantic Sol. Suffocating her of precious breath, as the due process was slowly beginning. This feeling felt the same as the first time the injections were first given to her... Taken through the neck.
"They were thinking about themselves, that's what. That's what they always do... Damned 'Old Families'..."
"I meant that rhetorically, but good answer. Still, if it wasn't for my unit's Old Family backing, most of it would have been resocialized some time ago."
"Well-... Nevermind. Lets keep going."
I nod and check down hallways as we walk, shooting the occasional lizard as we came across it. "These things give me the creeps."
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I hold my head, hearing a kind of sharp noise. Psionic disturbance... "Jane, are you alright? Something don't sit right with your head right now..." I say in a tone not usual to mine.

IC Jane: "Errr im alright, we still need to get to dropship." I say, being frced by my brethren to keep the girl a secret.
We soon reach an intersection, the halls are now lit with red lights and gasses cloud the air, making visibility slightly lower.

"It should be passed this hallway, and its kinda long..."
"I've got a nice supply of grenades. We should be fine."
The cocoon began to enclose, ever so closely, the force and weight was upon Sol. The confinement pushing even further as a few of the cocoons to her left, right and everywhere in between began to pop. With infested slumbering out of them, and eggs opening to reveal monsters. The vision in her eyes began to dim from life to a more menacing turn of events.
More skittering is heard. It sounds like its coming from above and below, and the sides...

"Corporal, I think you're going to have to put your combat training to the test soon..." I say, drawing my SMG and Combat Knife.
I lock back the hammer on my rifle as Jack primes his flamethrowers and Reavis loads a round into the chamber. "Focus your fire on vents if you can. F*ckers seem to like the vents..."
Did I miss anything huge?


William speechlessly darted his eyes around with his weapon following. "COME AT ME!!" He screamed out of rage.
IC James: I nervously pull out the gun I had been given and start muttering 'Oh god, oh god."
Abyss was walking slowly, the Drop Ship had taken off... He might as well lie in wait... Waiting and waiting to kill something. The voice in his head telling him so. They were going to be perfect.

Sol struggled even further at this point, her strength diminishing as the effects were taking their nice sweet, slow, agonizing change. That's when a voice begun to a talk in her head, the change had just started and the voice was already there... Maybe she'll be lucky and with that serum that had been injected into Sol before the mission would help to slow the infestation. But that's when she was angered... She fulfilled her mission and since she had been used, it's time to throw her out into the curb. That must be the reason why... To get rid of her and all others on this experiment. Everyone was a liability... Expendable.

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