The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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IC Jane; I sense the new person being linked to our groupmind and as I could not tell the group about her from fear of punishment and the fact that they would stop me so I decided too do the next best thing and help to comfort her so the beginning was not as terrifying for her like it was for me. I slowly brush my mind against her's to announce my precense. She had only recently begun her rebirth so I was unable to hear her thoughts but I could feel some of her emotions, the two primary ones were fear, obviously, and then anger. I then started telling her that after she was reborm she could get sweet, sweet revenge on whoever had betrayed, left, or hurt her.
Mecha, CR's gonna gut you.
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Zarkun, I got this.

IC: I felt another voice invading my mind! If only I could lash out at it... I had to try and get out now, get away from this suffering. This is a punishment far worse than living.... That's when I realized that it was connected to me. I was screaming in my mind... And that was the last straw.

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Well, for one, you're f*cking with how his character is going to change.
IC Jane: I recoiled in suprise before realizing that since she was still human in mind she was not yet used to being connected and I said to her "Don't fight it, I was scared at the voices too but now they are comforting, and their is no way to escape your fate and even if you are not fully reborn and somehow come out prematurely you will most likely die, or come out like I have, confused, scared, unable to remember your past, and different from all your new brethren."
Get out.... Please, just get out of my head. Or I swear that if I do live though this and you don't stop. Then I'll kill you. That was when it became gross. The creep began to creep down my throat and into my stomach, I couldn't do anything to stop it.
I mentally sigh "Well your going to have a lot of voices in your head and they won't be anything close to human, ohh you'll hear about what mauled who and see how they did it but I'll leave you alone an you can go through the process alone with nothing or nobdy to take your mind off it." I say as I slowly leave her mind and let her change alone while silently listening to her mind just like I was doing with all my brethren and they were doing with me as we would always be linked, and nomatter how any of us tried nothing could be hidden from one another. I sag my sholders in sadness as I had truly meant good will and wished her to not have to go through rebirth alonebut not only that but I wished I ad someone I could talk to that was remotely like me who didn't understand or who's only thoughts were bestial and warrped.
With nothing further, I notice some blood streaks, leading towards the Reactor. I head that way, Jack and Reavis following. When we enter the ships reactor, there is only one emotion that crosses my mind and face, and it's absolute horror. All around us I see eggs spawning infected Terrans and more of the creatures. Then I notice a cocoon with the girl my IFF IDer identified as Lieutenant Sol. I turned to Reavis. "Go cut her down so we can get the hell out." Suddenly I noticed it was really quiet. I look around and all the creatures are just looking at us, like they were waiting for something.

Reavis heard the order, and strongly wanted to disagree. But now wasn't the time to question orders, surrounded by these Monsters.
He brought his weapon to bear, and took baby steps toward the wrapped hostage, but his 'rebellious'-as one of his former El Tee's had put it- got the best of him.
"I think Jack is better suited for this, Sir."

"Normally I'd agree, but we want her alive. Come on, Reavis, hurry up. These things are making me nervous." The entire time, the creatures just watched us, never moving, always tense. I had the acute feeling the snake like ones were putting crosshairs on our heads if we made the wrong move.

"Aw Screw it!" Reavis yelled out as he leaped toward the woman the began freeing her-
Praying that if something decided to leap on him, somebody would shoot it.

The creatures just watched as Reavis cut out the woman. All the while the got tenser. One of the little ones took a leap at him, but I shot it out of midair. It was really unnerving compared to how they were acting in the hallways.

With how long it was taking Reavis, I make a gut decision. I pull out the plasma gun and look it over. I see two settings, the burst and a more focused laser like setting. I set it to the laser and order Reavis out of the way, and begin cutting the cocoon with it.

Just then a creature came up from the floor and put up a cloud around the cocoon and then several creatures stood in front of the cocoon.

"Damn! Jack, lay down some flame, see if there's anything between us and her." I stop firing the beam and grab my rifle. As soon as the creatures start screaming in pain, I give the order to open fire. I wasn't about to lose anyone to these monsters.

Reavis couldn't see much, but her grabbed the girl and pulled her loose, then dragged her out of the cover of dust-toxic-cloud thing.

Reavis screamed in agony as an infested terran drove it's bladed arm through his shoulder.
"Damn you!" He brought his rifle up against the no-longer human and fired a couple dozen rounds into it. Effectively tearing it in half.
"Move!" He shouted as he shoved her towards the rest of the party.

I see Reavis come out of the cloud with the girl, a hole in his shoulder from what looks like a claw. "Reavis what the hell....ah, we'll worry about it later. Everyone, let's get out of here." Jack moves around to the back of the group while me and the other marines keep firing into the mass of creatures. As we reach the door, I stop and pull out a couple cluster grenades from the pouch on my waist. "A gift, you twisted monsters." As I throw them after pulling the pins, I seal the blast door and run like hell, telling everyone else to do the same thing. We barely manage to get far enough down the hall before an explosion rocks the ship.
As soon as the explosion rocked, I had been thrown against the floor out of the grip of the marines. Dizzy with what was happening. Throwing up that purple goop onto the floor, breathing was heavy as I sunk down. Green slime in my hair for when I was in the cocoon, and it was a mess. It was all loose now. Then my eyes were a striking burning orange. While parts of my suit had been shredded apart.

I was gasping for air.
Reavis does a quick medical check and lays her down so he can clear her lungs. I keep watch with Jack. "Well, that was fun."
My bones felt denser... My vision was stronger... I was more powerful, with more stamina. I didn't know what happened. The voice came back to me.

My daughter...

I scream in frustration while gripping my head. The pain it brought was intense as I realize that I was bleeding... My fingers were like claws as I pulled them away and looked down at them. I froze with fear.
A yell at the soldiers "What the hell are you doing!!!! You are going to kill her, her chances for survival are slim unless she somehow gets to finish the process!!" The voices are agitated and it caused me to be irritated. I then heard them telling me to leave the group but a clear voice cuts through, having obvious power telling them that the experiment was not finished yet and I had yet to actually fight and show that I could kill

IC James: I looked at Jane and said to her "What are you talking about!!! We saved her from becoming a monster and even if she dies its better than tha..." I say before she gives me a deathglare stong enough to move mountains. I heard Trogdar mewing, scared at the explosion as he hated fire and I sighed and said "Its ok ole buddy, you wont catch fire like that last time."
Jane finds herself against the wall, the barrel of my rifle under her chin, the hammer cocking back. "So they did get to you. Any last words, you infected b!tch?"
" I'm sorry its just they are really !@#$ing pissed and it kindve got me agitated, I wont kill you guys, if you take my previous attitude as any indication we better run as they never gotten so riled up that it has gotten me mad, I can hear them already talking about the ways they will string your guts all over the ship and torture or infest you." I say sadly.
"I'm not buying. Even Korozain says you're acting weird. Hell, I'll bet you knew she needed help. So, give a reason you didn't speak up, and it better be damn good."
"They wouldn't let me, they let me do a lot of things but they didn't want you to know and when I tried they got angry and I didn't want to face their wrath as the outlook was worse than a bullet to the head. Look I didn't try to stop you alright now we need to cut the chat and run."
"So you let them control you? You aren't helping your case."
I tried my hardest in keeping every voice out, even the ones right next to me. The horror it was bringing to me. I was curled up in a ball almost, clutching at my legs as my new claw like fingers were digging into them. The blood trickling as I slowly sobbed, keeping quiet... This was to much for me. And if that wasn't enough... She was right, it wasn't finished so I don't know what it would do to me. But I don't want to be one of them, but I'm not human any longer.
"Oh yes like I want them to force me to do something." I say with a hint of sarcasm. "Look as I said before they let me have free reign over my actions except for her as they had plans for her, as long as she's with us you will have to guard her closely as their main objective is to get her back. I wanted to tell you and have her not have to go through the same thing I did. Are you seriously going to kill me now even though they can see and hear through me yet when I first joined you you didn't care."

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