The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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"When we first found you, I wanted to put a bullet in your head. Korozain said you were trustworthy. Now, even he doubts it. So, for the last time any real last words?"
"True. But when you go from a 90, to a 70. A big drop, but still passing. Now, just please, use whatever willpower you still have. Whatever feelings, whatever hate, whatever love. Use it. I... Somewhat gain empathy, from feeling you fight these voices. Be happy, you're the first I have shown mercy to."
"Thank you Korozain now lets get the hell out of here as my "brethren" are pissed about you taking her. They had, plans." I say as I untense and slightly relax.
I stop walking then turn on the ball of my heel, and face her. "Think about where your loyalty lies. Those demons, or humanity. Don't lie."
I felt useless right now, my temperature rising. I began to scream in pain. It was so bad that I decided to reach around to the back of my skull... Where a chip was inhibited in there. Ripping it out with all force as it was dropped onto the ground in a bloody mess... I dropped back to the floor, throwing up again.
"Also what where you meaning by those numbe. Oh !@#$ what the hell is she doing!!!!!" I yell as I see the girl rip up her skin.

IC James: "Uhhhh guys, a doctor, I only can stop the blood!" I say as I pull out one of my handy dandy cleaning rags and put it on her wound to stop the bleeding.
I toss Jane down the hall and pull out a can of instant cauterizer, spraying the back of the head and stopping the bleeding. Then I see the chip, holding it up. "This. Is what she was doing."
IC James: "What the hell is that???" I say as pet Trogdar who inspite of his smug attitude, loved a good cuddling.
"Some kind of chip. Korozain?"
My blood hand sliding across the metal flooring. Streaks of it being left behind. What had happened just traumatized me, changed me... !@#$ed my whole life up. I didn't want to talk right now, the voice coming back. More demanding it was.

"Shut up! Leave me alone and quit talking in my head!" Gripping the skull once more.
IC Jane: I get up and grunt and then I look at the girl with pity after I got up. I had an idea of what she was going through and I thought about talking to her but decided to leave her be.
"Yep. Good 'Ol Confederate stuff right there. Tracks you and some keep you in check so the resocialization doesn't ware off or whatever. Basically, these chips are shackles that they put in you when you join (or get drafted) into the Military. I got one myself, but its a bit different."
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The door opens in time for me to witness someone being thrown down the hall. I hear them talk, and see one man pull out a chip, and ask what it was. I walk down the hall, and speak.
"Indeed. The term you would be looking for is Neural Inhibitor. They usually use it for ghosts, however, I am not surprised she has one." I say, walking down the hall. I scan their minds gently, and my focus was mostly on the Lieutenant. My normally white suit is completely red, and I had a claw of a Zergling on my hip, using the claw as a makeshift blade.
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I growl in annoyance. "Y'all remember that other group I mentioned earlier? Here's one of them."
IC Jane: "I hope I don't frighten you with my "appearance"." I say, refrencing to my alien legs, feet, claws, and the occasional little spike sprouting from my body "But my name is Jane if you didn't already know from your little mind scan." (Zerg can seense this stuff)

IC James: "Hi there, nice to know we have someone else here to help!!" I say happily as I try to extend a hand but Trogdar growls and I go back to petting him.
The thought.

(Ending thought of me killing something, then it stops suddenly,)
F*ck off. My thoughts are not for you.

Is all your scan picks up, you cannot see my face, but you do feel the image of my face, glaring at you.
I turn to the partly infested individual, and turn back to the others. My eyes settle on Jake, and I say nothing for a little bit. I then turn back to the infested, and say "It is too late for you." I continue walking toward Lt. Sol, but my hand hovers over the claw. I turn my head to the one who blocked me, and shake my head. "I am not your enemy. " I laugh maniacally, then fall silent as I hear the words Focus on the problem at hand in my mind.
"So, who exactly are you? Are you with the little bunch of survivors Corporal Fiddis here was with?"

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